Adding personal Media to Kodi 17

I have the latest release of Kodi 17. I also have a lot of personal media files that are Video stored on my computer. I have two problems

1.) In Kodi 17 under the myMedia "Movies" section I have added the full path where my personal videos are located and then I add them. I get a option to select if its a movie, or tv show and I select the option movies. Then I get an option to choose a database scraper to get the meta data for the video. I select the option not to use the database just use local machine. After that it starts indexing the videos. Then I go to the homepage of Kodi. I scroll up to the Movie section and it does not show thumbnails of my videos. It say I need to add files. However If I click on the Movies tab it takes me to the source which I can click on and then it shows me all of my videos.

2.) As stated in question 1 lets say that I do the same thing but I choose to use the database scraper. Doing this will display a thumbnail on the hompage however the thumbnails are wrong because its my personal movies that I made.

3.) As stated in question 1 let say that I did the same thing and I used the default database scrapers, You would assume that I am going to get a thumbnail on the homepage however if the media path is goes through 5 subfolders directories then you still do not get thumbnails on the homepage. This also happen if you are pulling for sources like ftp, web, nft, Unpu

need help with anidb scraper

So i'm using anidb scraper but it seems to be scraping information from and not

now it wouldn't really be an issue normally but it seems that because i'm scraping a long series (Hitman Reborn!) that has multiple seasons it only wants to do the first one, so after 33 episodes it doesn't grab anymore information. (and there doesn't seem to be an option for absolute order in the anidb settings)

How can i get it to scrape anidb instead of thetvdb?

Problem with MQ7 v1.4 and Music Videos\Concerts

Just found an issue, that is bugging me, with Music Videos.

1. In Aeon MQ7, I have Music Videos in place of Concerts (but renamed it the Music Videos on the Home screen). When clicking on said screen, it takes me to a view of Music Videos that lists them in Alphabetical order. Now if I play any of these Music Videos, there is a 15-30 Second delay, where nothing happens, and no buttons on the remote do anything. But If I wait long enough, the Music Video will start to play, and buttons on the remote work again.

Now, instead of using the Home screen Music Videos button, if I pull up the sub-menu (drop down) list under Music Videos, and select the Concerts\Artists view, and play a Music Video, it starts up almost instantly, and all the buttons on the remote work normally.

I am not sure, if this is a problem with Aeon MQ7, a Script that Aeon MQ7 uses (to generate said Alphabetical list), or an issue with Kodi 16.1 that might be fixed in Kodi 17.

2. When using the Music Videos Alphabetical list (with the problem above), and I scroll through the various Music Videos, I get a nice display of the Artists Poster (folder.jpg), and the background is the Artists Fanart (fanart.jpg). However, when I view Music Videos using the sub-menu Concerts\Artists, only rarely do I see the Artists Poster displayed, and never is the background (Fanart) displayed. Is this a known issue, and can it be fixed?

As some additional info, I am running Kodi 16.1 on both Windows 10 based (Intel Nuc's) and Android based (Nvidia Shield TV's) devices. They both display the same issues as listed above. All my videos and music are stored on a FreeNAS server, and every Music Video Artist folder has a corresponding Music folder of that Artist as well. All Music has been tagged with MusicBrinz and is ID3v2.4, and artwork, artist.nfo, and album.nfo files has been downloaded into the individual Artists folder using MediaElch. These imaged (folder.jpg, fanart.jpg), are then copied to the Music Video Artist folder (of the same name).

Install skin from python addon?

I am trying to install a skin from an addon, the skin is available from a repository and can be installed manually.

I have tried adding the skin to the addon.xml as follows:

  <import addon="skin.mimic" version="5.0.2" />

And I have also tried installing it in the addon body as follows:


Yet neither way seem to actually install the skin. Any tips ?

Trakt 3.1.7 Installation Problem

I have a problem with this program that I am looking for some assistance in trying to get a fix for it. I have a new installation of Kodi release 16.1. I have installed Trakt program version 3.1.7. It installs ok but I cannot get it to connect to trakt and authenticate. Normally the authentication box pops us upon installation, but not this time. Ive also went in to configure the program settings and when I click on the authentication link then nothing happens. I have even went so far as to completely wipe the tv box with a factory reset and then installed trakt only to have the same problem present.

Can someone point me in the right direction and see what if anything that I am doing wrongConfused

Thanks in advance.



Problem downloading onto Firestick

I am having a problem downloading the Kodi app. I will write out the exact steps I have taken.

