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Lock down the HDHomeRun

I was thinking about using the HDHomeRun CONNECT hardware for its dual tuners since I couldn't find any other dual-tuner device that was as cheap and worked with the Raspberry Pi. My plan was to run a Tvheadend backed on a raspberry pi 3 with an external USB HDD for storage (I don't want to tax my NAS with PVR duties). I already have 2 Pi3/Kodi appliances in the house which would act as the front-ends.

Since I don't need the HDHomeRun to actually stream anything itself to devices, I wanted to lock it down as much as possible. Can I disable the WiFi? How about the DLNA?

Alternately if someone knows of a dual-tuner device that works with the Pi (the lists I found were unhelpful or out of date), then I could use that instead. It does seem like I'd be disabling much of the functionality for the HDHeomeRun.