Slideshow crash

I have a collection of more than 500,000 images organized in a two-level folder structure. When I attempt to run a randomized slideshow from the root of this collection KODI works for 30-40 seconds then pops up a message box with an error icon but no message text. When I hit OK on the message box KODI crashes. I don't know if this many images is meant to be supported but I will mention that both Plex and JRiver play the same slideshow without problem. It takes both of them about 3 seconds to get it started. Can anyone say whether there any chance of this getting fixed?

Audio help

This is very frustrating because I have a large library of DTS music.
When using other HTTP setups I have always had correct DTS playback. "boxee," Microsoft media....etc.
I moved to XBMC which became "KODI" because it is the best except for Music DTS "movies" are fine, so is bluray music playback.
I have read and reread all the wiki pages, I have searched and read all threads concerning DTS audio playback with no success.

My setup:
I have a networked Lenovo Q190 running Windows 10 connected by HDMI to a Pioneer Elite sc-57 receiver.
The speaker setup is 5.1 (4 towers, a center and a subwoofer)
When I play bluray audio or a movie with multi-channel sound I set my Pioneer to auto detect surround sound and it works correctly.

So that I can listen to my DTS music files sitting on one of my hard drives.
What would be the correct KODI Setting on settings page:


Thank you in advance I have been trying to fix this issue for several years without success and after I saw another suggestion today I tried it.........with no luck.

This is discouraging..................

Translating the wiki/website?

Hi there,

I am wondering if there is a way to help to translate the website or even the wiki. I didn't find anything about it, but noticed it was actually pure english down there. It'll be cool to have a multi language website/wiki, no?

I'll be ready to help to translate into french, if needed.

What do you think about it?

Unbearable load times

I have upgraded to Krypton and I must say that the new UI is awesome. On a sad note, the add ons are now unbearably slow.

Before going any further I had no problems with Jarvis and yes I have upgraded my firmware to one from late 2016 (september I think). It's running Android 5.1.1.

I have tried a whole bunch of addons but literally every time I see that blue spinner it is time to go and do something else while it loads.

No errors in the logs just a huge time gap.

Oh I also tried various nightly builds with the fix for python menus or whatever it was but no difference.

Any idea what could be the cause of this?

.wtv with Amazon Fire Stick and Kodi v17

I'm new to Android and Kodi. I did try searching as much as I could to find my answer before posting. I seemed to find only old discussion which may be a good thing.

I'm interested in buying a second gen Amazon Fire Stick as an inexpensive introduction to Android hardware or use with current v17 Kodi.

I'm specifically interested in support for playing native Microsoft Windows Media Center .wtv files which I believe are basically mpeg audio/video files in a proprietary wrapper but that's about all I know.

Can I expect they will play in the aforementioned environment without transcoding?

I completely understand the Fire Stick is lowest common denominator hardware and plan to buy an Nvidia Shield for serious work but want something cheap for a downstairs 27" TV that will primarily be used as a client for .wtv playback.


Organizing Channels via channel manager only lasts a couple of days

I was hoping someone a lot smarter than me could provide me some insight to an odd Simple Client issue I am having.

I should mention that I am running Librelec Jarvis fully updated and that I have been using simple client for years with a few other IPTV providers (via a M3U URL) without this issue, but my last one and now this provider I am encountering a very odd issue, which leads me to believe its either something I am missing or a problem with simple Client.

The issue is that after unchecking the radio buttons in settings regarding synching simple client with the providers back end etc and using channel manager to arrange the channels the way I want, this only lasts a day or two before it returns to the default list from the provider. I shut down and restart Kodi several times throughout the day and the list stays the way I have set it up, but all of a sudden a day or two later it reverts back to original.

I wonder if I should reset the Live TV option back to defualt settings, or ishould I just reinstall Kodi, which I would rather not have to do obvioulsy, but if its what needs to be done.
Thank you for any help and for taking the time to read my long winded question :-)

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2-level node skin (?)


I would like to create a 2nd level groupings for main nodes:

Movies->Anime,Children,Adult,Family->and then to standard groupings (like People/Events for Family or standard Genre/Year/etc for Adult)
Music->Radio plays,Albums,Collections->and then to standard groupings

Could you point me to the right direction? I've played with Estuary, but I cannot do it.
Is it possible to define custom 2nd level groupings (like only People and Events -being some custom tags - for Family movies)?


Multiple extension points deprecated?

After reading some related threads in this forum I edited my addon.xml to have two extension points like this:
<extension point="xbmc.python.script" library="">
<extension point="xbmc.service" library="" start="[login|startup]" />
Unfortunetely with this settings my addon isn't loaded and and does not even appear listed under available addons. No errors in kodi.log
I thought this was a supported setup or has this feature become deprecated?

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I have a somewhat trivial problem regarding moviesets. I would like to create a movieset (and have done so) in the Movie sets manager for my kids, i.e. a random collection of movies that they like. I cannot however, figure out how to add movies to the movieset manually. That is, should a given movie be able to belong to a number of sets and not simply 1?


High CPU and disc usage

I've been seeing a number of questions on CPU usage on reddit and now I'm really starting to get concerned myself. Kodi is using between 60-104% of the CPU and something is happening to the storage in my home drive. It's shrinking by about a G a second and I can't track down what's eating it. It's somewhere after the home directory. Restarting gives back much of the space but while Kodi is running it just slowly ticks down.

A few days ago I had it fill up the drive and I had some problems. Couldn't ssh onto the computer lost a bunch (but not all for some reason) of the settings in Kodi. This has me a bit worried. gnome-discs says the drive is OK. What is going on?

Thumbnail cache working when exporting library to one single file


If I export library to a single file and then I import it into a new kodi client, I see thumbnails are just created with another name (%appdata%/Kodi/userdata/Thumbnails). But if I delete it, it's created again with the same name (of that particular kodi client). The exporting file (videodb.xml) contains the URL where to get the thumbnails.

So I don't understand what is the problem described when exporting to a single file. Perhaps is not a problem in Jarvis anymore? Or does somebody have a step by step example where this would be a problem?