Saving subtitles WITHOUT language-code

Since a few versions ago Kodi has changed the way updates work, and has removed the option to save subtitles without a language code (afaik).

Because of this, subtitles downloaded through Kodi's subtitle addon can no longer be found by my DVR (which only opens subtitles if the file names match exactly).
My question therefore is:

Is there a way for me to setup Kodi to NOT include language codes in the subtitles when renaming them?

I hardly ever download any other subtitles but english ones, so I don't really need the language code or the language-meta in Kodi.

WIndows migration to Nvisia Shield TV pro


Actualy, i use an intel Nuc for kodi 17.
My database has over 1000 movies on 2 NAS on network.
I will now use kodi on a nvidia shield pro.
I want to copy all parameters of windows kodi into the android kodi:
-Every plugins
-Every Skin parameters
-Every movies infos (database with all posters, artworks....)

Is it possible?
The network adress for movies files will be the same as windows://MYCLOUD/MOVIES/

King regards

Kodi Crash on music scan

I Tried reScanning my MusicDB, but Kodi crash on the "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" OST, the Album was already in the DB, but I changed the genre tag.
retagging the CD did not help, same happen on kodi 17.3

on my Libreelec box (17.3) rescanning works fine

22:08:45.699 T:11716   DEBUG: Mis-match in song file albumartist tags: 2 mbid 1 name album: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

full log

mp3 tag

Security preferences not remembered

I'm trying to install uktvnow onto my M8S Kodi box, I went to change the settings for apps and downloads, I believe a reboot is in order after this? When I have rebooted, the apps verification defaults to 'on'. There seems to be no way around this that I can find, in all fairness though, I'm quite new to these boxes so maybe there's another trick to try?

Any help greatly appreciated!

How can I change skin to always show time

I want to make a change to the skin to always show current time and time remaining (or end time) in videofullscreen. I've browsed through many posts, but failed to find clear instructions. Can someone point me in the right direction.

I recently switched from MediaPortal (after over 10 years of MP use) to Kodi due to Kodi's ability to work on Android TV boxes, by this eliminating the need to support many PC's in the house. In MediaPortal I knew how to skin and program, but in Kodi I'm still learning, thus seeking help to get me going in the right direction.

Need some help changing Unwatched Movies on Home Screen, based on current date

Hi all,

I've recently been making some small changes to the default Estuary skin to suit my library, and have been able to change the couple of things I wanted changed (mostly changing the amount of movies displayed on the Recently Added and Unwatched Movies areas, to display 25 movies each), and to eliminate (through the smart playlists) certain things from showing up in either list (namely short films and Christmas movies).

In any case, what I'm trying to accomplish now is to change the Unwatched Movies area to display a different set of movies (by changing the source to different, already-created smart playlists), based on the current date. Specifically, I'm hoping to display holiday specific movies there during certain times of the year. I already have the genres "Christmas" and "Halloween" added to the appropriate movies in my library, and smart playlists that will pull random titles from each genre. I figure the following section from the home.xml file is what I need to change:
                        <include content="WidgetListPoster" condition="Library.HasContent(movies)">
                            <param name="content_path" value="special://skin/playlists/unwatched_movies.xsp"/>
                            <param name="widget_header" value="$LOCALIZE[31007]"/>
                            <param name="widget_target" value="videos"/>
                            <param name="list_id" value="5300"/>

Basically, I'm looking to add a couple of conditions, and display the appropriate movies, based on the current date. So I think I need to somehow define the System.Date(MM-DD,MM-DD) condition. For example, if condition System.Date(11-27,12-25) is true, then I would want the following content_path parameter to point to "special://skin/playlists/random_christmas_movies.xsp". I would also like to do the same for Halloween (with dates of say, 10-01,10-31, and a playlist named random_halloween_movies.xsp).

After much searching, I just can't find out if this is possible to do or not, and if it is possible, how to accomplish this correctly. Can I define multiple conditions in the include statement, and, if so, would I just replicate this section of code 3 times, and just change the condition and the path for each, or is there a way to define a condition for a parameter? Thanks in advance, for any help anyone can provide.

Sorry if this isn't posted in the correct section. I am using the Estuary skin (a modified copy I've been changing myself), but wasn't sure if this was a skin-specific question, or if this applies to all skins. I just know it's Estuary's home skin that I'm trying to change, so if this isn't the correct location, could a mod please move it to the correct forum? Thank you.


subtitles with strm

Good evening, guys

Loading external srt subtitles for strm files is not working
i tried to put the srt file name as the strm streaming file, but nothing solved. i added the prefix -forced. nothing works too.

all i have is an strm file with a link for a movie in my server
and srt stored locally in the same location with the strm file
and i need the subtitles to load automatically without the pain of choose it manually.

i hope you help me with this SadSad

My own repository…not working

Hi guys,

I have developed the Light IMDb Ratings Update add-on and as a further step it would be nice to provide it to the community through a my repository.

