Problem upgrading to Kodi 17

I have a MXQ android tv box with kodi 16.0 installed. I am trying to upgrade it to 17.0 but it is giving me a hard time. When I download the apk and try to install it I keep getting the parsing error. Is my model unable to handle 17.0? Do I have to uninstall my current version first? I don't really want to lose all of my saved data nor get stuck deleting kodi and not being able to reinstall any version.

I have to correct boxes checked under the privacy settings to download apps from unidentified sources. I would just really like to know why I cannot upgrade.

Reasons for upgrading from v16 Jarvis to v17 Krypton on Windows

Note: this is NOT a 'what a crap update' post. It is a genuine question/discussion as I weigh up the pros/cons, or gains/losses, in upgrading from v16 Jarvis to v17 Krypton and very specifically on Windows.

I've been using Kodi/XBMC since XBMC on my modded original Xbox.
Today, I have Kodi v16 on 2 dedicated Windows 10 HTPCs plus my main work/gaming PC.
I run a MySQL database and have the video and music files all stored on a Windows Server 2012 R2 server.
I use the default Confluence skin and the only addons I use are OzWeather, YouTube, and HD-Trailers. My primary usage is playing my own media from my server. I use media Companion to create/manage TV Show/Movie metadata.
I do not use Live TV or PVR.
These systems are used myself, wife, and son.

I've spent the last couple of weeks testing out Kodi v17 Krypton, in particular, getting used to the new estuary skin. As a result, I'm really on the fence as to whether I upgrade as I weigh up the benefits of new functionality in v17, versus what I lose.

While I know there is a multitude of change/updates/improvements in v17 over v16, as I focus on what is relevant to:
  1. Windows (i.e. the updates/improvements for Android and Linux are irrelevant)
  2. My usage scenarios (i.e. updates/improvements to Live TV and PVR are irrelevant)

Now, I know someone is going to be thinking 'well, don't update if you don't want. No-one is forcing you to!'
Yes, I know.
To the first line in the post, this post is a 'thinking out loud and discuss/validate my thoughts with community' post. Not a 'the devs didn't put enough good stuff in just for me - you suck' post.

So, the key changes I think I'm left with are:
  1. Estuary skin
  2. Improved Music Library
  3. Windows 10 Store app

Estuary (vs Confluence)
I'm really trying to like Estuary. I'm not a skinner or modder. I like to use the default as it is usually the fastest, cleanest, easiest to upgrade/maintain. The only changes I've ever made in previous versions were the enhancements from the OzWeather addon and choosing different List types and number of values returned in some lists! That said, going from Confluence to Estuary, there are just lots of little things that irk me. Estuary just feels 'under-baked' to me. The controls and icons all feel... less refined. Most of the default lists have you scrolling down a list in the middle of the page, and then content updating on the left and right edges. Your eyes are constantly ping-ponging side to side. It is a very 'un-ergonomic' UX.

Funnily enough, the nail in the coffin for me was that the enhanced weather pages for OzWeather that I rely on (radar maps) are not available for Estuary.

I've also tested rolling back to Confluence on v17 and for the most part it all works as desired, but it does then make me wonder about 'why upgrade'?

Music Library
OK, scraping is definitely faster Smile
Visualizations aren't on by default so had to go and fine them, install them, and then enable.
Music playback visually under Estuary seemed a completely overlooked feature. I loved Confluence because I could play an album, have visualizations going (looks good and stops burn-in) and have track/album info visible. This was a mess under Estuary. So going back to Confluence, like the section above, I question whether there is much benefit.

Windows 10 Store app versus MSI
OK, I like Store apps because I don't have to maintain them (auto-update) and the devs have a mechanism to collect telemetry and crash data automatically. All Good. For now, I'm going to file this under 'maybe in the future' but for now, I like a slower more managed change process given the fallout (family tech support) if things break Smile

In general I can play back all the content I have on v16, including the latest HEVC/x265 encoded video files and if I'm not going to jump on the Estuary skin bandwagon just yet, there doesn't seem to be much reason to update at this time.

Can anyone suggest any key features that are new in v17 that I haven't considered? Thanks!

Picture browsing shows no video


When I use Kore to browse my pictures / Photos, I would like to see also the videos that are stored inside the corresponding folder.
But Kore only shows the pictures and no video.

