Como Instalar Addon Specto en Kodi [Películas y Series]

specto en kodi

Actualización 29/06/17 Se ha actualizado el tutorial para Kodi 17. El addon Specto en Kodi es un complemento de video en donde podremos un gran catalogo de películas y series en idioma inglés, con opción a colocar subtítulos, siendo este un clon de Genesis, también tiene un gran parecido a Exodus y Duckpool ya que funcionan con multi-enlaces. Durante las pruebas el addon responde excelente y tiene buena cantidad de servidores funcionando con muy buena calidad.

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El tutorial explica como realizar la instalación en Kodi 16 y 17. Funciona con todas las plataformas, si tienes dudas puedes dejarlas en los comentarios.

Como usuarios de Kodi recomendamos el uso de IPVanish VPN para tener acceso total a todos los addons como Exabyte TV, TecnoTV , Bassfox, Adryanlist, entre otros incluidos los que funcionan mediante torrents como PlexusQuasar, Exodus o Specto.

Unos de los mayores beneficios al utilizar IPVanish VPN son:
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Para mas información puedes dar un vistazo en este artículo

Como Instalar Addon Specto en Kodi 17 Krypton

Los pasos para realizar la instalación son los siguientes:

1. Abrimos Kodi

Si es la primera vez que instalas un addon no oficial de Kodi, debes de dar permisos a Kodi – TUTORIAL

2. Nos ubicamos en Ajustes (icono del engrane)

También puedes descargar el archivo zip del addon Specto (opcional) – ENLACE – mirror (Como descargar archivos de Mundo Kodi)

PVR Simple Client en Kodi 17 Krypton

3. Administrador de archivos


4. Añadir fuente


5. En la ULR colocamos http://kodi.filmkodi/ y nombre filmkodi damos OK

specto en kodi

6. Regresamos al menú principal y seleccionamos Complementos


7. Complementos (icono de la caja)

Kodi 17 Krypton

8. Instalar desde archivo zip

Kodi 17 Krypton

9. filmkodi

specto en kodi


specto en kodi


En esta paso seleccionamos la opción mas reciente

specto en kodi

12. Esperamos la notificación Complemento instalado

En caso de que aquí nos aparezca un error, instalamos la dependencia que nos mencione en la notificación, todo lo que necesitemos esta disponible en la fuente que acabamos de instalar

specto en kodi

13. Regresamos al menú de Complementos y seleccionamos Complementos para video > Specto

specto en kodi

14. Ya podremos ver las secciones disponibles del addon Specto

specto en kodi

15. Listo! El addon Specto en Kodi 17 Krypton habrá quedado instalado correctamente.

Como Instalar Addon Specto en Kodi 16 Jarvis o Anteriores

1. Abrimos Kodi
2. Nos dirigimos a Sistema > Administrador de archivos
También puedes descargar el archivo zip del addon Specto (opcional) – ENLACE – mirror (Como descargar archivos de Mundo Kodi)
3. Añadir fuente…
4. En URL colocamos y en nombre filmkodi, damos OK
5. Regresamos al menú principal y seleccionamos Sistema
6. Complementos
7. Install from zip file
8. filmkodi
En este paso seleccionamos la versión mas reciente
11. Esperamos la notificación Add-on activado
En caso de que aquí nos aparezca un error, instalamos la dependencia que nos mencione en la notificación, todo lo que necesitemos esta disponible en la fuente que acabamos de instalar
12. Regresamos al menú principal y seleccionamos Video > Addons
13. Specto
14. Ahora podremos ver la lista de categorías disponibles
15. Listo! El addon Specto en Kodi habrá quedado instalado.

Esperamos que el tutorial haya sido de ayuda, recuerda que puedes apoyarnos a mantenernos en linea realizando una donación por paypal a [email protected] (o al botón donar) o dando clic en los enlaces.

