Kodi shows updates available, when there aren’t any

Why is it that some add-ons show up as needing an update, but when I go to click update there are no other versions available from any other repos that I have installed? I even get this error at the repo of the author of an add-on - how do I fix this?

I did the database fix on Kodi:

SYSTEM > File manager > Profile directory > Database.

In here I selected all the files which ends with a “.db” suffix and deleted them one by one and restarted kodi, however the same updates are listed after a few minutes, so that did NOT fix it.

Any ideas?

Kodi 17.1 on Opensuse 42.2 – force display detection

Hello around!

First post here an need some help please.

Got a new used notebook (Thinkpad X230) and installed Opensuse 42.2. On the miniDisplay port I connected a 22` Display. Opensuse recognises the second Monitor and the resolution is on 1920x1080 50hz. KDE Desktop is running also on the second display with no problems.

here comes the problem:
When I launch Kodi 17.1 on the second display it only runs in the resolution of the main notebook display 1366x768 and I couldnt find a way to change the resolution - so most of the 22` display stays black. Monitor output in kodis video settings is set to default - if I change it to hdmi1 either the second monitor display goes black or kodi switches back to the display of the notebook and that one goes black.

I tried to delete everything and set it up again - no change.

It seems to me that kodi doesnt really recognise the 2 monitor.
On my old broken notebook (Edge13) with a older version of Opensuse (11.3) everything worked without problem.

how can I force Kodi to recognise the second display properly?

I´m glad for any help!

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DialogSeekbar – Movie Title?!

So I'm trying to code the dialogseekbar and dialogfullscreeninfo and can't for the life of me figure out what xml the movie title and time controls are in.

I'm certain they should be in DialogSeekbar but this is what my code looks like..

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


    <visible>[[Player.Seeking | Player.DisplayAfterSeek | [Player.Paused + !Player.Caching] | Player.Forwarding | Player.Rewinding | Player.ShowInfo | Window.IsActive(fullscreeninfo) | Window.IsActive(videoosd) | Window.IsActive(playerprocessinfo)] + Window.IsActive(fullscreenvideo)] | Window.IsActive(visualisation) | !IsEmpty(Player.SeekNumeric)</visible>

        <control type="group">
            <!--seek label-->
            <control type="label" id="40000">

I have literally stripped everything out to try and narrow it down - the only thing left is the paused label, yet this is what it looks like...

[Image: gu5LCaT.png]

Where are the labels at the top coming from?! They show up when DialogSeekbar, DialogFullScreenInfo and VideoOSD are visible, but I can literally remove everything from those three xmls and the labels are still there.

Am I missing another xml? This is driving me crazy!

NVidia Shield TV : can’t see “watched” items


I have Kodi 17.1 on my NVidia Shield TV.
On the main screen, I have a "TV Show" section.
If I click on the current TV Shows, by default, it shows "unwatched" items (all folders of TV Shows where there is at least 1 unwatched item).
If I click left, I can change "unwatched" to "all".
But the display don't change: I still see only folders of TV Shows where I have at least 1 unwatched item.

So, if I have a TV Show where I want to watch again the last episode, I can't.

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Video freeze after minimizing

I installed Kodi Krypton and have done nothing else.

Now, when I minimize Kodi when it's windowed, then bring it back up, the screen is frozen. It takes about 5 seconds for the video to start playing again. The video itself never actually stops playing as you can hear the audio just fine.

Anybody else run into this or know how to stop it?

how to transfer to another HDD?

so heres my problem, I have kodi on my c drive, which is where windows is ofcourse and my movies are on another drive, ill be upgrading my rig soon and I want a fresh windows install, though I have my kodi set up the way I like and with logos for all my movies and shows, can I somehow transfer all that info and settings from my kodi and install it to a new kodi that I will have not on c drive? or am I screwed and ill have to redo everything, even all my logos one by one again?

Kore cannot connect to kodi

I have Kodi installed on Windows 10 laptop. Kore does see the laptop but will not connect. Using Fing on Android I am able to ping my laptop. I have tried changing all the settings for the remotes and controllers to off then on again. I have also reset my network. At some point in the past it has worked with no problems. I don't think that I have made any changes to my network.