Backup/Restore Question

Using the Backup program addon for Kodi. Trying to restore a backup made on my Amazon Fire Stick to a Windows Kodi box. From what I can find online, I think this should be possible, but the restore seems to fail at some point. I see it writing files, but then it just stops and there's no update to my Windows Kodi settings afterwards. Is this something that doesnt' work anymore?

Virtual tv shows ~ (heimdall / unified content db)

I have developed an addon that manages a virtual library for anime shows, accessed through a video source endpoint.

There are a few problems with the current video library which I am trying to solve: 1) the existing scrapers suck for anime (even anidb mod); the recognition is terrible. 2) As a consumer of these shows, I only care about playing "the next episode". I am not building out a real library here to hold on to forever. By "playing" the show, it plays the next episode, if there is one.

A lot of work has been done to implement python code that grabs watch progress from a tracking service (myanimelist), scan for files on disk to match them against shows that are being watched, and determine what shows have a file ready to play.

However, since this is all done in python, the only option I have available to present the list, is as a video addon. Personally, I would rather these shows be added to the actual tv show section, where it makes more sense.

I have seen several posts from Garbear and topfs2 from many years ago about a new python scraper system "Heimdall", and a "unified content database", which seems to possibly be what I am after. Confirmation on if these system will do what I want would be great.

So the question is, are any of these features actually planned to be integrated into a Kodi release? And if so, what version? I see that retroplayer is being added to v18, does that include the unified database, or just the emulation core? (2015) - discussion on unified content database (2012) - Project Heimdall (2013) - Scraper and Library Mode

Kodi Locks up on Timer Edit

I don't know where the problem lies, but after using the Guide to set a recording in Kodi, if I edit to add padding, Kodi freezes and I eventually have to use Task Manager to kill it.

I have Kodi 17, using the PVR WMC Client.

This happens if I right-click on a guide program and select 'Record' and later return and edit to add the padding. I have tried this on multiple PCs running this configuration, with the same results.

If I, instead, right-click and choose 'Add Timer' and choose the settings, including the padding, I have no issue.

So, I have a workaround, which makes this not such a big deal, but I am wondering if others have noticed this or can try it and see if it is happening with their Kodi setup. I want to find if it is a bug that is prevalent or just my setup.


Blank screen on monitor

Hello, I use latest open elec with kodi 16 and I've got a problem with my monitor. When I plug it to the TV with hdmi everything works fine, but with monitor and hdmi + dvi adapter it won't boot. Only what I see is open elec splash screen and then it goes black and kodi splash screen doesn't show up. I tried several resolutions, but it's still black. Can you please give me some advice how to fix it? Maybe some config lines to add. Thank you

Library not correct in web interface

I use the iOS remote app and I also checked this on the web interface and it shows TV shows that I've deleted and don't show up in the library in the main on screen interface and don't exist on the hard drive. It this a bug in the web interface or is there something I can do to clean that up as there doesn't appear to be a way to remove the extraneous programs from there since they don't show up anywhere inside Kodi but in the web interface.

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Kodi navigation works but won’t play video with Synology NAS.

I am trying to get Kodi to play video from my Synology DS211+. I can navigate to the video files, but when I try to play, there is a significant delay, and then I always get the message “One or more of the items failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message.”

I am running the latest Synology firmware and the latest version of Kodi Krypton. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

I have tried Kodi from my Sony Bravia TV (Sony KD-55XD8577) latest version of Android). My Galaxy S7 Edge (latest version of Android), my PC (Win 10) and my Samsung Android tablet (Note Pro). My Sony Bravia is the device I really want Kodi to work on.

Each time I have followed the setup procedure for Kodi according to the support and various blogs, including YouTube.

I have also configured my DS211+ according to the Synology support notes, including the NFS setup. I have tried connecting NFS and DLNA, but the same failure occurs. My TV is hardwired Ethernet (1GBPS), and my other devices via WiFi. I have been in contact with Synology, and they think it is a compatibility problem with Kodi video playback. I have checked on Kodi Wiki, and it seems that the files I am trying to play should be well with Kodi’s capability.

It is useful to note that every other application I run on the TV or other devices can play all my video files without any problems at all. That is VLC, Archos, MX Video, DS Video (Synolgy’s own App) and the stock “Video” – all play all types of video file on all of my devices flawlessly.

No matter what I do in setting up Kodi or the DS211+ I can always browse the files video files, but it always fails to play them. The error it comes up is “One or more of the items failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message.”

This happens for every type of file I have on my NAS, avi, mkv, mp4 etc. I have quite a large catalogue, and have tried old and new files. Also, the log is always empty.

I have tried everything I can think of and searched through many pages of guides.

Would someone be able to advise me if there is anything else I can try?

Many thanks for your time in advance.
Kind regards, Ben.

Stick with language in TVSeries


I do have a lot of German and English TV series in my collection. Whenever I am adding new episodes I do have to change the default scraper language in the settings area. It would be great if the language defined at the series level would be used for scraping actions at the episode level. E.g. if you want to manually assign an episode to a media by using the overall episode list, this list remains empty if the default scraper language is different from the one of the series.

One could call this a bug, but I assume it's a feature :Wink ...

Otherwise I am a very happy and satisfied user of TMM - great job guys.

Button “Clash” with main menu

I am new to skinning so created 4 new buttons and aligned 2 of each either side of the main menu bar. The 2 on the left are fine focus 90100, 90120 and work as they should

The 2 on the right I called id. 90130 and 90110, they don't work at all and turning on debug, the 2 on the left, focus 90100 and 90120 show fine, yet the 2 to the right both shows as 9000, the same as the main menu focus.