Nota: Mundo Kodi no se hace responsable de cualquier daño, perdida de tiempo o información al intentar este tutorial, todo esto es solo con la intención de informar, todo el contenido utilizado para los tutoriales es sacado de información que circula en Internet. Mundo Kodi así como todo el material aquí mencionados en este sitio no son oficiales de Kodi o Fundación XBMC favor de no realizar quejas o reclamos en el foro oficial de Kodi. Tampoco estamos vinculados con ningún vendedor de dispositivos o servicio privado de IPTV/streaming, todo el contenido mencionado en Mundo Kodi es gratuito a menos que se indique lo contrario.


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Wake up call for the Kodi community. Beast gets shut down, but it RETURNS!

imgresRecently the Beast Kodi build has received a copyright notice and tweeted out he would be stepping down. If you are not familiar with the Beast build or you are living under a rock, it is one of the most known builds in the Kodi community. Since the notice, they have closed the domain So what does this all mean? It pretty much is a wake-up call for all the Kodi builds. The companies came after the Beast’s personnel and pretty much said he “take your shit down or else”.

We all have our personal taste when it comes to the way we want to set up our Kodi app. It is good to have options. Not everyone has the knowledge on how to make a build. The thing that is an issue here is that The Beast didn’t host any files, tv channels, etc. He just became a target and they want to make an example of him in the Kodi community. Every country has its own laws regarding copyright material. We’ve heard of box sellers getting busted in the UK for selling devices loaded with builds.

It’s a gray area in the Kodi world. Add-ons provide the content but the end user doesn’t host the files. Its is not illegal to stream but the way things are going, anything can change in an instant. But good news for you Beast supporters they are back. Do your research and look up the new URL. With all the recent events amongst sellers, Youtubers, we  just need to all know that we don’t own Kodi. We all should contribute and do what we can to enjoy it while it lasts. Trying to take down others is definitely not the answer.

Check out more about this seen here in SMASH The Gaming Canuck [I Do YouTube For Fun] video

Is YouTube hurting Kodi?

Here is a great read for all in regards to add-ons and Kodi. Kodi is and has always been a free Media Center app. Since the beginning of time, it allowed you to add your own legal media and stream to your TV, computer, etc.  Now Kodi is even bigger than ever and it can be utilized on any platform pretty much. While the third party add-ons are great, other things are hurting the community. If we were to break it down and do a poll on how people utilize Kodi, I am sure the results would show a majority of users are using unofficial third-party add-ons to stream tons of content. A lot of the media people have on their computers has in some way shape or form been downloaded illegally. After reading the article below from, they are specifically saying YouTubers are hurting the third party add-ons. One by drawing unwanted attention to the Kodi community and also certain add-ons. That being said, Kodi Fire TV is a site/blog to review everything Kodi related. We do have a YouTube channel ourselves. The material we review or do tutorials on is to show the hard work the developers have put in to give us an alternative to the main culprit and that is the cable companies. If prices and options were better for legal services I am sure we would all be up for it. Channels rely on Marketing Heaven for views and promotion. Sometimes cable plans are extremely overpriced and they include unwanted hidden fees for limited channel lineups etc or the availability of speeds in our cities.   We are passionate about Kodi and have been since XBMC on the original Xbox. To say that Youtube is hurting Kodi or add-ons is 50/50. Some people actually love it and just want to share their knowledge. While others are in it for a quick buck to sell set-top boxes with crappy builds etc. At the end of the day, we live in a very social media filled world now where no matter what happens all you have to do is Google something and it will be there. If it’s not YouTube it will be another video site or social media app. The sad reality is that Kodi is being utilized for good and bad. There are many other social media apps including Plex which now people are doing the same. There will always be something new coming up and there will always be illegal/legal media. Maybe it’s time we just all need to join forces in the Kodi community and figure out solutions so everyone is happy. You’ll never please everyone but at least, we can have a solution to keep Kodi and other great apps running well. Check out the article from TV Addons below and let us know what you think.  
YouTubers Killed TV Time (and Are Slowly Killing Kodi Too)