[RELEASE] elcinema.com (Arabic) scraper

Hello Guys.
this is my first scraper its for elcinema.com and it will get all data available in this site in Arabic so you can now use it
watch gallery

This scrapper supports all of this:

- Title
- Plot
- Year
- Director
- Country
- Credits
- Genre
- Rating
- Votes
- Runtime
- Actor name


please test it and feedback hope it help
special thanks for Dr Tharwat (AMDB owner)


I could not find it anywhere else on this forum, so here it goes...
To all those out there who use Kodi, how about just being grateful for this fantastic FREE program? I for one, would like to send a big thank you to all the Kodi team from the bottom up, throughout the XBMC Foundation.Angel To that, and we must not forget, all the people who design and maintain the apps we use every day.
I am thankful every time I turn on my box! Does it always work flawlessly? No.Confused Do I just bitch and moan? No.Undecided Is it the best damn program out there? Hell yeah!LaughCoolNod
Big Grin THANK YOU TO ALL THE DEVELOPERS WHO HELP IN EVERY ASPECT OF KODI... We would all be lost without you.Big Grin

Kodi repository lost!!!

Hi fellow Kodi users,Angel
I have a problem which I have never encountered before, and cannot find the answer to. I tried to reinstall TedTalks, by uninstalling and reinstalling it and somehow ended up erasing the Kodi Repository itself!!! I know I can install other repos via zip file... through the file manager, as you are all familiar with. What is the address for the Kodi repository to reinstall it?
Thank you.

Cannot play streams on Raspberry PI 2

Well, sometime ago i was using Twitch.tv app on Kodi 15 (On recalbox 4.0) and was working fine.
One day, all suddently stop working, i can't watch any streams on Twitch.tv app, but i guessed that was a app related or the kodi version. The log error is OpenDemuxStream - Error creating demuxer.
Now i installed the batocera 5.8 with Kodi 17 hoping that all my problems with Twitch will come to a end, but still the same thing, and i tried a live stream on youtube and give the same Demux error, i put a video and video is working fine, so is something related to streams.
I searched alot on forums but nothing helped me Sad
Can anyone enlight me?

a little help needed please

I have an android box. I upgraded to 17.3 No issues so far. I downloaded _______ and installed without any errors. When I reboot the system and then click on the "K" I am shown P____ with a circle around it for a few moments and then Im taken to KODI instead of the P___ Build, but I do see moving across the bottom of the screen, all the ____notifications scrolling across.

I think Ive got a setting wrong or something needs to be enabled, but I just dont know what. Please help, Ive been working on this for hours and Im about to set my face on fire and put it out with an ice pick.

Thanks in Advance.


Cancelling One Episode in Recurring Series Cancels Entire Series

Orphan Black on BBC America has these 3 minute previews each week that I don't want to record. So in the Kodi interface I brought up the context menu for the particular "episode" and selected Delete. Mod then asked if I wanted to delete just the one timer or the entire timer rule. I selected just the one timer, but the entire Series recording was deleted. I added it back and then used XNEWA to delete the individual episodes with no problem.

Is anyone able to duplicate this?

Kodi 17.3 with Estuary skin on Windows 10

I can get this to happen consistently, so if logs would help I can grab them.

Kodi 17.1 library does not update as show is watched, always shows unwatched

I did also read that perhaps this was a depreciated feature in 17.1, is that true? I have manually updated the library and it does not change the status of what i had just watched. I read I could create an advancedsettings.xml file but would that resolve this issue or give me an option to have a show automatically marked watched after viewing x % of it?

Anyone have any input they can offer?

Thanks much,

Add Additional Actors Using NFOs

Is it possible to add more actors to what is scrapped from TheMovieDB? I used the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

...and I only ended up with Gipper. I really would like to do this using NFO's and not manual entry.

Any help appreciated.


High fequence tone after playback, since Kodi 17

Hi guys!

Since Kodi 17 I suffer from an annoying bug/feature: I hear a high frequency tone after playing a movie (with multi channel sound).

My setup: RP3 (running OSMC) <--HDMI--> AV Receiver <--HDMI--> TV

Kodi audio is configured with "Audio pass-through" and "adjust PLL" (don't know if that is related).

<= Kodi 16 (no issue):

Kodi starts. AVR shows "PCM" and two little symbols "L" "R" for stereo sound.
If I start e.g. a movie with surround sound, AVR shows "Dolby Digital" and "L" "C" "R" "SL" "SW" "SR".
When the movie comes to the end and stops (I see Kodi GUI), the AVR shows again PCM and "L" "R".

