Kodi Add-On Repository

I am totally new to Kodi and am trying to get a grasp on loading add-ons. I hope I give you the information needed. My problem: I wanted to install an add-on that is in the Kodi Add-on Repository. I got the screen where it asks to update. I clicked that and it said there were no updates available. I am on version 2.4.9. I can't get out of that screen to actually view any add-ons. I am using an Amazon Fire-stick (version Fire OS How do I get to the actual Kodi add-ons. I also tried this using Kodi on my computer and am running into the same issue. Each time I click on the Kodi app, I am taken to thje Add-on information screen and am only able to highlight Update and Auto Update. Where do I go from here. Thanks for any help you can give a newbie.

Preloaded KODI NO PVR

I am new to the android box & KODI and this forum,

The box I purchased came preloaded with Kodi 16.1 RC3GIT:2016-05-21 Android version 5.1.1 I have no idea of the manufacturer. Branded 4K model KT-611 purchased through Visions Electronics in Canada

There appears to be no PVR add ons or PVR repositories installed.

I have seen discussions about reinstalling KODI from Google Play, but am concerned if this will change remote control actions etc. I only have a few add-ons so reinstalling them not a major concern.

Thanks for any and all help.

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Solution for SMB/SAMBA not working

Hi guys. I'm just publishing a solution for those that have a PC running windows 7/8/10 and cannot see their PC when using Kodi.
If you can't access your SMB share, do the following:

Open Control Panel, click System and Security, and then click Windows Firewall.
In the left pane, click Advanced settings, and in the console tree, click Inbound Rules.
Under Inbound Rules, locate the rules File and Printer Sharing (NB-Session-In) and File and Printer Sharing (SMB-In).
For each rule, right-click the rule, and then click Enable Rule.

Also, try adding user EVERYONE when adding permissions to your folder.
I had to publish it because I know many people are going through the same trouble.

Accessing Windows Shares with Kodi on RasPi3

I have used OpenElec 7.0 to add Kodi to my RasPi 3. Upon setting up the RasPi and running Kodi for the first time, I am able to view my home video collection via UPnP, shared via Windows 10 Pro on a Wired Network computer. However after rebooting Kodi or after the RasPi goes to sleep, I return to access the UPnP folder i set up and it says it cannot connect the network server. Help!

Cannot do clean install of 64-Bit KODI V17 RC2 on up-to-date Minix Neo U-1

I tried to upgrade Kodi Beta 7 to Kodi RC2 64-Bit on a Minix Neo U-1 running Lollypop and the latest firmware.
The installer stated that the package was not installed.
I then completely removed the existing Kodi and tried again.
Again the installer refused to install the package.
Not sure whether this is "BUG" material or there is something else I need to do to get the 64-Bit version loaded on the 64 Bit Minix platform.

Note added later:
The 32-Bit version definitely does install and run.
That leads me to believe that the Minix OTA upgrade of the firmware is 32-Bit, even though there are recognized 64-Bit compilations of v5.1.x out there.
That said; I'm not sure how to upgrade to one and whether that would be wise given the box hosts other 32-Bit apps.
So much for the advertising of a 64-Bit Quad-Core Core A53 processor in the Neo U-1. It doesn't operate that way out-of-the-box.
Hope Minix gets the OTA updates set up soon to load a 64-Bit U-1 compilation that can support the 64-Bit Kodi.

Turning TV off and on causes Kodi to switch from Full to Windowed mode

When I turn off my entertainment system, with exception to the HTPC, it causes Kodi to enter into Windowed mode, even though I have it set as Full Screen in Settings>System Display. I was previously running XBMC Frodo on Windows 7 and did not have this problem, so I don't know if this is Windows 10 or Kodi Krypton related.

Perhaps it's tied to Windows 10 detecting the TV being turn off and refreshing itself?

Has anyone else experienced these issues and have a solution or direction to take?

Kodi on Firestick (sorry) Limited color range option missing?

I'm pretty sure this is the place to post, I apologize in advance if i'ts not.

The device works great but i'm getting the crushed blacks/poor white colors effect which as far as I understand it is due to the limited color range option not being enabled. I see people mention that option constantly in regards to this issue, but there is no option in the system menu on the firestick with kodi jarvis 16.1 installed. i've checked system/settings/video output as well as all the others and the ones accessible during playback. Can anyone fill me in as to what i'm missing?

Skin Configuration not sticking on FireTv Stick

Ive noticed any changes I make to a skin (like confluence, removing menu items) they disappear after i exit. It isnt the biggest of deals, and some settings do stick like View settings in the Movies and TV Libraries. Is this a known problem? Im on 16.1, fresh install. I had the issue before on 16.0 as well just never bothered with it. Would like to set things and have them stay if possible.