Need some Roku help please

I have a Roku 2 (about a year old..Sling promotion) ethernet connected, hit about 90Mbps down. DirectvNow wants to buffer a lot (I know they've had their issues) but it also resets a lot, I can push the home button, screen appears, but app sound continues, uninstalled app, Roku is up to date. Tried wirelessly and it's all about the same. Is my Roku 2 dying? Can't find much online help..(tried Google). Any thoughts? Thanks. Andy

Streaming in a Business Environment

Long time reader, first time poster. If this isn't the right forum for this issue, please feel free to move it, mods.

I have a setup question for my TVs at work that I'm hoping to get some perspective on... We run a couple TVs in our lobby area. Because of lobby acoustics, the TVs generally run the same programming. Right now, each TV is sourced from an HD cable box in the back room, each over a long HDMI run.

I would like to add the option of streaming. However, I need to be able to...

Streaming in a Business Environment

5GHZ band on Roku express +?

Have an older tube tv I'm not ready to give up on yet. My internet wireless gateway supports both 2.4GHz & 5GHZ band. Does the Roku express + (yellow red and white cord) support 5GHZ band? By chance does it have an ethernet port on it? Thanks, Andy