Thai script in estuary

In Windows. I have thai subtitle fonts working perfectly but have a problem using Thai script in the estuary skin. When I tried switching to Thai language, an add-on was installed but no Thai character was able to be displayed. Presumably because the...

epg setup help

It feels like I have done everything possible to get this to work ... but now I am at a point where I think I need to ask here.

So I am setting up danish tv stream channels as "live" tv channels. I have the m3u file working and the channel logos are in place.
But I cant get the epg/guide to work. I pointed the path to's xmltv xml and I even tried to download it and point it to the local path
none of it works. I have changed id/name in the m3u file to match the id/channel in the xml file ... does not work either.

is is a part from the m3u file:
#EXTM3U tvg-shift=1
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="" tvg-name="" tvg-logo="DK-dr-1-logo.png" group-title="Group 1",DR 1

and part from the xmltv xml file (with that channel)
<tv xmlns="" xmlns:m_mcs="" date="20170206" source-info-url="" source-info-name="DR" generator-info-name="DR PPG">
<channel id="">

and program example:
<programme start="20170206041500" pdc-start="" channel="">
<title lang="DA">DR-Friland: Finish på Frilandshuset</title>

so what am I missing?


Fire Stick Kodi 17 Kypton

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