I mention that I enabled in Kodi the option to see the video / movies together with the pictures / photos. But with no result in Kore.

Would it be possible to fix it ?

Thanks a lot !

File Browsing – Play folder in correct order


When I use Kore in file browsing mode, I would like to be able to play the songs from a folder (usually an album).
For this, I enter the folder, select the 1st song and choose the "play from here" fonction.

But instead of playing songs in the correct order :
01 - Song A
02 - Song B
03 - Song C
04 - Sone D

Kore shows the songs in this order in the playlist screen :
02 - Song B
03 - Song C
04 - Sone D
01 - Song A

Is it possible to solve this topics ?
And/or would it be possible in a future version to add the possibility to read the whole folder directly ?

Thanks a lot !

import m3u playlist in correct order

First of all, a big thanks for Kodi and Kore software !
I noticed a bug in Kore : when I ask Kore to play a "m3u" music playlist file, it will import this file in alphabetic order instead of play list order.

For exemple, if m3u file is like this :
02 - Song A
03 - Song B
01 - Song C

Then, Kore will display the playlist as :
01 - Song C
02 - Song A
03 - Song B

This phenomena just happens in Kore itself, not in Kodi. If I use Kodi directly (without using Kore), then the playlist order is the good one.

Is it possible to solve this issue in Kore ?

Thanks a lot !

AppleTV 1 usable?

I have an Apple Tv first gen with a Crystal HD (BCM970015). I used to to use OpenElec with it, and now am looking at LibreElec. I'm guessing I would be way beter off just getting a S905 box.

Any thoughts on the ATV1? Worth keeping?

Anyone want it for cost of shipping?

Font not loaded for Skins with multiple users [Krypton]

Hello, since I upgraded to Krypton I'm facing this issue:

[Image: 2ztjcsj.png]

Each time I boot Kodi the font isn't loaded somewhere around the skin.

I've checked of course before that it wasn't a skin related issue, and this is what the skin's coder said (Titan skin)

(Yesterday 01:52)marcelveldt Wrote:  Seems to be a kodi bug indeed, I could easily reproduce it.
The issue is that the default font setting isn't set for the additional users, leaving the skín's font empty.
For your additional user(s), just go to settings --> appearance and set the font once to correct the issue.
Can I also ask you to report this issue to the Kodi team ?

I'm running Kodi v17 stable under Win10 x64.

The steps to reproduce the issue are:

- Having at least 2 users
- Using a different skin than default ones (probably a skin with multiple font support, I.E. Titan)
- Log in with a user, you should face the issue.

A workaround until next reboot/log off is changing skin or selecting again the font into appearance settings.

Please fix this as it's very annoying for people using multiple users.

Thank you in advance

refresh library


I use two raspberry kodis (osmc) on a mysql shared movie/audio library.
I use another Kodi on my Windows PC to scan and get library right.

Sometimes, the library isn't refreshed (or reloaded from database) on the raspberries.
As I ever do some json-rpc command with php to do some stuff on rasps, is there a way to say the rasps to reload the datas ? I don't mean to scan medias to add them into the library or search for anything on the net/scrappers, just reload the database to see last added movies/music without having to reboot.


Native compiling on RPI2 Kodi 17

I'm having issues setting up my Pi2 to natively compile Kodi 17. The raspberry page gives instructions for cross-compiling on a x64 system. My wife refuses to let me use her PC. Any advice would be appreciated. I got to line 29? before I was unable to proceed. It was cp tools...x64... NOOB!!! HERE... I need v17 in order to run one specific add-on... Made In Canada... Thanks. (Already installed cmake, and other dependencies. )

Help with Music OSD and Movie Info

Hi Guys

Please assist. I like to keep the music osd permanently as the below pic. By default it disappears after 10sec. How can i change the code to do this
[Image: keep_OSD.png]

Secondly in the Cover Wrap view, i dont want the info highlighted in red to show , as i can easily hit "i" and get that info. Please tell me how to do this also.
[Image: remove_plot.png]

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Notification font & symbol display

I was hoping I could request a font change to Segoe UI Symbol for notifications. The reason is when using Yatse, and getting sms notifications, it can't correctly display symbols/emoticons. They show as little boxes instead. Segoe UI Symbol can usually correctly display them, I believe (most emoji are converted into characters used by the font usually. At least the most popular ones, like smilies ☺). It also displays a ton of extra characters used by different languages, so could be useful for many other addons as well.

