No DTS-HD and True-HD options/PT in Kodi

Apologies for my previous post which inadvertently violated forum rules Angel I cleaned up the system and hope now it's all within the rules! Sorry again Angel

Refreshed my system and updated Kodi.
Ubuntu 16.04.1, mainline Kernel 4.6.7
Kodi 17 RC, running on Zotac AD12, connected to Samsung Home Theatre via HDMI

I can't select DTS-HD and True-HD passthrough in Kodi, the options are just not there.
When playing videos general PT for DTS works but True-HD PT and DTS-HD PT doesn't work.
(It worked with Jarvis on 15.10 before, on in my opinion similar set-up.)

Detailed information here:
Debug log:

In Kodi I can see 4 Audio Devices:
  1. HDMI Default
  2. HDMI @@@ <--- using this one at the moment
  3. ALC892 Analog
  4. ALC892 Digital S/PDIF

In the Passthrough section I can only see HDMI@@@ and ALC892 Digital S/PDIF.
When I select HDMI@@@ there is no DTS-HD and True-HD option available.

Update: I tried the hack fritsch proposed in a different post:
This put the options back into Kodi Audio settings, the whole system didn't play a single sound though. All muted or no sound, couldn't see any error. Guess the hack wasn't quite the right way for my systems here.

Your help to fix my system is much apprecitated!

Default Movies view isn’t obeying filter

I'm trying out Kodi 17 with the Estuary skin. I love it overall, but there's a problem that may be a deal breaker for me.

In my library, I've added a lot of types of movies: regular movies, exercise, and concerts to name a few. I don't want Exercise and concerts showing up in my main movie list, so I edited all the default nodes to filter by path:


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<node order="2" type="filter">
<order direction="ascending">sorttitle</order>
<rule field="path" operator="contains">

With the new skin, when I highlight Movies and then hit OK, it shows all movies in the library. If I instead click over to "Title" under Categories, it shows the correct, filtered list. I've setup custom categories for these other types of movies and they work fine, but how do i exclude these from the default? I've tried adding rules in various places, but nothing seems to be working.

OpenElec video playback stops randomly

I have an OpenElec instance connected to CIFS/Samba share on a FreeNAS server. It's using a MySQL server for the DB backend (there are no other Kodi instances, only this one, DB server is hosted on a Jail in FreeNAS). When playing videos, playback stops after 15-20 mins of watching. The video becomes still and there is no audio (but Kodi UI is still interactive). After about 30 seconds of a still image, playback stops and Kodi returns to the Movies screen. I can then resume playback but the same thing happens again after 15-20 mins. The network connection is wired (no wifi is involved). Also the issue is not specific to any video file.

Here is a log file. The issue occurs around 23:54 or 55. In this case I pressed stop when the issue occurred, and then resumed playback, stopped after a few minutes of playback (I clicked stop in the UI) and quit Kodi. I tried editing the Samba conf file to avoid master browser conflicts guessing that was the cause but it didn't resolve it. Any help is appreciated.

EPG not scheduling timers

My guide will not accept new timers/recordings and causes KODI to lock. I can tune and watch a channel but try to record or add a timer and it locks the screen, every time. I have not been able to get it to work correctly since installing v17. I can schedule recordings using NextPVR and Emby and both show on the KODI EPG and in the timers module, just the EPG in KODI will not work to schedule new recordings.

KODI Logs 1-2-17

KODI v17 rc2
NextPVR 3.9.2

Google Wifi Issues

Hey, today I updated my router to 3 google wifi devices. The whole mesh network thing. Everything in general seems faster...except kodi running on a pi 3. I host all of my content on a NAS. Everything plays fine...but going through the menu's from home screen to movies or tv takes like 20 seconds to load the movies..and again takes 20 seconds to actually start playing any content. Once it's buffering. I was wondering if anyone else is using google wifi?

NextPVR Live TV Slowmotion – Android


I currently have an android TV device with both KODI 17 RC and the SPMC (fork version of KODI 16) installed.
Issue is happening on KODI 17, no on KODI 16 or the fork version based on KODI 16. The issue does not occur on the server neither.

I noticed that when switching channels, some HD channels stay in slow motion. I keep the channel on, but it doesnt change or fix itself. If I switch channels and go back, it sometimes fixes itself. No specific channel, happens to any HD channel at random.

All versions of KODI are using about the same amount of CPU and memory when browsing the KODI interface. I make sure to exit and reboot the android device between test.

Is there something I can test to provide further information? I posted at the NextPVR forum too, but was directed here.

v17 missing resolution under info…

Ive noticed that all versions of Krypton so far have been missing resolution info when watching a video. On Jarvis I would hit the 'M' button that would display aspect ratio, audio stream and a few other things (including what resolution was currently playing).

I use this function on every single video I play and find myself at a loss without it.

Am I missing something... like is there a button elsewhere that will enable/disable this function? If I am not missing something, are there plans to include this in the final release? It would seem very strange to not have this info handy.

I would be forever grateful to see this added back into Krypton.

Thanks in advance,

Working Widgets.


I know I thanked you already, but I have to say...with my new mods to the skin, having 3 to 5 in every menu title makes my builds extra special. Not only that, the Nebula skin is easy to navigate, therefore it makes easier for my parents and friends to get around.

