Extras button disappeared

As the title said. I had this set up a few months ago, now no movies with extras show the extras button in the library. Actually, not a single movie that I've checked show the extras button, Wich when pressed should show an empty list and a "Search on Youtube" item at the bottom.
I have the latest version (1.2.0).

Any Ideas?

Kodi 17.1 on Kodibuntu

Kodi do not want to start on Kodibuntu.

I had a working Kodi 16.1 on Kodibuntu, then i logged in to Lubuntu and made the upgrades through software updates and now when i log out from Lubuntu and try to log in on Kodi nothing happens, it says Kodi in the upper right corner but it do not want to start Kodi, only Lubuntu works. I also have tried to do the upgrades through the terminal but it says i have all the newest updates and when i check packages it also says that i have the latest Kodi 17.1, but it still do not want to start Kodi, only Lubuntu.

Is it possible to get the latest Kodi 17.1 work on Kodibuntu?
Will it be any more updates for Kodibuntu? I think my version is 14.04? Or should i move on and look for some other linux distro?

Thanks in advance

Audio works in TV/Movie but not in Music/Videos

Running Kodi v16, and recently (after a QNAP firmware upgrade), the audio stopped working when playing certain files.

Everything in TV/Movies works fine, but for some reason all my Music and Videos files don't play any audio. There aren't any errors, it looks like it's playing, but there is no audio. (Audio is via HDMI out.)

In the system audio output settings, it's set to 2.0 optimized, no passthrough. I've tried both the options for output device (PulseAudio Sound Server and HDA Intel PCH), and it doesn't make a difference.

I'm not certain where to start troubleshooting here. Any ideas?

Zidoo X9S — Sharing Connected USB 3.0 HDD over LAN

Hey Everyone!

Please forgive me if anyone's asked this before. I looked around on the forum and couldn't find it so I figured I'd go for it. Got myself a Xidoo X9S a few months ago and I LOVE IT! It's leaps and bounds ahead of my old HiMedia Q5 Quad Core. I've been using an old computer with my 8TB RAID attached to it to stream media to the box but I'd like hook up my RAID directly to the X9S via USB 3.0. The only issue I have is I don't know how to share the drive to my network once it's connected to the X9S. Can anyone here steer me in the right direction?

Audio cut-outs 18alpha – last couple of Linux nightlies

i've been having audio cutting out after a few minutes playing a file from the nas or a youtube video (briefly, it comes back after a few seconds).

i also seem to be able to trigger it by using skip or pause, but not every time, yay intermittent bug!

i've had another problem with pausing for the whole of 18a and also 17.1 (not 17.0) that when you unpause the movie is stuttery until you use stop and start, then its fine. but that's another matter (i guess?)

18.0-ALPHA1 Git:20170429-nogitfound ubuntu 16.04 (acer revo 3610 atom1 x86_64)

anyway here's the log section when the audio cuts out when skipping in youtube:

22:09:15.158 T:139855677880064   DEBUG: CPullupCorrection: detected pattern of length 1: 33333.33, frameduration: 33333.333333
22:09:16.334 T:139857817958144   DEBUG: ActiveAE::SyncStream - average error -4411.005313 above threshold of 200.000000
22:09:17.113 T:139857817958144   DEBUG: ActiveAE::SyncStream - average error -15.005313 below threshold of 30.000000
22:09:18.136 T:139857817958144   DEBUG: ActiveAE::SyncStream - average error 3784.672455 above threshold of 200.000000
22:09:19.886 T:139855644092160   ERROR: CDVDAudio::AddPacketsRenderer - timeout adding data to renderer
22:09:21.854 T:139857817958144   ERROR: Previous line repeats 1 times.
22:09:21.855 T:139857817958144   DEBUG: ActiveAE::SyncStream - average error 15.526392, last average error: 3784.672455
22:09:21.975 T:139857817958144   DEBUG: ActiveAE::SyncStream - average error of -34.934386, start adjusting
22:09:21.976 T:139857817958144   DEBUG: ActiveAE::SyncStream - average error -0.934386 below threshold of 30.000000

ah just got it to trigger when playing a file, almost immediately, didn't need to skip/pause it:

22:26:05.000 T:139857817958144   DEBUG: ActiveAE::SyncStream - average error -4046.695762 above threshold of 200.000000
22:26:05.764 T:139857817958144   DEBUG: ActiveAE::SyncStream - average error -0.695762 below threshold of 30.000000
22:26:06.777 T:139857817958144   DEBUG: ActiveAE::SyncStream - average error 3487.268785 above threshold of 200.000000
22:26:08.525 T:139856055224064   ERROR: CDVDAudio::AddPacketsRenderer - timeout adding data to renderer
22:26:10.254 T:139857817958144   DEBUG: ActiveAE::SyncStream - average error 6.803969, last average error: 3487.268785

Playback just songs out of an MKV file

I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on how to show just certain sections of a video file without having to cut the sections out and also store those.

Use case: Disney Movies often have songs in them, I'd like to just watch the song sections
What I know: This would require both knowledge of the specific sections of a movie that one would find the song in (in seconds or something)
What I've tried: EDL files, worked great if you only wanted to cut out a single section, my goal is to save on space here so in linux I created symbolic links but the issue is you can only create a single symbolic link per file so this ends up being too limiting. Video Redo files allow specification of a file path but that gets ignored by Kodi.

Is there perhaps a plugin i've missed or a functionality piece I'm missing? I basically want to create playlists of a single video, not unlink how a bluray works. Is there some manner where an mpls file could be used, if so can you give an example?


