Having problems with the new joystick implementation

I am having some difficulties with the new joystick implementation of Kodi 17. I have been using my 360 controller to control Kodi ever since the XBMC days with no major problems ever, but after Kodi 17 I am having a major problem.

I have my PC connected to an Onkyo receiver and when I turn off the receiver Kodi will not reconnect to the controller after I turn on the receiver.
I have to restart Kodi to make it detect the controller anew. I have never had any problems in any previous Kodi version, I have not updated the drivers for the joypad and all other software is detecting the joypad without problems.

I turn off my reciever at 21:45:27, see the lamps on my 360 controller blink and when I turn the receiver on again kodi is no longer detecting the controller. This behaviour is new to Kodi 17 and never occurred in 16.1 so I assume there is something wrong in your new implementation.

I also noticed that when I control Kodi with the joystick I have no menu sounds. I spent hours trying to figure out why I could not hear the clicks of the GUI even though the movies and music play fine, then suddenly when I connected my USB keyboard to restart as Kodi had once again lost my controller I noticed that I had GUI sounds. So with keyboard controlling the GUI is making sounds, but with joystick controlling I have no sounds.

Debug Log http://pastebin.com/EXVu83qG

UPnP upon initial start up not found until “special” restart

Due to possible coincidences but strange behaviour from Kodi as well, I have no idea if this is an OS issue or a Kodi issue, which is why I'm asking here.

My last update included both a swathe of Mint 18 Cinnamon (debian-based) updates on my Gigabyte Brix i5-6200 as well as Kodi Krypton. I've been using my Synology NAS' DLNA/UPnP server for years now with my smart TV and recently with Kodi Jarvis. All was fine, accessing the DLNA server was never an issue. The Kodi server would be started up/shutdown based on the TV being switched on (sensed by a general purpose server over a ping test) - wake on LAN for the on sequence and kodi-send command application for the graceful power down sequence.

Since the update though, I find that upon powering up the unit, I am unable to access the DLNA server - Kodi reports "No connection to server" (paraphrasing). Rebooting does not resolve the matter either.

What does resolve it for all the time powered up, is to edit the DLNA source details in Kodi, hit "Browse" without touching anything else and it then automatically restarts Kodi with no issues connecting to the DLNA server thereafter.

This is why I'm confused as to whether or not it's a Linux issue (given all the updates that had come through but didn't take any notes other than remembering the kernel was one of those updates) or a Kodi issue (given the little workaround I mentioned seems to cure it for as long as it remains up and running). I have not set up Kodi with any SMB drives and whatnot, to see if that will make any difference. Despite never having had that set up on my old Jarvis installation, I'm thinking of giving that a try tonight.

Has anyone else come across this phenomenon? Is it similar to what was suggested in this thread that I found in my searches: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=154808

Many thanks in advance.

No audio

Suddenly, I no longer have any audio on my KODI.. There is a red speaker in the top right hand corner and when I go into a stream the audio says "audio undetermined". I am not able to change the audio output device in system settings and I have watched all of the u-tube videos and pressed all of the mute / F8 buttons on my remotes/ keyboards. All video is streaming perfectly.

Can someone please tell me how to fixConfused

I am using KODI 16.1 on an android system.


After Update on kodi 17 problem with 1080p exodus

Hi guys i have problem, i update my kodi on pc from 16.1 to 17 after that i cant find all the movies and tv series on 1080p resolution like the previous version of Kodi.
For example i watching now on exodus the braking bad tv series and i watching it in HD resolution when i watch an episode from my phone (in kodi 16.1 Jarvis) i founding the 1080p in my phone from SEZONLUDIZI
i have enable the SEZONLUKDIZI on kodi in my pc but again i can't find why happend that in some movies i can watch in 1080p resolution.
Please someone help with this problem...

Crashes are all over the place

I am beyond frustrated. I've have spent most of the last three days trying everything I can to figure out how to get Kodi to work. I had little to no problems with Kodi 16, but in a touch of daring I decided to upgrade for the improvements I read so much about. Now, Kodi crashes all over the place for multiple reasons: The most common errors are reported as ntdll.dll or StackHash_0a9e, although I've also gotten avutil-55.dll, VCRUNTIME140.dll, KERNELBASE.dll, etc.

Before I continue: I am running up to date Windows 7, i7-3770K@3.5GHz, 16GB RAM, with 2 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 in SLI.

The most common errors I've seen in the logs are:
ERROR: CMusicDatabase::GetAlbumsByWhere () failed
Multiple types of JSONRPC errors, like WARNING: JSONRPC: Could not parse type "Setting.Details.SettingList"
and Out of Memory errors.

I ran SFC /scannow, rolledback my graphics driver to no effect so reupdated to the latest one (that is advertising Kodi 17), I used advancedsettings.xml to increase memory and readfactor, I clean installed, rolled back to 16.1 (nightmare), reinstalled clean 17. I have an affinity for Mimic, but decided maybe it was the problem. I switched to Omni and it too worked for a bit, then problems. I decided to try others....

Now, I'm finally coming for help as I'm kinda of stuck in a skin from the repository that crashes when I attempt to change it. It is one of the ones that starts with an E... I can't even tell you. I think I'll need to do another install to escape (maybe). I hope someone can point out the really simple thing I am missing that is right there in the logs but I am too unknowledgeable to recognize.

Most recent : http://pastebin.com/tBaSHtCN
Previous : http://pastebin.com/Ki4Wn6RJ
More Previous : http://pastebin.com/PNTAF8pD

Thank you for your time. Let me know if I can provide any more information.

EDIT: Managed to reload Omni skin and delete all other non-default skins (Estuary/Estouchy)

Wont play 3D Movies made with MakeMKV even in 2D Mode/disabled 3d

I'm using an Ipad Air, also has the same problem on my LG G4. Playback for mkvs made by MakeMKV just crashes the player, I used to be able to play them when they we're on .ISO format from my NAS but after converting them to mkv it wont play on android/ios Kodi 17

and on the log files, this appears

9:14:48.782 T:1077276672 DEBUG: ------ Window Init () ------
09:14:48.866 T:1079570432 DEBUG: RunQuery took 31 ms for 21 items query: select * from movie_view
09:14:48.926 T:1083011072 DEBUG: ffmpeg[408D7000]: [swscaler] No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv420p to bgra.
09:14:48.967 T:1091514368 DEBUG: Previous line repeats 1 times.
09:14:48.967 T:1091514368 DEBUG: Thread JobWorker start, auto delete: true
09:14:48.975 T:1082437632 DEBUG: ffmpeg[4084B000]: [swscaler] No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv420p to bgra.
09:14:48.978 T:1083011072 DEBUG: ffmpeg[408D7000]: [swscaler] No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv420p to bgra.
09:14:48.982 T:1079570432 DEBUG: ffmpeg[4058F000]: [swscaler] No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv420p to bgra.
09:14:48.992 T:1091514368 DEBUG: ffmpeg[410F3000]: [swscaler] No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv420p to bgra.
09:14:48.997 T:1082437632 DEBUG: ffmpeg[4084B000]: [swscaler] No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv420p to bgra.
09:14:49.014 T:1091514368 DEBUG: ffmpeg[410F3000]: [swscaler] No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv420p to bgra.
09:14:49.018 T:1082437632 DEBUG: ffmpeg[4084B000]: [swscaler] No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv420p to bgra.
09:14:49.033 T:1091514368 DEBUG: ffmpeg[410F3000]: [swscaler] No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv420p to bgra.

Edit: I tried to disable hardware acceleration - VTBDecoder on IOS and the now movie plays (but very slow)

Video smoothness issue.

For a while now (Kodi 16 had this too for me) I have had issues with playback stutters. It's not been terrible but annoying nevertheless.

In short:
- 23.976216 fps source. (according to VLC).
- Once every 5-10 seconds I notice a frame drop. It's (of course) much clearer when there is a horizontal pan
- Kodi's reported playback rate is 23.98hz according to xrandr and 23.976080 according to kodi.log
- SSD harddrive, gigabit ethernet, widely overdimensioned cpu (10% cpu load max during playback)

Here is my full debug kodi.log showing startup, and then playing back a video file for a minute or two.

The only thing I noticed in the kodi log is that it identified the available video mode as '23.976080' which is 0.000136 fps off the source framerate, but surely this means that there 'should be' some stutter once every 1/000136=7352 seconds, not every 5.