Thank you again.

Live TV not working on Krypton

I am having trouble with playing video from NextPVR on Krypton. I have two windows 10 PC's hardwired on my network with Kodi 17 and NextPVR installed and configured (latest RC release, just installed clean today on one PC). I then have a server running NextPVR server 3.9.2 in a Windows 7 VM and Emby in a second VM. I am able to play live TV fine through Emby over the internet and through the Emby apps locally (Roku and Emby Theater).

Playing live TV through Kodi 17 and NextPVR just loads a frame, then buffers for awhile, jumps another frame, buffers, rinse and repeat.

My server setup worked fine in Kodi 16, but I have had trouble in 17. I've uploaded a log of trying to play a channel below and can provide any other helpful information I may have missed.


Thanks for any help here.

Spotify add-on error message

Novice looking for help. Spotify add-on returns error message. See log file at

I have a Spotify Premium account and have entered account log-in info into the add-on configuration but still get error.

Saw something about needing to back out of Kodi on my pre-configured Raspberry Pi running LibreELEC 7.0.2 into Web Browser to verify Spotify account. Can't figure out how to do that. Hitting power button on Kodi gives me black screen.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Spotify add-on Author "marcelveldt", version is 1.0.26


Kodi 17 RC2 & Fire OS Shortcut

Having an issue loading a shortcut for Kodi onto the new Fire OS. Version has gotten rid of the recent applications option by double tapping the home button on the remote. Now you must long press the home button and then you will be taken to "Your Apps & Games" section

Kodi is supposed to now show up in the "Your Apps & Games" section of the new Fire OS and then you can move it to the top of the apps.. but I believe there is an issue..Kodi 17 shortcut does not show up...meaning the only way to open it is to go into Fire OS settings, manage applications and run it for there.

If you know any other methods please post up as I am sure others are encountering this same issue. Thanks

Shared library between two kodi

I have htpc and raspberry pi with kodi. I want same library for these two computer but i dont have server and these computers arent online 24/7. Only when i watch something. What is best solution share library in this case between these two? Is there any cloud addon for that?

My Asus router have usb storage support. Is it possible point library to router usb so router can be server when there is usb stick or usb hdd?

How to add an extra movie tab

Dear all

Im a new bee, at kodi.
An i want to have a tab for Movies, TV-series , Home-movies and also Kidszone at the menu bar.
Movies and TV-series are standard and working , i also added the text Kidszone at the menu bar, in the skin EAON NOX
But the problem is, i want to have a tab Movies, for my own movies and a tab Kidszone for kids movies
These movies types are both in a different directory on my NAS. But everytime when i add the directory for kids movies , all movies are show at the Movies tab and also all movies are at Kidszone tab
I want to seperate these movies types , is this possible and how?
At Movies i see at menu standardaction "ActivateWindow(Video,videodb://movies/titles/,return)

Does this means ?

At Kidszone , is should be a different action i think, because the directory where the kids movies are storred is different Confused?

Kodi 17 Beta – No container data

I'm not sure if this is a known issue or if I am just missing something simple. I used my paid developer account and Xcode to sideload Kodi Beta 7 on my aTV 4 running tvOS 10.1 and it works great. After doing a full config and doing a little searching on how best to back up userdata from aTV 4 I decided the Xcode container download method would likely be the best option. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that any userdata is actually available in the container download. Likewise, when I use the "show container" option the window is blank.

So, is there currently an official (or best practice) method for saving Kodi settings from Apple TV? Can anyone else confirm the behavior above? Any solutions or workarounds?

Note: I am using this method for the container download process

trouble with any add ons

i cant add any add ons i tried youtube abc family all comes up the same cant connect to server>
everytime i click on kodi add on repository i get nothing says couldnt retreive couldnt connect to internet friend turned me on to kodi put or computers side by side they can do everything and i cant

In Progress TV Seasons

I have a lot of TV shows that I watch a few seasons and then sort of stop caring about. They all show up in the In Progress TV Shows smart playlist. I was curious if I could make a smart playlist that just displayed shows that have in progress seasons.

I tried looking over
Smart_playlists#TV_show_examples (wiki)
but it didn't seem to point me in any direction.

Also, the table in 3.3.1 also has a No for the inprogress field under TV shows, which I found strange. Maybe it would need to also have a field for seasons in addition to episodes for what I'm thinking to work.

Release Candidate is not ready at all

the Kodi v17.0 “Krypton” Release Candidate is not ready for release at all. It's still has a major bug. Due to the convoluted nature of their bug reporting system, I'm instead making this post hoping that the Kodi team will take notice. I've created an unlisted YouTube video detailing the bug which I will link below.

The bug originally presented itself when I updated from beta six to Beta seven and has persisted all the way through to the current release candidate (as of this writing that is release candidate number two)

The issue is that you cannot use the mouse on the right-hand third of the screen. For instance, if I attempt to move my mouse from the left-hand side of the screen to the right the mouse will move two-thirds of the Way across and then stop. If I attempt to move it any further it just moves up and down as is if there is a barrier that the Mouse is hitting up against.

I'm running Kodi v17.0_RC2 on a MacBook Pro 15 inch retina mid-2014 running macOS sierra v10.12.3

like to the aforementioned video: