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Kodi crash on exit because of passwords.xml

Hey guys.

My Kodi v17 RC1 crashed every time i'll exited it on my windows 10 x64 (anniversary update) HTPC.
So i have researched the issue and found out it had todo with an password entry in "passwords.xml".
In debug log there are a lots of:

15:38:20.437 T:8980 WARNING: XFILE::CWin32SMBDirectory::ConnectAndAuthenticate: Can't connect to "\\MEDIASERVER\recs" with username "myuser" and with password. Error code: 1219

But the entry in passwords.xml is correct, double checked with notepad++ !
After removing the passwords.xml all is working as expected and the issue is solved!

Complete debug log with crash dump and (sadly) modified passwords.xml: Here
Uploaded to google drive because of 1MB pastebin restriction.

There is a similar thread here:
As stated above, my issue is solved but i want to let you know that there maybe is an bug/issue in kodi where it can crash.