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First time user Kodi and Shield! Thankful for help :)


Some questions from a first time user of Kodi with the Nvidia Shield 16gb version,
with a fast usb 3.0 Hyper X Savage 64gb stick.

I have been reading lots but still i have some questions Smile

1. Should i just start the Shield and install Kodi from the play store? Or should I use SPMC?
Im not an advanced user, just want everything to work smooth, fast, and with all the fancy artwork and info.

2. I have a movie archive with about 1500 movies, should i store the metadata on the usb stickConfused
Scared the 16gb wont be enough! And I dont want to have a slow system!

3.My movies is stored on a NAS synology box. Should I use somekind of program to sort anything out with the files first?
Or should I just point at the archive and see what happens?
Also scared letting some program mess with my movie files Smile

I wanna do everything right the first time, and trouble free!

Super thanks for your insight!
Have ordered the new shield and wanna be ready!! Big Grin