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java code to validate stream

I apologize if this is inappropriate - I have no intention of writing code to support illegal subscriptions or alter Kodi. This is my first post on here, I've read the rules, searched for similar threads and did not find anything similar and no other message category seems to fit.

Being a noob to IPTV I gathered a file of various m3u links - nothing nefarious - street cameras and assorted nonsense but when I load my list , I'm getting maybe a 40% working stream hit rate (that might be generous). Now I assume that some of these are working off and on and some are off permanently. I recognize there is a real time aspect to this that is hit or miss.

So I went about writing a java based program (sorry, not python) that would check the connection. OOTB java pretty much only validates HTTP/HTTPS not RTMP or anything else that I am aware of, but that aside even after the validation process of focusing solely on http URLs - basically getting header information back - my "working stream" % is only marginally improved.

So my question is - can someone point me to or educate me on how to check for a valid active stream coming in once I establish an openConnection object.

I've read of outside sources like Flazr, JFFMEG, Apache and Red5 that put their own jar files out there, but I'm not up to speed on what to actually look for and this is specialized enough that its a needle in a haystack trying to find coding examples. Most of the examples I've found are to write code for copying the stream - cool but too locked in to a specific format.

Now that said, I can't imagine I am the first person to write a program to validate streaming URLs and reject the ones that are invalid. If there is a program that is already written (preferably open source) I'd love to hear about it.. I saw on another thread about a IPTV M3u Editor but it appears the click once download URL is no longer valid.

However I also am kind of obsessed about solving this on my own but I just can't find the appropriate discussion or resources to get educated on what to check for in validating a streaming URL.

I don't want to download anything from the streaming website unless I have to, I'd prefer just to be able to set a flag or boolean to say its valid and then write it out to an updated file. The code I am writing is not an add-on - its just a little standalone windows program that takes an input file and writes an output file.

m3u list goes in -> validated M3u comes out.