Crash watching IPTV with Krypton


I have Kodi 17.1-RC2 Git:20170315-5814568, Windows 10 x64 1607 (build 14393.693), an i5-6400 and 8GB RAM. (I was previously using the main Krypton release from February 1st, but switched to nightly to reproduce.) My secondary, where Kodi is displayed, is 1920x1200 and attached via HDMI to an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 (driver from 2016-12-29). Sound goes through a USB audio device with default driver by Microsoft.

Using these instructions (, I set up the IPTV Simple Client to receive the RTP streams from "Telekom Entertain". I am using the "old" Entertain channels because some of the Entertain TV channels are not received. Specifically, I'm testing with rtp:[email protected]:10000. This channel (and others) are received perfectly fine in VLC -- as a side note, the playback starts much faster there. In Kodi, the playback runs well until Kodi suddenly crashes (on this channel and on others). To reproduce, I freshly start Kodi, click "TV" in the menu to bring up the TVChannels screen, select the "ZDF" channel and click the small preview to go to fullscreen. Then I wait for about 10-30 minutes -- for this reproduction I was doing something else on another virtual Windows desktop, so I for sure didn't touch the Kodi window. But it equally crashes when I watch actively.

Here's what VLC knows about the stream:
Video (256) H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (h264); 1280x738; 50Hz; Planar 4:2:0 YUV
Audio (257) A52 Audio (aka AC3) (a52), stereo, 48000 Hz, 384 kB/s
Audio (258) MPEG Audio layer 1/2 (mpga)
Subtitles (259) Teletext (telx)

The Visual Studio debugger says: An unhandled win32 exception occured in kodi.exe [5620].
"Ausnahmefehler bei 0x779EFF33 (ntdll.dll) in kodi.exe: 0xC0000005: Zugriffsverletzung beim Schreiben an Position 0x0000001C"
(roughly "Exception at 0x779EFF33 (ntdll.dll) in kodi.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation when writing at position0x0000001C")

The debug log is 68M and can't be uploaded anywhere that I know of. I tried to extract the relevant bits: this is the head, then it goes on and on like this (a typical second of log output) and then it crashes (presumably around 17:19:18.660, though similar errors occur before)
I also get a stack trace: and a 300K dump.

Any help is appreciated.




Can anyone point me in the direction of guides for editing the xonfluence skin xmls, maybe some kind of reference to what changes what. I can manage to hide the 5 menu options so it shows just one at a time, I can change the size of the font, I can change the look of the homemenu bar by changing the textures.xbt ( i can only do this on 16.1 though, as the texture tool doesnt seem to work with 17 )

But I would like to be able do things like just make the focused menu option (eg videos large) then the rest of the menu items (pictures etc) smaller

I would also like to shorten the menu bar so it doesnt run the full length of the screen, I realise I can do this via the textures.xbt but with the menu bar being shorter it unhides the other menu options

are there any xonfluence guides on here that say where you can edit what part of the skin? like

home.xml line 124 = width of menu bar

includessubmenu xml line 200 = colour of subemenu background

I have had a look around the forum but can not find anything so if someone could point me to any kind of reference guide it would be appreciated

cheers Big Grin

Resolution not switching to 2160 automatically


Appreciate if you anyone can help me on this.
Running Kodi 17 in Android S905X Nexbox, the box set to 1080 / 60 hz and in kodi the player setting to "Adjust refresh rate" to "On Play / Stop "
When i play 4k content the TV resolution is not switching to 2160 rather stays at 1080p, but the codec info says its playing 2160 content.
I checked with sync playback to display and all video calibration settings but nothing helpful.

With the same setting in LE OS it works perfectly fine, the resolution automatically switches to 2160 in TV, am i missing something ? please advise.


How to properly report a potential scraper bug?

There is a potential bug in the Music Video Scraper. I described it in the thread for the scraper

Now I made a bug report on trac.

I don't expect an immediate response, but when i looked through other scraper related bug report I noticed they all did not get a response for quite a while. The reports get automatically Olympia as the owner of the ticket, who was the dev of the scraper. Is Olympia still the dev of the scraper (or any scraper)? Does only the owner of the ticket read it? What is the best way to make a bug report in any case?

Loading music files into Kodi 15.2

Greetings Forum Readers,

I'm a brand new user and have the most basic of questions on loading music files, which amazingly I didn't solve after much searching.
I have OpelELEC, Kodi 15.2 installed on an Apple TV1 with 160GB hard disk.
I have a collection of WMA music files on a USB drive which I want to load onto the Apple TV disk. I know the files are ok because I was able to create the USB drive as a source and scan to the library, album, track info, artwork is all there.
But it appears the Kodi music library is just an index to files in "sources" because the files don't play without the USB drive connected.
I also found the file manager, but I don't find the Kodi music folder to copy the files into. This is where I get stuck, because I can see there is a /storage/music folder in Kodi when I go into the sources dialog.

Help would be appreciated!

Cultural Imperialism

Hello Everyone,

I wasn't sure if this should be posted in Feature Requests or here in Related Discussions, but I've opted for the latter because it felt like the kind of thing people might like to use as an excuse for a bit of a barney.

