RIP Exodus? Lambda is retiring! UPDATED

Update 2-3-17: Had to verify sources and through members. The original story was it was going to be gone and the team was going to be under a new name but under a new add on. CONFIRMED it will remain under Exodus!

Lambda the developer has announced that he will be retiring and that the Exodus add on will no longer be updated. The latest release 3.0.5 is the final update. There has been some news that there has been some malicious code in Exodus affecting StreamHubs server requests. There have been instances of other add ons stealing Lambda’s code and used as forks in the past. Schism has brought it to the attention of Lambda and this was just the beginning. Now Lambda said he will be retiring. This is from the TV Addons forums:


I am in the bridge of retiring or doing this.

Like I said they try to find my identity and give me legal trouble.

I have no choice to protect myself.

If this won’t help me to defend myself I will retire from these and focus on my legal add-ons.

And I wouldn’t if they didn’t try to expose my real identity and give me legal trouble.

The reason for not adding this on the changelog is that this would give them what they want, attention.

I am developing addons for.7 years, I have a very valid reason for doing this that have to do with MY REAL LIFE SAFETY.

And I am happy this happened, this way I can see clearly who is a friend or a foe for me on this scene 🙂

I am developing this addon for many years, it’s the continuation of Genesis.
All these years this community was a nice place to be a part of.

I didn’t wake up one day, after all these years and told myself, let’s try to add some calls to a specific site.
It was a bad desicion I made after all this time and the stessful months I had, and I am sorry about that.
As long you follow the GPL license and don’t remove Exodus credits from it I never had any problem.

Unfortunately all these months I’ve seen add-ons taking my code and removing the credits from it, like it’s their playground. I do understand that we are talking about addons that help on copyright infringement, but this is something I couldn’t tolerate anymore.
Also lately I’ve seen some weird private messages from specific people threating me on presonal level.
Most of them are on social media right now talking about how evil I am.

I just couldn’t deal with all this stress anymore, I made bad desicions that I shouldn’t take and I am sorry about that.
I think this is the time for me too leave, this whole thing is changing me as a person, so it’s time for me to take care of myself and leave this scene once and for all.

I want to thank everybody who stood by me all these years.
It’s time for me to move on and I hope the team to take over my beloved addon.
Take care everybody

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What will this mean for the addons? Lambda has been a huge contributor in the Kodi community. Paving the way with all of his recent work. We have to wait and see how this will all play out. New add ons come and go but its hard to find a good solid one such as Exodus. =(