Using laptop for streaming DirectvNow issue

My laptop is a few yrs old, but was overkill at the time so it still runs everything great EXCEPT DirectvNow. I have it hardwired into my wireless gateway. My speeds run about 105Mbps down. Seems like every minute or so it is like I hit a pause button. Audio and video freezes for 2-3 seconds and then starts playing as normal until it happens again. Chrome is up to date, cache cleared numerous times, even did a chat and they had me reset everything in Chrome. Had 3 escalations, still occurs....

Using laptop for streaming DirectvNow issue

Need some Roku help please

I have a Roku 2 (about a year old..Sling promotion) ethernet connected, hit about 90Mbps down. DirectvNow wants to buffer a lot (I know they've had their issues) but it also resets a lot, I can push the home button, screen appears, but app sound continues, uninstalled app, Roku is up to date. Tried wirelessly and it's all about the same. Is my Roku 2 dying? Can't find much online help..(tried Google). Any thoughts? Thanks. Andy

5GHZ band on Roku express +?

Have an older tube tv I'm not ready to give up on yet. My internet wireless gateway supports both 2.4GHz & 5GHZ band. Does the Roku express + (yellow red and white cord) support 5GHZ band? By chance does it have an ethernet port on it? Thanks, Andy

HDMI conversion to coax??

I have an older rca 19 inch tube tv. It only has a coax connection. No red, yellow and white connections. I'm wanting to add a Roku to the tv. What would I need to convert the picture to coax and is there even a device that would convert HDMI to red, yellow and white and then to coax? Thanks, Andy

What do I need to get Vue?

I don't own a PlayStation. What and where can I get a device to get it? Wal-Mart maybe? Amazon fire? Is it sold at Wal-Mart? Cost? Thanks, Andy Do I need a PlayStation account? If so, how do you get one? If not, that's cool. Do I have to sign up for Amazon prime or just buy a box?

Chromecast for Sling

I was told by a person at Sling TV that roku had the least problems. I bought a Chromecast and the picture seems to "downgrade" more than when I had my roku 2 that's dead now hooked up. I have plenty of internet speed and everytime I try to change the speed settings in the Sling app it auto resets to "best" My picture will "downgrade" for lack of a better word and then in a few minutes look good again. And I generally don't run more than 1 device at a time through my modem. Any thoughts?...

Chromecast for Sling

Investing in cryptocurrency

Investing in cryptocurrency is similar to exchanging your money in a new country you'll probably have to find an exchange that handles both currencies. Many websites do this this article will explain how to use MyEtherWallet, which is based in the United States. Open an account To set up an account, click this link or go to this website. Create a new account and choose Ethereum as your cryptocurrency. This will open a wallet on your computer. Go to the wallet to review your balances, which will show you how much money you've deposited. Note: If you don't get any coins or tokens, that's probably because you haven't downloaded the wallet yet. In this case, just follow these instructions to install the wallet. Buy and sell The wallet's function is to store your money for you. But as with exchanging your money, it can also make trading cryptocurrencies easier and more efficient. The process involves an order book, which lists all the available cryptocurrency marketplaces for you to trade on. You will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and also to buy and sell any Ethereum-based token. The exchange is operated by a third-party called Changelly. Changelly works with the Ethereum blockchain, the protocol that runs the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM). When you send Ether to Changelly, the company processes it. It will then convert it into dollars or other currencies on your behalf. The service, available in English, Portuguese, and German, is currently available in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Singapore, and the Netherlands. Tether A digital currency Tether, launched by a team of Bitcoin Core developers and other enthusiasts, is a digital currency that can be used in a few ways: as a store of value, a transaction medium and as a settlement asset, in order to use this currency you'll basically have to learn how to buy bitcoin first. To understand the importance of the Tether transaction medium, see "Who's Tether." Tether provides a medium through which a consumer can store value on the Bitcoin network. Since each transfer of Tethers are not tied to a specific Bitcoin account, a consumer can move or store funds on Tether without having to own or control the Bitcoin network account. To create Tethers, a user must first create a Bitcoin account. To send an existing Bitcoin transaction, a user must create a new Tether transaction by making a transfer to an existing Tether account. For a total of 50 million Tethers (10 billion Tethers plus 10 billion Tethers in circulation at any one time), Bitcoin addresses must be created by sending the amount of bitcoins to the address, and the Tethers will be issued and tracked by the Bitcoin network. Users can then transfer these Tethers to other users through their Tether account. Tether is a "settlement" currency that represents an interest in Tethers. The value of a Tether is based on the value of bitcoin, and the value of bitcoins is based on the value of Tethers. In the event that bitcoin and/or bitcoin substitutes (e.g., Ethereum) go to the greatest extent possible, Tether's value as measured by bitcoin and/or bitcoin substitutes would decline, and its price would be less than the USDTethers are denominated in. If these alternative cryptocurrencies are more valuable than Tethers, its price will increase.