Would Team Kodi's language department consider offering a UK / Snob / Pedants' version of English?

Where Movies becomes Films, and Seasons becomes Series.

Also, might it be possible to offer the choice of exchanging Songs for Tracks? A song is piece of music with vocals. Most of my music is without.

I know this is more than a little pedantic, and next to the world of crap that's going on in Syria and the emerging crisis in Somalia it can't be said to matter in the slightest, but it still kind of grates. And it might not take that much time to tweak.

Thanks for your time.

Thomas - Life President of the Fuddyduddlian League

Basic Shelf for Custom Home Menu Items

14thFebruary2017 -. Added the ability to show a basic shelf for custom home menu items.

Hi. I was just curious as to exactly what this allows and how it works?

If we have a favourite as a home shelf item, can we then create a sub menu down the bottom of the screen? Or is a shelf the links to files that appear on the middle of the screen? (Like in progress, recently added ect in movies).


idiot needs help

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post, I'm new to Kodi and not especially technical...I've downloaded kodi onto my PC (windows 8), version 17.1, and I've been recommended a couple of builds and I think (hope) I follow the instructions correctly to install. I get to the point where Kodi asks me if I want to force close which I agree to but when I restart Kodi I was expecting the look to have changed dramatically but it's exactly the same - apart from in the add on part it has the build I installed but if I click it then it just seems to give me the option to reinstall.

Help pls

enable/disable search automatic search for subtitles in all the compressed files

hi there,
i noticed that kodi 16, when i play a video, opens all the compressed files (zip and rar, for what i see) looking inside for subtitles that can be applied to the video. if the video is in a directory with compressed files this search sometimes requires a lot of time (depending on the number or size of the compressed size or the performance of the system) even if none of said compressed files contains subtitles appliable for the video.

i reckon it would be better if
1 kodi automatically tried to open compressed files that only have the same name of the video and disregard the others
2 you could configure (in settings or an xml configuration files) which extensions it should try to open

if i have compressed subtitles with an extension that i excluded in 2 or with a filename that is not recognized as pertinent in 1, i could always manually browse to the compressed archive and select the subtitles i need.

thanks a lot for your work

Keeps scanning for channels


I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3 with Xbian installed. I use PVR IPTV Simple Client on it and it works great.
There's just a couple of things that bug me.

For starters every time I reboot it will scan the "client list" and all the channels again before I see the TV section. I guess I could live with this since I don't reboot it that often.

Another thing is that this can occur just random and it can just start scanning the client/channels again and the TV section disappears.
Sometimes this has happened when I'm switching through channels. It just goes dark and I get kicked out of the TV section and it disappears and starts to scan again.

This is really annoying and I'm wondering what's happening here?

Is it my provider? Misconfiguration or what? Or is it suppose to be like this? It's not really reliable to watch TV when it is like this and I'm just wondering if there's anything I could do to fix it?

Memory leak while playing video/stream

I have a problem playing stream (.strm file, official provider's stream udp:// and also video recorded from this stream (video and audio copy).
Kodi takes more and more RAM while playing and then OOM Killer closes kodi.bin process, then kodi restarts.

I have:
OS : ArchLinux
CPU : Celeron 440 2.0 ghz
VIDEO : Radeon 6450
MB : MSI G31M3-L V2

I have made some research and here are the results:

Video AVC (PAL) ([email protected]) (CABAC 4 Ref Frames) Audio MP2 (stream and video file have these settings)
No hardware acceleration
No problem (Kodi and VLC, Radeon 6450)
Memory leak (Kodi, Radeon 6450)
No problem (VLC, Radeon 6450)
No problem (Kodi, Intel Core i5 laptop)

Also no problem with video and streams that have AVC L4.1 for example with VDPAU enabled in Kodi.
In Kodi 16.1 all was fine.
Please help to solve this issue.


VH1_Clip (Video AVC (PAL) ([email protected]) (CABAC 4 Ref Frames) Audio MP2).ts

First Scrap from a part of Foldername


I search a solution to use a part from foldername to scrap movie, but the old directory name should then be in the title.

sabnzbd loads the nzb (original nzb name is

i rename the nzb to "Bad Moms (2016)[TS.MD].nzb"

First scrape includes than [TS.MD] and the result is nothing, but i need the [TS.MD] in the Title to filter the movies later in Kodi by quality.

a easy way is a special char to seperate scrap name from full name. I do not want to delete this part

like this

"Bad Moms (2016)#[TS.MD].nzb"

scrap with Bad Moms (2016)
title is locked, and in nfo <title>Bad Moms (2016)[TS.MD]</title> is later this

Maybe there are other ideasConfused


Video player menu off scale

I have a problem with the kodi 17, running on nvidia shield TV.
The resolution is 1080p and everything fits perfectly on the screen...BUT, the meny that comes up when you play a video (Play, Pause, Stop, Subs etc etc..) is slightly larger and dosnt fit. Not the video itself, only the menu.
How come? And how to fix it?

key mapping home button on air mouse remote

Having trouble key mapping the Home button on my new air mouse remote. I continue getting the following in the debug log