My control sample is a PS3, and it plays back stutter-free, so I have to conclude the 'kodi side of things' (perhaps kodi, perhaps ubuntu, perhaps player hardware) is at fault somehow?

FWIW some specs:
- Kodi 17 on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS
- Mac Mini (Intel Core i5, 2.3Ghz, Sandybridge, Intel HD3000 video) - dmesg output

Please let me know if I can provide more info or how to proceed to debug this?

4k over lan possible?

I have my blu rays ripped as mkv etc. Sizes are around 10 to 60 gb.

It starts off well when playing over LAN but then the buffering and freezing begins.

Is it possible or has anyone got 4k over LAN working?

They work fine when transfered to a hdd and plugged into the tv directly and using the lg internal app to play them.

I tired advancedsettings but no joy. If i try the on-line streams they buffer a lot less and sometimes not at all.

Dont understand how strwaming the same file from the Internet works better than from my pc on the land without using the same lan and the Internet at 38mbs

Disable estuary autoscroll

Hello everyone,

First of all, I would like to say that I really like the new Kodi default skin. The new design is really nice. Big Grin

I would like to ask if is possible to disable the autoscroll feature. I am using Kodi in a traditional notebook running windows 10, using as input a mouse + notebook keyboard.

Sometimes, when I move the mouse the skin autoscroll to the top or bottom of the content listening. That makes navigation a bit confuse.

In touch devices autoscroll makes sense, but in a traditional pc no.
Probably that feature already exist, but I dont found it yet. If someone could help me... Smile

Nexus Player Bug

I don't know if this is a bug you guys are aware of or not but I hope it can be fixed. I have Kodi 17.0 running on my Nexus Player and I have the Game Pad. When I first launch Kodi the gamepad works great, exept the buttons don't do what they are supposed to do as far as bringing up the menu and such but I can work past that. The main issue I am having is if I start a show and the gamepad turns off. When I done watching the show and turn the controler on to start up another show Kodi doesn't respond. I have to completly exit and force stop Kodi and restart it to get the controller working again. This has happened ever since I started using 17.0 in Beta, I saw at one point that it was a known issue but then I didn't see it anymore so I thought it was fixed. If there is a fix for this I would love to know as I use Kodi all the time and love it.


OK...I got rid of all of my add-ons and repositories except YouTube. Hopefully, that one is allowable ( didn't know the others were not). I am still having the same issues; KODI taking a long time to start up, not able to connect to repository so I can get new "legal" add-ons, cannot open TV shows episode list much less play episodes. New debug log viewable here:

Can anybody recommend a good skin for desktop/mouse use?

I use Black Glass Nova for my normal TV edition of Kodi, however I like to also use Kodi on my desktop periodically. However, I find many skins are designed for touch/remote control, and I find using a mouse, doesn't work as you'd expect (and many times I have to use my keyboard instead of the mouse to change menu's etc).

Does anybody know of a skin/theme for Kodi 17 that is designed, or works well with standard mouse movement and clicks ?

Thanks in advance.

Video stream STRM Not working

Four of my eight systems have been updated to KODI 17, two are Linux Mint based, one is OpenElec RPI2, and one is OSMC RPI3. Everything seemed to work great except for the reading of STRM files to stream video content from the web. These same strm files still work on Kodi 16.1 and earlier Kodi versions on Linux and Raspberry Pi units. Can't find any info on WIKI links.

Here is one example of an STRM file that works on all Kodi versions except 17 on both Raspberry Pi units and standard AMD64 based machines.


Again all my STRM files work on KODI versions of 16 or older and do not work on version 17. All my STRM files are for web based broadcast of ministries such as GETV.ORG.

Any hints would be appreciated. Right now my fix will be to revert to KODI version 16.1 until this bug or maybe some setup issue is resolved.


Hi everyone!

For the past month or two I've been active in the old Eminence thread, trying to revive this beautiful skin. I thought it was about time to make a fresh thread outlining all the changes and new stuff, so that the skin can really come alive.

The purpose of this mod is to continue enhancing and polishing Eminence, without making the skin too slow or too different from the actual experience. The new features and modifications are already too numerous to mention, you can find a detailed changelog and some galleries below.