At the moment, I have created this repository on GitHub where inside the folder named repo is possible to find the requested files addons.xml, addons.xml.md5 and the two add-ons Light IMDb Ratings Update and axlt2002.repository in the zip format under the respective folders.

Using the latest Kodi 18 alpha, the issue is that when I enter the axlt2002.repository, it results empty:

[Image: Ei2DYmM.png]

while on Kodi 17.3 i receive the message "Could not connect to the repository".

I'm quite puzzled... Frown

Hereafter I report you the content of the maim files; so if you can check them or try them it would be really beneficial for me. Being honest, to me it seems that everything is correct...


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <addon id="repository.axlt2002.repository" name="axlt2002 repository" version="1.0.0" provider-name="axlt2002">
            <import addon="xbmc.addon" version="12.0.0"/>
        <extension point="xbmc.addon.repository" name="axlt2002 repository">
            <info compressed="false"></info>
            <datadir zip="true"></datadir>
        <extension point="xbmc.addon.metadata">
            <summary>axlt2002 repository.</summary>
            <description>axlt2002 repository.</description>

<addon id="script.lightimdbratingsupdate" name="Light IMDb Ratings Update" version="1.0.0" provider-name="axlt2002">
      <import addon="xbmc.python" version="2.25.0" />
      <import addon="script.module.simplejson" version="3.3.0" />
      <import addon="script.module.myconnpy" version="1.1.7" />
     <extension point="xbmc.service" library="" start="startup" />
     <extension point="xbmc.addon.metadata">
      <summary lang="en">Light IMDb Ratings Update is a Kodi add-on that keeps updated the IMDb ratings for your Movies and TV Shows.</summary>
      <summary lang="it">Light IMDb Ratings Update è un add-on di Kodi che mantiene aggiornate le valutazioni IMDb dei tuoi Film e Serie TV.</summary>
      <description lang="en">Light IMDb Ratings Update runs as a Kodi service to update the ratings, votes and IMDb Top 250 for Movies as well as the ratings and votes for TV Shows (including Episodes) by scraping the data from the IMDb site. The update can be scheduled once a week and it will run as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed. The prerequisites to run the add-on are the installation of PHP (please refer to the file readme.txt) and the availability of the IMDb IDs for the Movies, TV Shows and Episodes you want to be updated (please check the add-on thread in the Kodi forum for more details). Light IMDb Ratings Update runs on Kody 17 (and beyond) for Windows.</description>
      <description lang="it">Light IMDb Ratings Update viene eseguito come un servizio di Kodi per aggiornare le valutazioni, i voti e la Top 250 IMDb per i Film così come le valutazioni ed i voti per le Serie TV (inclusi gli Episodi) ottenendo i dati dal sito IMDb. L'aggiornamento può essere pianificato una volta alla settimana a sarà avviato appena possibile se un avvio pianificato non viene eseguito. I prerequisiti per eseguire l'add-on sono l'installazione di PHP (si faccia riferimento al file readme.txt) e la disponibilità degli IMDb ID per i Film, le Serie TV e gli Episodi che si vogliono aggiornare (per ulteriori dettagli si veda il thread dell'add-on nel forum di Kodi). Light IMDb Ratings Update è compatibile con Kodi 17 (e successivi) per Windows.</description>



addon.xml of repository.axlt2002.repository

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <addon id="repository.axlt2002.repository" name="axlt2002 repository" version="1.0.0" provider-name="axlt2002">
            <import addon="xbmc.addon" version="12.0.0"/>
        <extension point="xbmc.addon.repository" name="axlt2002 repository">
            <info compressed="false"></info>
            <datadir zip="true"></datadir>
        <extension point="xbmc.addon.metadata">
            <summary>axlt2002 repository.</summary>
            <description>axlt2002 repository.</description>

I'm looking forward for any help! Thanks in advance!

Share external hard drive from Android to Win10

Hey guys,

First of all, I just want to mention that I'm not perfectly bilingual so feel free to ask if you don't understand.

So, I know there's PLENTY of threads about Smb and windows 10 but I haven't found anything helping me. What I want to do is, share my external hard drives plugged on my android box to my Windows 10 so I can add files from Windows without having to unplug/plug my hd's everytime.

My first question is : Is it even possible ? Whatever I type on google, it's always about sharing an external hard drive plugged on windows to Android, wich is not what I'm looking for. And the Kodi wiki about SMB/Windows is not helping me at all since it's, once again, about sharing Windows to Kodi.

I've tried installing AndSMB, ES File explorer and I couldn't find anything helpful. AndSMB is, from what I've noticed, a client and I couldn't figure out how to share my drives from ES File explorer. Should I just make a ftp server on my PC and that's it ? Or am I right to believe that smb is the solution ?

TL;DR : Is it possible to share my external hard drives plugged on my android box to Windows 10 ?

Thank you in advance.