Keyboard: scancode: 0x00, sym: 0x0000, unicode: 0x0000, modifier: 0x0
00:48:33 T:13572 DEBUG: CInputManager::OnKey: long-0 (0x100f200) pressed, action is
00:48:33 T:13572 DEBUG: WinEventsWin32.cpp: APPCOMMAND 7
00:48:33 T:13572 DEBUG: CApplication::OnAppCommand: appcommand 7, trying action FirstPage
00:48:33 T:13572 DEBUG: Keyboard: scancode: 0x00, sym: 0x0000, unicode: 0x0000, modifier: 0x0
00:48:33 T:13572 DEBUG: CInputManager::OnKey: long-0 (0x100f200) pressed, action is
00:48:33 T:13572 DEBUG: WinEventsWin32.cpp: APPCOMMAND 7
00:48:33 T:13572 DEBUG: CApplication::OnAppCommand: appcommand 7, trying action FirstPage

It seems like Kodi cannot find anything for the home button so is defaulting to FirstPage action. First I attempted to create a keyboard.xml in userdata folder using the following mapping <home>ActivateWindow(Home)</home>, but it had no effect. While looking at the keyboard.xml in programfiles/kodi/system I found the mapping <home>FirstPage</home>, thinking this was the issue I changed it to <home>ActivateWindow(Home)</home>, but again with no effect. Last I tried to make a <long-0>ActivateWindow(Home)</long-0> mapping in the userdata folder but again I am only getting the FirstPage action. Does anyone have any expertise with this? On my old keyboard I would press Esc key and it would take me back to the home screen no matter where I was in Kodi, which is all I want the Home button to do. Thanks for any input I can get.

Here is the format my mapping is in, in case that is the problem
PHP Code:

(SILVO) couple of questions…

Hi and thanks for this mod!

I gotta couple of questions if Any one wants to help Wink

I was just Wondering why i cant access the choose skin color?
I click on it and Nothing happens... Any idea?
Im using Silvo latest version installed from repo here on libreelec krypton o/s

When on a movie, hit "i" and info screen appears.
Is there a way to have a trailer button on there?
As of now i need to hit the plus + sign and select search trailers.

Talking about search trailers, it doesn't work well for me as,
Usually when im on info "i" screen and select "trailer"
It starts right away. Now it doesn't... It actually seems to perform
a YouTube search and Nothing and it shows all kind of results
instead of playing the trailer automatically..
What's up with that?

Is there a way to have the widgets fanart dimmed?
Looks nice like it is but its hard to read plots and stuff
depending on the movie fanart that appears in background.

Thanks for the help!

Proposal – Improvements to Kodi Android app

Hi, I'm Santhanam SJ, a second year undergrad student. I would like to work on porting SPMC features to Kodi and improve the android experience of Kodi.

Improvements to Kodi Android app

Name: Santhanam SJ

forum/e-mail: santa_sj / [email protected]

Port features from SPMC to Kodi.

Users will benefit from a better android experience
1) Port features from SPMC to Kodi
2) Increase target SDK version to Android N (For Picture-in-Picture support)
3) Add runtime permissions for Android M and above
4) Add media controls to notification when playing music in the background
Requirements: C++, Java, Android, JNI

It would be really nice if someone could guide me on these topics.

Constant SMB Issues with Win10

Hi - I have Windows 10 Pro running on a NUC6CAYH. There are many shared media folders, primarily on my external 4TB USB 3.0 HDD. They are set to "Everyone - Full Control" because I couldn't give one half of a crap about security at this point (plus it's inside my personal network.)

Everything is hooked up via CAT6 Ethernet and gigabit Netgear switches across the house.

The drive is shared from the NUC via SMB to a Paragon-equipped Mac Mini hooked up to a TV in one room, and an Nvidia Shield TV in another room. I've been fighting this crap so long I've probably posted about it before.

All devices are using static IPs within the network for my own sanity. No connectivity issues with the NTFS-formatted USB 3.0 drive to the NUC.

It will run fine for days and days, and then I install something on the Mac and reboot... everything goes haywire. Sometimes it affects the Shield, more often the Mac.

When it does finally decide to connect, it's completely, totally random. I'll go to Finder, Go, Connect to server, smb:// sixty five times. 2 days later, It'll connect on the 4th try. W.T.F. There's no logic, no standard troubleshooting I can even begin to think of.

I downloaded some freeware package from that worked the first time. Now it says all shares are in perfect condition. No, they're not.

If there was a $500 piece of software that guaranteed share continuity in perpetuity that I could have up and running in the next 5 minutes with no fighting, no troubleshooting, no crap - just a simple install wizard, I would own it immediately. I have the full Paragon driver suite installed on Windows 10 and macOS Sierra, so that's not an issue.

The Nvidia Shield doesn't care what filesystem you're using.

Isn't it 2017? Why is this still happening? Not a clue where to go from here, and quite surprised that nobody seems to have cashed in on this obvious problem by coming up with some legit software to repair share issues and just run in the system tray or something. I know it's not just me - I've seen others mystified as well with intermittent Windows shares.

Help. Please.