New viewtypes, better overall mouse support, new features like the QuickNav bar, dark and light backgrounds, expanded resource usage, expanded existing views are just some of the most noticeable differences. There's a lot more subtle stuff that you notice only when you look carefully.

These galleries are by no means complete, so to get the full impression, you really need to experience the skin itself.

watch gallery

watch gallery

(Thanks pinguy!)

        1. Added a custom dialog for the view selector.
        2. Added new selector thumbnails.
        3. Added "Plain List" view.
        4. Added "Lovefilm" view.
        5. Added "Info List 3" view.
        6. Added "Medium Icons" view.
        7. Added an improved NextUp PostPlay skin.
        8. Added "disc.png" artwork for Music OSD.
        9. Added more flags settings.
        10. Added Director/Revenue info for the movie library.
        11. Added Forced Views for most content types.
        12. Fixed hub logos.
        13. Fixed movieset overlay info.
        14. Fixed subtitle dialog behaviour.
        15. Fixed some minor dialogs.
        16. General speed improvements.
        17. Improved Showcase posters.
        18. Improved video thumbs.
        19. Improved Header colours.
        20. Improved hub back actions.
        21. Improved the Line Labels.
        1. Added manfeed's lyrics.
        2. Fixes for Hub widgets.
        3. Fixes for weather.
        4. Added music genre and record label resources.
        5. Added record label icons in dialog infos.
        6. Refined view types and categories.
        7. Added the old Hub menu as an option.
        8. Improved QuickNav and submenu handling.
        9. Functional Genre widget.
        1. Some stubborn bugs squashed.
        1. Fixed dialog buttons.
        2. Fixed playlist dialog.
        3. Added some new animations.
        4. Mouse supported submenu.
        1. Small fixes.
        1. Added a fake disc with writing in Music OSD.
        2. Repaired the repeat button.
        3. Removed duplicate spinner textures.
        4. Added more dependencies.
        5. Settings window shortcuts for OpenELEC, LibreELEC, and OSMC.
        6. Added a record button to the PVR OSD.
        7. Added Kodi's Privacy Policy display.
        8. Code updates.
        1. Tweaked the cast list.
        2. Added and improved skin dependencies.
        1. Color Picker fix.
        1. Power menu fix.
        2. ColorPicker fixes.
        3. Moved the busy spinner.
        4. Moved the user ratings under the clock.
        1. Revert header change.
        2. New cast info in the OSD.
        3. More code updates.
        1. Quick bugfix.        
        1. Added a Quick navigation shortcuts menu.
        2. Further code updates from Eminence 2.5.
        3. Fix for Library selection buttons.
        4. A fix for true hidden headers.
        5. PVR visual fixes.
        6. Overhaul of the available views.
        7. Further mouse control improvements.
        1. Small updates for the backgrounds.
        2. Changed position for the user rating.
        1. Flags and other modifications for Hubs.
        2. Updated skin support for Extended Info dialogs.
        1. Added a new Netflix view for video items (Arctic - Danvers).
        2. New spinner textures (from Arctic - Danvers).
        3. Added the user rating system for music and videos.
        4. Overhauled and fixed the info screens.
        5. Ported the new dialog design from Eminence 2.5.
        6. Ported the Settings screen from Eminence 2.5.
        7. More mouse optimizations for the setting menus.
        8. Added an option to use music artwork backgrounds.
        9. Ported the window shadows from Eminence 2.5.
        10. Fixed a weather widget bug.
        1. Updated the setting labels for Krypton, and improved mouse support.
        1. More code updates and fixes.
        2. Added new info for addons.
        1. New skin icon.
        2. Begun updating the code to reflect soon-to-be deprecated string bools.
        3. A bunch of small fixes to the code.
        4. Some new flags.
        1. Improvements and fixes for the Video OSD.
        2. Moved my portion of the changelog to the addon.xml.
        3. Restored the addoninfo changelog button for the "news" value.
        4. Added a setting for duration formats. "script.duration_axbmcuser" now required.
        5. Updated required addons list.
        6. Small fixes for the Showcase view.

