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Floating Video over LAN


I've searched this forum and the internet but didn't find any solutions (or at least none I understood), apologies if there's a solution out there.

I want to use Kodi v16.1 to watch Videos that are stored on my LAN-accessible hard drive in a floating (or pop out) window.
- Kodi itself doesn't offer floating video on Android, right? I've found mention of a windowed mode but can't seem to enable it.
- I managed to use BSPlayer as an external player, but that program doesn't work properly for me: the video lags behind (though I've enabled dropping frames) and crashes regularly.
- All other external players I've tried fail to start the file, if I understand correctly because of the way Kodi passes the SMB-URL: either the player starts and displays an error message, or it doesn't even start.

I'd be happy if anyone knew a solution. Thanks a lot.