Initially I made sure "apps from unknown sources" and the other option were both enabled. I then downloaded Es Explorer and added on "" after going to the downloads section on the kodi site and scrolling down to the latest Kodi 16.1 "Jarvis" I clicked the ARM link for android users. (I know this doesn't pop up sometimes) I then went to "more" and "open in browser." Now this is where the problems started. It looks like the link could possibly be broken as it does not download the kodi 16.1 Jarvis. In the download section is only an icon with "mobile-step0.html" so it seems this downloads instead of kodi. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

[Krypton] Duplicate (invisible) library entries

I'm having this weird problem for a while. It popped up on LibreELEC 7 (Kodi 16) a while ago, but I thought it was a skin problem. I've had a few of the Kodi 17 betas (and now the RC3 with LibreELEC 8 beta 1).

In the library overview, the number of episodes is doubled for a lot of series - and shows a lot of 'unwatched' ones. My default view only shows series with unwatched episodes. All series I have 'finished' have also been showing for a while. When I enter the folder for one of these series, it shows all episodes as watched.


[Image: Kodi_RC3_series_duplicates.png]

E.g. Rome has 22 episodes total but is showing 44 (and half 'unwatched'). Sense8 has 12, but shows 24 and half unwatched as well, ... and so on.

It looks like there's something botched in my library; however, multiple cleanups (through the Kodi interface) do not change anything. The files are not there, but Kodi seems to think they are, so I am at loss about how to tackle this. Any tips?

I don't think this is a Linux-specific problem, but since LibreELEC's Linux I put it here. Feel free to move if appropriate.

Fire Tv Remote Bluetooth (Play/Pause) dont work correctly


I have an Amazon Fire Stick Remote via bluetooth connected on my HTPC running Linux mint 18. In Kodi some of the remote buttons don't work.

The button that don't function are Back Button, Stack button that has 3 lines on it. The rewind button,Play and stop button,Fast forward button. This remote pairs with bluetooth. I tried DL the Key Mapper addon but it doesn't work.
I tried all the Keymap.xml files on the Kodi wiki none of them worked.

Can someone help ?

Set Top Box or Coax to USB

Hello everyone.
At my current location I do not have many options for tv. I am looking for a way to connect my Digital TV signal to Kodi in the US. I have found many good solutions from europe and not sure if they will work for me. I like the TV Butler idea. If anyone could point me to a good US based solution that would be great. I am thinking Raspberry Pi unless there is better solution for the Front end.

Thanks Shannon

Nvidia shield tv black screen during playback

I'm using kodi 17 rc2 on a nvidia shield tv
Only movies in .avi are playing fine
All other movies are not playing (mkv, x265, x264...) : I get a black screen without sound and Picture, but the movie seems playing in background (I can see the seconds scroll)
I've this problem since the first beta of kodi 17 uninstalled kodi, re do the setup from scratch, but nothing.....

Does anyone have the same problem on shield tv ?

Show only not watched items in video list


I like to enhance the video list that it shows the unwatched items only. E.g. I select in the main menu the item 'videos' and select 'files' and go into a folder. Now i get all video files. Some are marked watched or partially watched.

I looked into the code and found the bool CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory(const std::string &strDirectory, CFileItemList &items) in GUIMediaWindow.cpp.
It seems the right entry point. In this function the items are filtered from the advanced config by a regex.
if (iWindow == WINDOW_VIDEO_NAV)
    regexps = g_advancedSettings.m_videoExcludeFromListingRegExps;
  if (iWindow == WINDOW_MUSIC_NAV)
    regexps = g_advancedSettings.m_audioExcludeFromListingRegExps;
  if (iWindow == WINDOW_PICTURES)
    regexps = g_advancedSettings.m_pictureExcludeFromListingRegExps;

  if (regexps.size())
    for (int i=0; i < items.Size();)
      if (CUtil::ExcludeFileOrFolder(items[i]->GetPath(), regexps))
I thought i could use this to remove the items i want. So i looked into the object items but i found no property watched or something else that points to a played time.
Can someone please point me to the function or explain short how i could remove watched items.

It would be nice so i can get a deeper understanding of the code.

Skin Recommendations?

Anyone have skin recommendations for ATV2 / Helix aside from Confluence?

Looking for something wherein I can customize the UI – where I can strip it down to being a set of bookmarks / favorites on boot for ease of access.

Confluences won't work for for this as favorites are a separate button that has to be navigated to. Looking for something I can configure to boot to a list of favorites ideally.

Skin resets every time

I used this skin for ages, and then I don't know what changed, but now it resets to default every time.
In fact, I have to press "s" - select "Reload skin" every time I log in.
My other them retains its settings. I have tried saving and re-pasting the GUIsettings.xml file over and over- but it still defaults to orignial state.
I ave to re-add my shortcuts, and submenus too often.
Would appreciate idea to solve. The skin is too good to change to something else.