If not a reasonable request, may I inquire as to how I might personally change it for myself at least?

Recover Deleted Movie Files From Backup – Robocopy

Hello all,

I know this is strictly not a Kodi question but as I managed to deleted a massive bunch of data from my data source am thinking that others may have done the same and been in my boat.

I have a Win 7 box which I use as my primary storage and my Kodi device accesses over SMB.

I was running a cleanup of data with ember media manager and I managed to deleted every single trailer file for my movies.

To a degree and luckily I use robocopy to mirror my files to another Win 7 box. So for the moment they are safe and sound there.

This robocopy was created in case of a major melt down or if the primary Win 7 box or drives failed and I never thought I'd be an idiot an delete and whole bunch of data from each move folder.Confused

My folder structure is like this on the primary Win 7 box

E:\StreamFiles\Movies\Movies\12 Angry Men (1957)
E:\StreamFiles\Movies\Movies\30 Minutes or Less (2011)

I map the primary Win 7 E: as S: on my backup Win 7 box and run this command on the backup box

robocopy "S:" "E:\StreamFiles" /E /MIR

Since running my cleanup on ember I have lost every file with the word trailer in it


12 Angry Men (1957)-trailer.mkv
30 Minutes or Less (2011)-trailer.mpg

I'm looking for a new script to copy back only the missing file with the word "-trailer" to it's original/primary location. My web searching is not showing much. Have found some scripts which will copy all missing files back to another single folder. As I'm talking about 100's of files here would prefer not to do this manually. Wink

Any kind robocopy gurus out their to advise on the correct command that can:

Copy missing trailers files back to the original location from the backup and if possible also keep the existing time stamp?

Thanks heaps in advance and saving me from a bit of a nightmare.


SSH gone after update to 17

So I ha e been using Kodi 16 with a RPi 3 Model B running OSMC for a few months. However, after updating to 17 all ssh/sftp functionality was completely gone. It is impossible to connect to Kodi via ssh (tried from multiple clients in the same LAN). The funny thing is that the ssh service seems to be running normaly.

sudo sysctl status ssh.service
outputs that the service is active and running.

If I restart the Pi, sometimes I can connect via ssh immediately after restarting but only right away after the Pi fires up. Wait a couple of minutes and the connection is denied again (even though the service is running).

Any ideas would be highly appreciated Smile

Buying a Sheild today and have a question regarding kodi.

Sorry if this isn't in the correct section.
I'll be purchasing a nvidia shield today, kinda excited as I passed my fire stick onto my sister last night. My question is, do I have to run Kodi 17 on the shield or would I have the option to download 16.0 out the box. I only ask because I been reading a lot of bad reviews regarding 17 and would like kinda stick to 16.0 if if possible. Thanks for any info and once again sorry if i posted this in the wrong section.

Timeshift OSD?

A few days ago I tried LE 7.95.3 and noticed that it had some kind of visual feedback of the timeshift buffer in the OSD. I didn't understand it and therefore didn't like it. It didn't feel intuitive.
But that it not my intent with this post to bash that implementation. I wonder why I have never seen this in the daily Milhouse builds, or why there is no info in the OSD about timesift when you are a few minutes behind in LiveTV?
I think this is a pretty important part of a PVR, to be able to see how far you are behind the LiveTV position, and the size of your current timeshift buffer.

Maybe the OSD question should be in the Estuary section, but I thought that everything that is in the official LE release have at some time been part of a Milhouse build?

Kore can’t connect anymore to KODI (raspberry)


I run Openelec (KODI) on a Raspberry Py2.

The connection between Openelec and Windows (XP, or 10) is done without problem (URL: in my webbrowser). It also worked very well between KODI and Android (3 or 6) for a long time, using KORE or YADSE.

On any of my Android devices the connection is no longer possible (Kore, Yadse, Es explorator ...): Kore "sees" Kodi Openelec, Es Explorator also "sees" it; but it is impossible to go further: the connection can not continue in KORE, ES EXPLORATOR cannot display the files of Openelec ...

I have scrupulously checked the configuration as described on page

Do I understand that something is "broken" in the Openelec system? It's weird, since the Openelec <> Windows connection is working very well ... Huh

Can you help me ? Thank you very much. Smile