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All-in-One Homescreen Beta V17

I'm having a weird issue with fanart on the All-in-one Homescreen.

I have the background for each tile set, but instead it only shows the same fanart displayed in the spotlight.

For example I have a movies tile, where the background is set as Random Movie Fanart. This works but as soon as the Spotlight image loads in, it switches the background fan-art to this image and doesn't change.

Below you can see the backround is the same as the spotlight fanart. The spotlight is set as Recent movies.
[Image: q5dqr1s.png]

Below you see the same problem under the TV shows
[Image: BHgr6Vz.png]

Below you see, everything works as it should when the spotlight isn't displaying a image.
[Image: VVCYDYc.png]