> Kodi 16 (I tried 17.x till current 17.3):
Kodi starts. AVR shows "PCM" and two little symbols "L" "R" for stereo sound.
If I start e.g. a movie with surround sound, AVR shows "Dolby Digital" and "L" "C" "R" "SL" "SW" "SR".
When the movie comes to the end and stops, the AVR shows again PCM, but NO "L" "R" symbols.
I could live with that Smile But: I also hear a continues very high frequency tone.
I can fix that by just starting the movie again and then manual stopping. AVR returns to PCM and "L" "R" (+no abnormal sound).

What I already tried:
I noticed the new option in Kodi 17 "send low volume noise". I disabled that, but with no success.
Also I played arround with PLL from "low" to "high" without any change.

I guess something must have changed in the way Kodi handles the end of the movie and returns to the GUI. Because manually stopping a movie doesn't suffer from that problem.

Debug log (provoking the issue): https://pastebin.com/raw/8zj4Whsk

Any advice would be highly appreciated. If you need further information, let me know.

Best regards,

Kodi messes up audio on recordings

Hello! I am using an HDHR prime on my network, which I use NextPVR with (Thru Kodi) to record TV shows that I'm not able to watch at normal times.

However, intermittently throughout playback of a recording, Kodi will mess up the audio (It sounds like it's playing several times over itself) but the video is unaffected.

I've played the same recording file with another player (MPC-HC) and there is no such issue as there is on Kodi.

ISo Files

I have about 600 titles ripped to a ISO format how can I add these to Kodi. I tried scan for new content repeatedly I used the My Movies scrapper. I told my movies to generate the NFo files it did it with all the DVD's but not the iso rips. So how do I get the ISO discs in kodi?



Install Kodi on Apple TV 4/3/2/1

Friends I got an Apple TV and i was aching my head on How to install Kodi on ATV 4. When i was searching on the web, I had found a wonderful articles that helped me to download and install Kodi on ATV 4 without doing any Jailbreak[removed]Download and Install Kodi on Apple TV 4 without Jailbreak[/url]. I have provided the link for your reference guys. If any one need it then use it.

Recommendations for a traveller

For the last 14 years or so I have worked from my home office. All of that time I have had KODI (XBMC as it was known in the original XBOX days). Anyhow I have taken a new job that requires a lot of travel. I'm terrified at the thought of having to watch hotel cable TV.

Can someone recommend a good Kodi box for traveling? I don't use streaming addons and don't plan on starting to either since hotel internet doesn't sound like a decent experience. Should I get an Android box and plug a USB hard drive into to (with my videos on it) or should I get a jumbo SD Card?

I just don't know... at the house here I have Windows PCs connected to all the TVs and I obviously can't travel with a Desktop in tow...

What are fellow travelers on here using?

(Minix U1) Kodi 17.3 h264 video freeze

Hi guys,

I installed since some days the 17.3 Kodi version from Google store on my Minix U1.

On average everything works but I've some h264 videos in .mp4 containers done with Handbrake and they all freeze the whole machine as I attempt to play them.

No idea if i could be related but I've set the auto refresh rate in Minix settings and disabled it in Kodi.

Do you have any idea about how to solve the problem? Minix guys are developing a special Kodi version called XBMC, based on version 16 and that works well, but I recently switched to official Kodi because it had issues with info scrapers.

I'd really like to have Kodi as main media player.


not all channels load on startup

Hi there,

i have a strange effect with Kodi 17.3 and DvbViewer.
I let Kodi start and it syncs with the RS.
But some channels are missing.
When i open DVBViewer the channels are all there, but not loaded in Kodi.
Now lets close Kodi and start it again: some missing channels are there,
but some not.

I have a kodi log, but the missing channels (like WDR HD) are not even mentioned in the log.
Also the Kodi log is 5.8 Mb big, which is a little bit much for pastebin.
But i add a Log with all the EPG Data removed:
Kodi log without EPG Data

Zipfiles will not open to install

HELP.... Idk how... But my Kodi disappeared off my firestick the other night. All the apps with it. I tried to download a new version. Now... When I go into my KODI, and I try to install from zip file... Literally... Nothing happens. I remain on that screen. I see all my old zip files there too. Nothing works... And I have no idea what to do to get my Kodi back to normal

Video Playback micro stutter in every version since 16

I've been trying to upgrade to v17.3 and v18 but haven't been able to move off of v16 because it's the only version that doesn't cause annoying frequent micro stutters during playback.
It's especially annoying during any panning sequences. I've tried playing with the vsync options but haven't had any luck. I can even run all versions in portable mode with v16 having no issues while shutting down and loading the other versions keep having these annoying stutters. Any idea what's going on?