        1. Improved vertical and horizontal scrolling.
        2. Added letter scrollbar (by marcelvedt and the Aeon Madnox team!).
        3. Added Player.Process dialog for Krypton.
        4. Adapted the game controlers file from Eminence 2.5 (needs to be tested).
        5. Fixed some small glitches.

        1. Added animated artwork!
        2. Cleaned up inconsistent code.
        3. Added proper settings and labels for various new features.

        1. Better flags icons and other small fixes.

        1. Added support for rotating ExtraFanart with Skin Helper!
        2. Fixed the Krypton settings screen.
        3. Added RottenTomatoes, Metacritic and IMDb ratings to the VideoInfo screen.
        4. Updated the Dialogs and added the "Get more..." and "Cancel" buttons.
        5. Added the Showcase view from Eminence 2.5!
        6. Redesigned the way Video OSD works.
        7. Fixed most of the Skin Helper properties.
        8. Altered flag aspect ratio.
        9. Fixed and improved the movieset display.
        10. Redesigned the large submenu.
        11. Tweaked the timestamp bubble.
        12. Removed the changelog button from the addon info screen.
        13. Darkened the interface dffuse graphic.
        14. Repaired the subitle offset slider.
        15. Modded the way source flags are displayed while playing.
        16. Changed the OSD info button function.


1. The skin works in Krypton only!

2. Marcelveldt's BETA Repo is required for most of the skin dependencies. If you install it, the most necessary things for the skin to work should install automatically. If you encounter any errors, please try to download the dependencies manually, install them as zips, and then re-install the skin.

3. If you are backing up or restoring your skin settings, beware of two things - first, the location of your backups (see the Skin Helper Backup add-on settings), and second - properly restoring your header, widget bevel and other settings that need to be defined. For example: If you can't see the widget discs after a restore, that means you must re-set the bevel setting (literally just set it again) .

4. For the Weather widget to work, you must install the multi fanart artwork. For the moment it is needed for the widget to appear.

5. Special music artwork needs to be organised as follows:
Artist/Album/disc.png OR Artist/Album/cdart.png;

The path you set in the skin settings is the root (pointing to the Artist folders).

6. manfeed's lyrics will only work in the default font set, since arial defeats the purpose of the mod.

7. The French language strings are outdated, don't use them.


1. Go to "Settings / Addons / Install from Zip file".
2. Select the downloaded ZIP file.
3. Wait.
4. Switch to the skin, or go to "Settings / Appearance / Skin".

If you encounter errors even after manually installing all the dependencies, then you might need to unzip the skin.

1. Unzip the downloaded file.
2. Copy and paste the folder named "skin.eminence.2.mod.Krypton" to:

For Android: "Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/" (Sometimes the exact path will differ from device to device, you need to check this on your own.)

For iOS: "/private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Kodi/addons/"

For Linux: "~/.kodi/addons/"

For OpenELEC: "/storage/.kodi/addons/"

For Windows: Start - type %APPDATA%\kodi\addons - press <Enter>

For Mac OSX: "/Users/<your_user_name>/Library/Application Support/Kodi/addons/"

Skin Dependencies:

Skin Shortcuts: Builds the home menus, sub-menus, quick-menus....
Skin Helper Service: This addon adds a lot of useful skin settings.
Skin Helper Backup: Enables the skin backup and restore features, including the shortcuts.
Skin Helper Widgets: Adds more widgets to use.
Skin Helper Colorpicker: Enables the skin color picking options.
Script ExtendedInfo: Shows many additional info about movies, tv shows and music.
Script Image Resource Select: This addon is needed to select genre icons, weather icons, studio logos, etc.
AutoCompletion for virtual keyboard: This addon is needed to show autocompletion of keyboard.

Additional Add-ons:

Library Data Provider: This add-on adds a variety of library-based widgets.
Duration Script (axbmcuser MOD): Converts minutes duration to HH:MM format. Works faster than Skin Helper.
Next Up Notification: This addon shows a popup notification to prompt for playing the next unwatched episode.
Artwork Downloader: This addon can automatically download all available artwork for the movies/tv shows in your library.
Global Search: This addon lets you search content in your library.
Artist Slideshow: This add-on displays a slideshow as background for music visualization.
colorbox Script: Shows pixelated fanart on the Music OSD.
TV Show Next Aired: Shows available info regarding tv show airing times.
Youtube : This add-on is required to watch trailers.
cu.lrclyrics: This addon is required to display lyrics from songs.
CD Art Manager : This add-on lets you download all ClearLogo and CDArt of your Music Library and export them.
Script PlayAlbum: This addon is needed to play album from the album info screen.
Resource Images Busy Spinners Titan: This add-on expands the busy spinners the skin uses.