I set easing out to 0, to try and solve the problem to no avail, if I move them up the screen, they then work fine,

So any ideas what I may be doing wrong please.

[feature request]


i think first post here:
i'm trying TMM ... i'm donator too.

* would be possible ONLY to download actor thumbs with image?.
* option to edit directly the mkv metadata header to clean and edit things
* default assign new scrapped movies with source (BluRay) ... version (Theatrical release) ... tags


HDMI display started flickering

I'm running Kodi 16.something (with retropie) on a raspberry pi3

It's linked up to my TV with a HDMI cable, and also has an external hard drive plugged in for all my media.

This has been running with no issues for about 9 months.

I turned it on yesterday. I have a video splashscreen. That played and then kodi loaded up but then the display kept flickering on and off the HDMI, like it was displaying kodi one second, then looking like it wanted to readjust to optimal HDMI settings but couldn't quite find it. Sometimes, it would stick on the no HDMI input.

So far I have tried (in vain);

1. Changing HDMI cables
2. Changing HDMI ports on the TV
3. Unplugging everything from the USB so it only has the HDMI and the power source connected to it
4. Changing the power supply
5. Changing the config.txt to uncomment out the config_hdmi_boost=4

Not sure what else to try (apart from wiping the SD card clean and starting from scratch.
This has only started recently and not as a result to any big changes I made to my pi.

Any ideas on what I can do to get it working again?

Kodi Special Addon Cache


I want to write an addon where it uses addon specific special local cache to grab the video instead of advancesettings file (which uses for all the addons).

I was ready in the Kodi Wiki Cache page that lot of addon also uses the special addon specific cache as pre-download and then plays the video. (Caches_explained (wiki) - Section 2)

Can anyone give me any example so that I can have a look or give me some idea on how that can be implemented?

Thanks in advance.

Teletext subtitles for hearing impaired

Good day, since I am hearing impaired, it is important for me to be able to use the teletext subtitle. As you can see in the first picture, the teletext subtitle in the Kodi is unusable, since the background respectively the teletext side is black. Also the intense try in the settings, has brought nothing. After various email with the support of DVBLogic is the problem clearly with kodi.
To make sure that my system is in order, I have tried the VLC player and see second picture, it has worked.
Now I would be really glad, if this problem would corrected in kodi. What do I have to do for that?

P1 teletext subtitle with kodi

P2 teletext subtitle with VLC

External player doesn’t work

I have Kodi 17.1 on tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) (SM-T580) with Android 6.
I've configured external player MXPlayerFree with playercorefactory.xml.
I try to play videos with smb from NAS, but I see only some controls (play, hold and so on) blinking in upper part of screen and that's it.
Can someone suggest what do I need to do?

Kodi Crash on Launch OpenSuSE

I'm running openSUSE Leap 42.1 with Kodi 17.0 Git: 20170223-1a80820, as seen in the paste attached. I have been unable to get a stack trace thus far, but I have the following error log.

When Kodi is launched, it usually gets as far as displaying the menus and starting to update the database, then it crashes. Hard. Exits, GDB hangs trying to dump the core (Which is 0 size.. Working on it..), and prints out a log file that I can't distinguish from this one. I tried to turn on extra debugging, but I couldn't make heads nor tails of it, and I've no clue which numbers would be useful for extra debugging given what I have here.

Any help is appreciated.

“Get More” Broken on Android?

Since doing a clean install of Krypton 17.1 on a FireTV 4K, I get no results if I try to look for a Weather add-on (nothing comes up as a result). When I first did an "upgrade" my old Isengard OpenWeatherMap still worked, but I had a lot of images and database issues I wanted to clear/clean-up and adbLink can't move an entire directory to add-ons that I can see, just single files so I see no way to move the old add-on and no obvious way to add a new one (since it comes up blank on "get more").

The same is true with skins as well. I read you can install Confluence if you prefer it (I do), but when I click "get more" for skins, it just exits back to the preference screen. I really despise the new GUI (especially for Pictures mode where there are no list modes, for example) and trying to get to "files" under Music is a PITA (have to scroll to the right for a LONG TIME) whereas under Confluence, you just clicked down and over a couple of spots. I really like the IEC packing (no more noise to the TV speakers if they're not muted on 5.1), but the new interface is ruining my enjoyment of Kodi.

I've noticed other things like "prefer default streams" for audio under the old Video preference pane are just plain GONE in V17.1 (at least with the default skin). That means on a clean install it kept picking the first (yeah default) stream instead of the 5.1 and/or DTS streams available to it. I ended up having to PUSH my old GUI settings file to the new install. That gave it the old setting (prefer default turned OFF) internally, it seems as it immediately started picking the best 5.1/DTS/whatever over stereo defaults, but there's no way I can see to adjust the setting with the new GUI. It's just GONE. I hate decreased functionality. Without that old file uploaded, I would have had to change the soundtrack audio every single time I started a movie (i.e. standard practice with M4A files created to work with AppleTV is to put stereo first and then 5.1).

Krypton 17.1 Final coredumped when playing LiveTV (hts)

Hi friends! Kodi coredumped periodically when playing LiveTV (pvr.hts). It makes 2 coredumps files, core_kodi.bin.processID & core_RefClock.processID at the same time.

21:21:23.191 T:140310441080576   DEBUG: CPVRTimers - Update - updating timers
21:21:42.922 T:140310449473280   DEBUG: AddOnLog: Tvheadend HTSP Client: pvr.hts - demux unhandled subscription message [descrambleInfo]

############### END LOG FILE ################

############ END Kodi CRASH LOG #############