Audio Passthrough on FireTV 2-But not what you think

I have been struggling with an issue, but I don't believe it is actually an issue with Kodi. I just wanted some clarification

I have attempted 2 setups with completely different results:

1st Setup:
Amazon Fire TV 2 w/ Kodi 16.1
Toslink Audio extractor
Yamaha DTS receiver
Results: No audio artifacts, but no audio sync because of inherent lag of TV. My older receiver lacks digital audio delay settings

2nd Setup
Amazon Fire TV 2 w/Kodi 16.1
Toslink output from TV
Yamaha DTS receiver
Results: Audio dropout every few seconds or loud audio white noise effect. This is well documented in forums as an issue with audio passthrough on android. Not really complaining.

However, I was having a hard time understanding why I was getting different results. I think I understand the issue. I would just like some confirmation.
People who were experiencing the audio dropout or white noise effects were having signal compatability issues.
It was probably working for me in the 1st setup because my older receiver and the FireTV/extractor were compatible.

When I passed the audio through my TV, the TV is not a passive extractor. It is processing and then delaying the audio. This translation was creating an audio signal that was no longer compatible.

Switching to windowed mode then back to fullscreen sets resolution to default


I'm wondering if it is intentional what I can observe on Kodi 17 beta 6:

1. Start Kodi with default configuration
2. Change resolution in settings to lower resolution than the screen
3. Exit Kodi
4. Start Kodi again (lower resolution restored)
5. Switch to windowed mode in settings
6. Switch back to fullscreen
Here the resolution is set to the native screen resolution which I had
in step 1.

This has been reported to Debian originally and I'm not sure if it is a bug or a design decision.

Have a nice day! :-)

RPI 3/OSMC reboot when receiver is off

I post this on the RPI forum but thought there might be someone who knows something here....

Curious if this is a common problem or just unique to me. The HDMI output of my RPI 3 w/OSMC goes into the HDMI input of an Onkyo TX-NR626 receiver. What I've noticed is that if I need to reboot the system (or if I have a power outage) and the receiver is off the OSMC/RPI 3 sys does not reboot correctly, or at all. If the receiver is on (and iirc does not necessarily have to have the RPI 3 HDMI input selected) the system reboots just fine.

It feels like a h/w (status, maybe?) in a certain HDMI connection signal has not been detected so the RPI 3 system is unclear what to do.

Is this typical? Is there some kind of workaround? The receiver has some kind of HDMI pass-thru function when off but I've never messed with it.

Suggestions/feedback appreciated...thx...

Game controllers as Kodi contollers for Kodi 18

I bought a Xiaomi bluetooth game controller and it is good, but it lacks a lot of support in Android apks, including Kodi.

I think this device would be great for using Kodi (i actually prefer to use a wireless mouse instead of the IR remote).

And also some other game controllers support for KODI as the Ipega ones, MEGA, Nvida, and even Xbox, or PS4 would be great.

And not only for multimedia, for the new retro game add on for the 18 version will also be great.

Last but not least, as a suggestion, see page. that is the way children like more their menus.

If you can make something similar for the Kodi 18 GAMES menu with several pages with tons of mini icons inside for MAME or 3 x 250 icons pages for megadrive, and one welcome page for games with one icon in mosaic for each system emulated, and, as they are not a lot, perhaps, with their pages, as MAME 01, MAME 02 ... or SNES 1, 2 and 3 etc. It would be great.

I beta test the Android 17 version and it is great, much better than the stable 16 one i use in GNU/Linux, and I think adding multi emulation and PLEASE bluetooth game controllers support, is great.

Thanks in advance for whatever KODI 18 will be about this.

Krypton rc3 only works in windowed mode


I recently upgraded from Isengard to 17.0 rc3 and experience a strange problem. Everything works fine in windowed mode, also switching to fullscreen works, but as soon as I select anything in the GUI (Movie, Settings, etc.) Kodi minimizes to the taskbar. I then can reactivate it by clicking on the taskbar. So in the end, it's unusable because it's impossible to select anything in Fullscreen mode. Perhaps someone can help me with this.

I switched on debbug logging before changing to fullscreen, selecting something, bringing it up again and so on. See here:

“Recently Added” sub-menu on Home screen is missing in Kodi 17


I was a big fan of the "Recently Added" sub-menu under Movies and TV Shows in Kodi 16 and earlier.

[Image: kodi_16.jpg]

I recently upgraded to Kodi 17, and found that the sub-menu has been removed under Movies and TV Shows.

[Image: kodi_17.jpg]

I tried to use the Library Node Editor add-on to make the necessary modification, but was unsuccessful.

How can I go about re-adding the "Recently Added" sub-menu under Movies and TV Shows in Kodi 17?

Can’t Open Kodi Files

Up until now, I've never had an issue opening Kodi files. I just uninstalled kodi 16.1 to install a fresh version of KRYPTON 17.0 to my Android box. The new Krypton 17.0 download file won't open and now, neither will Jarvis 16.1 . I keep getting "Can Not Open File" popups.

Any suggestions to resolve my problem ?