Delay in radio url

Hello All,

I am playing some web URL's (radio channels) in Kodi 17. The URL getting played with some delay (7-8sec). But the same URL playing in VLC player gets played in just 1-2 sec. I have also updated some cachebuffer and memory buffer settings in advancedsettings.xml file. But no result found in that scenario also.

Please suggest me if any possibilty will be there to play the url's will reducing the delay in playback as much as possible.
Thanks in advance.

Win10 App crashes if NAS not available


I'm very new to Kodi. I like to use Kodi on my PC, Tablets and FireTV sticks.

For my first start I used Windows 10 Kodi App (17.3 Krypton) and the add-on 'Advanced WOL'.
I started Kodi App and Advanced WOL did his job - the NAS started and I had access to my video and music files stored on my NAS.

But I don't like to support many local libraries I saw the way to centralize the library using a MySQL on my NAS.
Therefore I create a MySQL database running on my NAS.
The changes for KODI in advancedsettings.xml are done and if NAS is running everything is fine.
Centralized library works as expected.

But my NAS does not run 24h. It shutdowns if no client is connected anymore and shutdown in the night at 2 o'clock.
If I start the Kodi App (NAS is shutdown) the start screen (Kodi logo and version) remains and Windows tell me that the application is not responding.
The add-on 'Advanced WOL' cannot do his job because Kodi App hangs, maybe in initializing phase.
If I start my NAS by hand the Kodi App starts and 'Advanced WOL' report 'NAS is awake!.

I don't know if the other Apps (iOS, Android) shows the same behaviour, but this issue is not really nice.

Is there a way to get Kodi App started even though my NAS is shutdown? Or is itt a bug in the Windows 10 Store App?


after fixing artist MBID, the wrong artist still shows in Kodi

Originally, I had made a mistake when tagging a song by "Total feat. The Notorious B.I.G." - the artist MBIDs were not in the same order as the names in the "artists" tag. So when the song was scanned into Kodi, it added a second artist for The Notorious B.I.G., but scraped the info for Total due to the MBID. See pic below:

[Image: 1wkLZj4.jpg]

I have since gone back and fixed the tags for that song. However, I still have two entries for The Notorious B.I.G. and no entry for Total. I've tried cleaning and updating the library and it doesn't seem to change anything.

How do I force Kodi to "forget" the status of the song from when it was originally scanned? Seems like whatever I do, Kodi refuses to change its mind about that file.

Video .nfo files containing a mix of XML and URL

I want to add a tag <SimilarFlix> to thousands of my movies. For example for the Movie Saw I have as follows:

Saw (2004).nfo
<SimilarFlix>Cell, The (2000)</SimilarFlix>
<SimilarFlix>Hannibal (2001)</SimilarFlix>
<SimilarFlix>Saw II (2005)</SimilarFlix>
<SimilarFlix>Seven (1995)</SimilarFlix>  

How can I easily get the (thousands) of themoviedb identifiers I need to fill in the #### portion above? They don't seem to be shown within the separate NFOs I've downloaded.

Multiple Source Locations for a single Item

Here is my situation. I work at a community college, and we are deploying Kodi as a replacement to Windows Media Center as a client for our media server. The problem we have been faced with is that we currently only have one media server for both campuses, and if it crashes then we have to take a day rebuilding the server. What we are thinking of doing is hosting two servers, one for each campus, and we would sync the media across both. This would allow the faculty and students to have access another server if one were to crash.

So here is our dilemma. I am trying to figure out a way where we can sync both servers to Kodi without showing duplicates of every item. I tried showing each item as a set, but that confuses faculty, as does having multiple profiles. Does anyone have a solution? My boss doesn't want to host an SQL server, or use Plex, Emby, etc, so I have to solve this using Kodi only.

Error when using the kodi remote app to play files

Get this error when I (use the iOS kodi remote app) choose movies, files, drama and movies then Korean drama

XBMC JSON-RPC Error: Invalid params.
(Code: -32602)
Data: (null)



When try to play files from this same folder folder from this rss, no prob if I use the actual remote though, just cant keep getting the above error if uses the iOS kodi remote