Specs :
- Android box : MXQ Pro, Android 5.1.1, Kodi v17.3
- Windows 10 home

PS1 : I used the search option and didn't find anything helpful. If you have found a thread answering my question, well then I'm sorry, I probably didn't see it.
PS2 : I know, using a PC instead would be 100 times effortless but I do have a cheap netbook with only two USB2 ports and I dont want my netbook to be open 24/7

Android – Kodi 17.3 stutter/framedrop

Hi Guys..

I have an issue with my kodi install. I have been running it from an Android box and it has been running awesome. Unfortunatly after upgrading to v17.x I have been experiencing major issues with everything I've been throwing at it, which is generally only ISO or h264 files. Everything looks a bit like a bad stop motion movie, and it's bugging the life out of me. I was asked to provide a debug log file, but when I try that the FPS simply drops to 0.2 FPS and I can't communicate with the damned box. I've had to do a hard reset on the box, and I can't find the log afterwards. Not sure what my options are other than going back to Jarvis which was running perfectly.

The box is one of those annoying chinese box's comming with shitload of plugins which I have never used for anything, and generally just have uninstalled as many as I could. It's running Android 5.1 and should have enough power to do whatever I throw at it when it comes to this. I've been trying to play, but 17.x seems kinda buggy on Android. It runs just fine on my macmini in my basement workshop which is an old core2duo based one.

Hope for some pointers from someone, if not I'll have to drop back to Jarvis.


Flirc USB-IR or Pulse-Eight HDMI-CEC

I am getting a new Zotac CI527 (Kaby Lake i3, with no built-in CIR receiver, as they call it).

Which of these 2 devices are most recommended?

Does it come down to a preference of remote control type / brand? I currently have a Logitech Harmony which works well with Flirc, and the Pulse-Eight will enable me to use the Samsung provided TV remote.

Any performance characteristics differences? Any other considerations?


Playlist Default To Repeat

I searched the forum so I hope this isn't a repeat that has already been addressed.

For some reason since I went to Kodi 17.2 (I think), and I"m on 17.3 now, every time I have to restart Kodi it defaults my Playlist to Repeat All. I turn it off and then I'm fine until I have to restart Kodi again.

Any suggestions?

Help: New here and cannot send private messages?

Hi there

Is there a possibility to contact the board admin?

I've registered to this forum today and activated my account properly, but I'm not permitted to send or reply to private messages?
I get this message:

Kodi Community Forum
You do not have permission to access this page. This could be because of one of the following reasons:
Your account has either been suspended or you have been banned from accessing this resource.
You do not have permission to access this page. Are you trying to access administrative pages or a resource that you shouldn't be? Check in the forum rules that you are allowed to perform this action.
Your account may still be awaiting activation or moderation. (Resend Activation Code)
You have accessed this page directly rather than using appropriate forms or link.

You are currently logged in with the username: 'RK_aus_S'

I've got a private message and I am now unable to reply. :-(


RetroPlayer Setup Instructions

Retroplayer is not complicated, there just isn't a lot of directions that are easy to understand at the moment. So let me help out a bit.

1. Download one of the builds from the first page of this thread (the ones from Garbear have everything basically setup already). I'm using the Windows version for comparison, and have an Xbox One controller, but have also used an Xbox 360 controller).

2. If you have a joystick (I suggest an Xbox 360, Xbox One, or Playstation controller), plug it in. It should be recognized by your OS.

3. Start Kodi 18 alpha (again the Garbear version).

4. If you have ROMS add them to the system, just like you would add Movies or TV shows (they should be in separate directories, but under a general ROMS folder. For example:

5. Search for a game you want to play, and click it (no artwork when scrolling through your ROMS at this time though, so everything is very plain). You will be prompted for what core you wish to play this game with, choose any one you like. If something doesn't work, try a different one next time.

6. For an even better experience, use the Internet Archive ROM launcher (IARL) instead.
You will need to install the ZachMorris repo to install this add-on. So add his repo (download the zip file, and add it manually to Kodi). Then from his Repo in Kodi, install the IARL.

7. Be sure to follow the Install Instructions, then the Setup section: With the setup section, start at Step 2 (unless you are currently using RetroArch). Step two is once you are in Kodi, and you need to make changes to IARL for the program to work correctly. One final thing, you need to RUN THE WIZARD in step 4, this is very important or you get errors when you try to launch any ROM.

8. Once the IARL is installed, you will have access to Tons of systems and thousands of ROMS. These have artwork, and even short video clips on some of them. I've played NES, SNES, MAME and SCUMM games, and all were very easy to launch and play.

Hope this helps anyone struggling with this out.

Kodi 17.3 Crashes Windows 10

Hello friends !!!!

Kodi is crashing on me on start up and also once it gets past 1st run , when I try to install a source (unknown sources are off) from Kodi repo. This all coincided with a windows update. I even rolled back the update and have the same results.

I enabled debugging and went through a crash. Attached are the logs.

Kodi Text Doc

Can't open DMP file so used zippy

kodi_crashlog-17.3 Git_20170524-147cec4-20170628-121705.dmp