This link always points to the latest version of the skin. Until I can learn how to properly handle github, Google Drive will be by mainstay.

Crash (at the end of the movie)


Since upating to Xenial and Krypton, I get crashes quite reqularly. Most typically I get the crash at the end of a movie.
Many times after the crash, all terminals tty1-7 get blank. SSH is working.

Ubuntu server 16.04.2 LTS
17.0 Git:20170210-nogitfound

Here are some logs of the last crash.

dpkg -l | grep mesa http://paste.ubuntu.com/24029741/
DISPLAY=:0 vainfo http://paste.ubuntu.com/24029742/
cat ~/.kodi/temp/kodi.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/24029743/
dmesg http://paste.ubuntu.com/24029744/
id http://paste.ubuntu.com/24029745/
amixer http://paste.ubuntu.com/24029746/
cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/24029747/

cat ~/kodi_crashlog-20170219_220218.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/24029959/

(After this, I tried to restart kodi with systemctl restart kodi, got new crash)

cat ~/kodi_crashlog-20170219_221103.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/24029961/

I can't make a lot out of the logs, except that it may be audio related.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Weighted Music Randomization

I'm wondering if there's a way to integrate music randomization with song ratings. I'm finding I have some songs on my playlists which I do not want to hear very often, but every once in a while. I still want them on the list, but want them to be at a lower priority level. So on a scale of 1-5, songs rated 5 would have the highest chance of being selected, while those rated 1 would have the lowest. The effect would be a sort of automatic curation based on all of the different ratings.

I don't think this feature exists, or anything along these lines..does it?

Video dropping out after upgrading to Kodi 17

Hi All,

After upgrading Kodi to version 17, there is often sound but no video when playing movies. If I pause, the video will usually return temporarily. If I play, the video will again display again but then goes away after a couple of seconds leaving just the sound.

I am using my same Intel i5 NUC for this as I did with Kodi 16 (no issues there) and I am largely using Kodi 17 out of the box.

Any suggestions?

Upgrade wierdness

I upgraded all my windows machines to 17. The upgrade went fine. They all share the same MYSQL database (same advancedsettings.xml). For some reason they all, independently, keep track of their own progress through videos. That is, I can watch something on one machine and it's checked "watched" but when I go to any of the other machines the check isn't there. Nor can I start watching something in one room and continue in another like I had since 14. Anyone have any ideas why this is occurring?

Rom Collection Browser from Kodi built without X

I have Krypton running on Raspbian in EGL/OpenGL ES2 mode, that is to say fullscreen without X. Works very nice but I'm having trouble trying to launch emulators (Retroarch based) from RCB. The emulator has also been built to run without X and it works fine outside Kodi.

  1. Setting up RCB to simply run the emulator works to the extent that I can hear the audio in the background, but the display and input are still being held by Kodi.
  2. Using Solo mode to stop Kodi, start the emulator and restart Kodi once the emulator exits does not work. The applaunch.sh script is apparently terminated once Kodi is stopped so it doesn't reach the part where it's supposed to run the emulator.
  3. Popen does not help, same problem
  4. I changed applaunch to stop kodi using systemctl instead of killing it, otherwise systemd would restart it immediately, disregarding the Restart=no setting in kodi.service for some reason. (Edit: This was apparently not systemctl but a loop in the kodi-standalone script which will restart kodi.bin if it's killed. I don't understand how applaunch.sh was supposed to be working in such case. Changed it to kill kodi-standalone instead and I don't get the restart loop anymore, but applaunch.sh is still terminated once Kodi dies, doesn't reach the emulator launch stage)

Any way around this? I'd really rather not have to run X and deal with the overhead, Kodi works really well in fullscreen standalone mode with the EGL backend.