Videos not starting

Hey i just installed Opensuse and tried to setup Kodi Version 17.1-1.5 from packman Repo.
Videos are not loading from addons or from local directories.No image no sound.Just it looks like it is running on background but when clicking to go fullscreen nothing happens.

TheTVDB scraper combines TV Shows (corrupted?)

Having a problem over a few installations of Kodi 17.1.

Either scraping new TV Show content or fully refreshing a TV Show due to making changes suddenly Kodi is combining TV Shows together as if they were in the same folder. For example, I refreshed Black Sails and suddenly it was combined with The Simpsons. In the alphabetical listing of TV Shows, under B-L-A-C-K it read The Simpsons. Open the TV Show and all artwork if for 28 season of the Simpsons. Enter Season 1 and there's listings for 2 episode 1's, one for The Simpsons episode 1 and 1 for Black Sails episode 1.

I try to re-refresh Black Sails and now a third TV show has combined in.

Then adding new episodes to other TV shows suddenly combines that series with something else.

All TV Shows are in separate folders identified by proper name. There is no mixed-up overlap in the file system.

Does anyone know what is going on with Kodi and how to stop it? The only working solution I have is ti remove and then re-add all TV Show sources with several library clean-ups.


HTPC contemplation

I'm a Kodi noob. I had my Android box about 2 weeks now and had Kodi installed on my Mac for about 1 week. I'm a network admin which means there are 7 computers in my house and 4 OSes. I've skinned and customized my Kodi box but I find it laggy sometimes since it's a 2GB/10GB internal box. I'm thinking of using one of 2 computers to repurpose as a Kodi box. A custom built computer running 256GB SSD, 32GB RAM, high end graphics card running Windows 10. I planned to use it as a bitcoin rig but haven't had the time to complete the setup. The other is a 2014 Mac Mini with an i5, 8GBs RAM and running Mac OS. I'm leaning toward the Mac Mini just because of the form factor and how good it would look in the TV stand. Whichever I choose will be running only Kodi and no other software. The TV is a 60" LG that might get upgraded soon.

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How to disable remote for good

Hello good sirs,

I was using a XMBC version from 2011 for years now - had to reinstall my PC yesterday and was shocked when I saw that my XBMC backup is worthless because XBMC is now KODI.

Nevermind, got everything going with KODI and new skin now and I'm quiet happy.

Only problem I've got: My MCE remote control (should be this one: https://inetimg.se/img/800x600/6101315_1.jpg) does not work as intended. Several buttons (like play) are not working at all.

I'm using a software called X10Receiver with a definition list to map keys from the remote control to windows keyboard inputs. This was working perfectly on XBMC. The problem I have with KODI now, is that when for example I press 'up' on my remote control, the command will be executed two times, one for the X10Receiver software and one time for KODI recognizing the remote control itself.

I want to disable the remote control within KODI, so that only my X10Receiver software and its definition list for key mapping is used in order to control KODI.

Searched this forum and the internet for hours now. Guess I need your help guys.

Thanks very much in advance!

Force Kodi to passthrough DTS?

I have an issue with DTS sound on movies.
Here is the setup I have:
Sony Bravia TV with Android --> HDMI with ARC connect --> Yamaha RX-V775 --> HDMI connect --> Surface Pro (first generation)

Now, when I start the Surface with this connection setup the sound device inside windows points to the Sony TV. However it appears that Kodi thinks that the TV cannot understand DTS, so the passthrough option for DTS is not visible. When I switch off the TV the sound device in windows changes to my Yamaha receiver and Kodi shows the DTS option. When using a different media player the sound sent to the receiver (even with the TV on) is proper DTS HD, so basically the setup does work. However when using Kodi the receiver only gets DTS.

I am simply at a loss as to what I might need to change in order to get this to work the way I want it. Is there a way to force Kodi to always pass through all sound no matter what? Or does anybody have a suggestion on what to change in the setup? Using Kodi on the TV is not an option, DTS doesn't properly work in Kodi there either and the normal video player on the TV cannot properly handle 20:9 videos without stretching them to 16:9 (a know bug in Sony TVs apparently)

I tried searching for a solution but honestly I am no sure what to search for exactly and there are so many different DTS issues that it's hard to find anything specific.

Ah damit, just saw that this is posted in the wrong forum. Sorry got confused about the lock icon in the 'General Support' forum. Could an moderator please move the post to the Windows support forum?

Again sorry Sad

3D video has jagged edges

Hi, i have a problem with 3D video playback, the picture has jagged edges, noticeably on the Sony moving logo at the start and other scenes, 2D video plays ok and the 3D souce is ok too as i have played it on another device (Mede8er X3D). I am playing this through a sony projector and have allso played it on a Pioneer 50" TV with the same results. I'm running a HTPC with Ubuntu 16.0 and Kodi Jarvis 16.0.
The build was working fine untill i upgraded to Krypton 17.0, then i had a lot of issues (randomly shutting down and jagged edges) i tried to roll back to Jarvis 16.0 but messed up and could not get kodi back on so i reinstalled Ubuntu and did a fresh install of Kodi and thats were i'm at at the moment, still got jagged edges.
any help appreciated.

questions from a newcomer

hi everyone,

i just install Kodi 16 with this new interface and would have some informations:

- the option to go directly on the first not seen episode don't work
is there something else to do?

- how can i deactivate database for music?
i prefer going to folder in the music source rather than use database music

- how can i add some homescreen buttons to show specific videos sources likes documentaries or something else, that i don't want in movies database?

thanks for your advices