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Comparing two routers?

I have a chance to get a high end linksys and I have a high end Netgear. If you were me would you upgrade. Yes high end is subjective. But would it be a step forward? Most internet comparisons are sponsored and I don't trust them. Two routers are:
NETGEAR - Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router (old)

Linksys - WRT32X AC3200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gaming Router with Killer Prioritization Engine (Maybe new one)


Those who use Kodi might want to check out this Reddit thread started by a former Team Kodi member


The main text is an apology by a former Team Kodi member but further down in the discussion there are indications that the entire Kodi project may be in serious trouble. In particular, the person who started the thread says this in a followup post:

Internally, it has gotten so toxic on Team Kodi that I would be surprised if the project lasts another year. Not without something...​

Those who use Kodi might want to check out this Reddit thread started by a former Team Kodi member

Need some Roku help please

I have a Roku 2 (about a year old..Sling promotion) ethernet connected, hit about 90Mbps down. DirectvNow wants to buffer a lot (I know they've had their issues) but it also resets a lot, I can push the home button, screen appears, but app sound continues, uninstalled app, Roku is up to date. Tried wirelessly and it's all about the same. Is my Roku 2 dying? Can't find much online help..(tried Google). Any thoughts? Thanks. Andy

Streaming in a Business Environment

Long time reader, first time poster. If this isn't the right forum for this issue, please feel free to move it, mods.

I have a setup question for my TVs at work that I'm hoping to get some perspective on... We run a couple TVs in our lobby area. Because of lobby acoustics, the TVs generally run the same programming. Right now, each TV is sourced from an HD cable box in the back room, each over a long HDMI run.

I would like to add the option of streaming. However, I need to be able to...

Streaming in a Business Environment

5GHZ band on Roku express +?

Have an older tube tv I'm not ready to give up on yet. My internet wireless gateway supports both 2.4GHz & 5GHZ band. Does the Roku express + (yellow red and white cord) support 5GHZ band? By chance does it have an ethernet port on it? Thanks, Andy

Layer 3 Streaming DVR

Has anyone experienced the Layer 3 Streaming DVR? I am told that its picture quality surpasses Dish and Direct TV. Although it currently lacks the apps that Roku provides (they say Netflix and Hulu are coming soon), it has the potential to offer the functionality of a high picture quality Dish or Direct TV and Roku in 1 box.

Their Platinum package of 250+ HD channels and locals is less costly than Dish's Top 250. They provide the full time 4K NASA channel. No contractual commitment...

Layer 3 Streaming DVR

More Roku…

I signed up with NBC Sports Gold for the Premier league.Premier League is unlocked on website but how do I know it will be unlocked on my tv app?

Using my Roku…

tv for streaming (Sling,Hulu.etc.) Internet service from my only provider in my area would be at $89.99 + taxes per month.So add the cost of streaming service I might as well keep cable.Is there a way to do it cheaper? I've been around a long time,but still learning.

C++ PVR with inputstream.adaptive

Hi, I am trying to build a "native" pvr addon which could open stream with inputstream adaptive interface.

I use a python addon version for doing that right now but I want to move to "native' for better epg integration.

For now I can't find out how I can implement this. Do I simply need to add inputsream add-ons parameter on the channel.strStreamURL or something else?

Some guidances will be very helpful.


Metropolis 3.4.3 small font issue!

Hi Jingai,

I installed Metropolis 3.4.3 and I don't know if my eyes are playing tricks on we or what but the font size has gotten smaller for the "finish time" and "playing and total time" as well.

Any chance you can make both of them a little bigger again and a little closer to the size they were before? Because they are kind of hard to see now unless I am really sit close to the TV.

Did you make them smaller or did my eyes get worse over night? Smile lol


Poland Polsat + Sky Germany iptv beIN HBO

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Streams not showing in the right ratio

Hi there,

I'm having a big issue with streams on my android box, they are coming out all squished like its trying to display them on a mobile thats vertical kodi its self shows full screen and properly its just the streams that dont, i have tested the streams online and know they they are the correct ratio so i think it must be kodi but for the life of me i cannot change the ratio settings

[Image: IMG_20170630_184834.jpg]