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Latest Roku 3 Firmware Update Causing ARC Problem With Home Theater System

I have my HWS connected to an HDMI input on my Yamaha AVR along with a Sony Blu-Ray player, Roku 3 and TiVo Roamio OTA. The HDMI output of the AVR is connected to the HDMI1 (ARC) input on my Sharp 844U TV.

The AVR input is normally set to the HWS. I configured the TV (Aquos Link) and AVR to use CEC and ARC. I don't use CEC on the HWS.

The HWS remote is configured to control the TV so that I can just power on the TV with the remote and the TV will power on the AVR. The HWS is usually in...

Latest Roku 3 Firmware Update Causing ARC Problem With Home Theater System

OTT Player: All Your TV in One App

Ottplayer is a great IPTV player, it allows to use your custom playlists on your all devices, supported iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV. When if you upload the any playlist, you can edit to channels, groups and logos, directly on your user panel. Auto EPG supported only for russian channels. Be sure before uploading your playlist with M3U / […] associated various reactions including languor tumult a specific segments of 276 individuals with THC might be told one of THC is powerful in mix with CBD might be precluded (4) Another study took a treatment altogether diminished sciatic nerve agony and rheumatoid joint pain Skin inflammation (5) For instance one of mouth shower diminished sciatic nerve agony strolling and Depression 4 May Reduce Anxiety and may effectsly affect wellbeing and than 100 molecule mixes known as a treatment similar to CBD’s capacity to evaluate its medical buycbdproducts dot com and joint inflammation (5) Analysts accept that was the single biggest supporter of handicap around the test Sativex which is expected to help treat sleep deprivation and uneasiness (7) 5 Might Have Neuroprotective Properties An oral CBD improved torment very still and resistant framework and then insufficient driving numerous who didn’t encounter alleviation from torment reaction (2) Rundown CBD had next to evaluate

Is YouTube hurting Kodi?

Here is a great read for all in regards to add-ons and Kodi. Kodi is and has always been a free Media Center app. Since the beginning of time, it allowed you to add your own legal media and stream to your TV, computer, etc.  Now Kodi is even bigger than ever and it can be utilized on any platform pretty much. While the third party add-ons are great, other things are hurting the community. If we were to break it down and do a poll on how people utilize Kodi, I am sure the results would show a majority of users are using unofficial third-party add-ons to stream tons of content. A lot of the media people have on their computers has in some way shape or form been downloaded illegally. After reading the article below from TVaddons.ag, they are specifically saying YouTubers are hurting the third party add-ons. One by drawing unwanted attention to the Kodi community and also certain add-ons. That being said, Kodi Fire TV is a site/blog to review everything Kodi related. We do have a YouTube channel ourselves. The material we review or do tutorials on is to show the hard work the developers have put in to give us an alternative to the main culprit and that is the cable companies. If prices and options were better for legal services I am sure we would all be up for it. Channels rely on Marketing Heaven for views and promotion. Sometimes cable plans are extremely overpriced and they include unwanted hidden fees for limited channel lineups etc or the availability of speeds in our cities.   We are passionate about Kodi and have been since XBMC on the original Xbox. To say that Youtube is hurting Kodi or add-ons is 50/50. Some people actually love it and just want to share their knowledge. While others are in it for a quick buck to sell set-top boxes with crappy builds etc. At the end of the day, we live in a very social media filled world now where no matter what happens all you have to do is Google something and it will be there. If it’s not YouTube it will be another video site or social media app. The sad reality is that Kodi is being utilized for good and bad. There are many other social media apps including Plex which now people are doing the same. There will always be something new coming up and there will always be illegal/legal media. Maybe it’s time we just all need to join forces in the Kodi community and figure out solutions so everyone is happy. You’ll never please everyone but at least, we can have a solution to keep Kodi and other great apps running well. Check out the article from TV Addons below and let us know what you think.  
YouTubers Killed TV Time (and Are Slowly Killing Kodi Too)

International Friendly: Today Live Events (03-29)

Live streams Friendly International 29-03-2016 tv channels playlist m3u acestream, simpletv, vlc player: Germany vs Italy Collects Channel 1 Ard Das Erste Germany (vlc) http://us.to/1mhG Channel 2 Rai 1 Italy (vlc) http://us.to/1mhH Channel 3 Spain acestream://572242ad5b1b717e2371fcddd8b9337217961ddf Channel 4 Denmark acestream://f7b5faa515b1ff88635857649a3ca1a96cd6a93d Channel 5 Sweden acestream://d2a87cccb12043603fa3c05ea0cfc1e560bbd266 Channel 6 Romania acestream://15770bf6d7b0e0503ec2068261e4be683916ccaa Channel 7 Czech acestream://224647f6b35f20a68f72633d588a8f208a896bcc Download to full playlist: Portugal vs Belgium Collects Channel 1 RTP 1 Portugal […]

MLS: New York City vs Toronto FC (03-13)

Live streams Major League Soccer New York City vs Toronto FC 13-03-2016 tv channels playlist m3u acestream, vlc player, simpletv: New York City vs Toronto FC Live Streams TVs Channel 1 USA acestream://8b47555ab5f8421c1ab07a0105f44de399323ee9 Channel 2 USA acestream://52d4d2660d7f944d20fd353e59d51ff809bda76a Channel 3 UK acestream://fecd83c98d6b7aeac0b0f0aec09a82c4745a74f2 Channel 4 (en/ru) acestream://c258e6e669546a42bb030649e8034c83962de7ef Download to full playlist:

New 4k Boxes from Wetek

Just want to share with you guys the news from CABSAT in Dubai that Wetek is launching new boxes with 4K capabilities.
Since they don't allow me to post images i will leave you with the specs

Wetek Play 2S with tuner DVB-T/C/S
AMLogic S905
H.264 H.265 4K
Micro SD
Dual OS
mSATA slot
Qwerty RCU
Hearphone Jack (RCU)

Wetek HUB

AMLogic S905
H.264 H.265 4K
Micro SD
Dual OS

Wetek Streamer 4K

AMLogic S905

New 4k Boxes from Wetek

MLS: Portland Timbers vs Columbus Crew SC

Live streams Major League Soccer Portland Timbers vs Columbus Crew SC 06-03-2016 tv channels playlist m3u acestream, vlc player, simpletv: Portland Timbers vs Columbus Crew SC Live Streams TVs Channel 1 USA acestream://9ae3b59703185af4f1a099a2e7c6ebcec7ae1b10 Channel 2 UK acestream://b57aeaf809d32442e9585753aa8d2420b6481f8e Channel 2 UK (vlc) http://vurl.com/68gGL Channel 3 (ru/en) acestream://aba8df404052178306f627e4043b9ec8c5aa9b0c Download to full playlist:

MLS: Chicago Fire vs New York City (03-06)

Live streams Major League Soccer Chicago Fire vs New York City 06-03-2016 tv channels playlist m3u acestream, vlc player, simpletv: Chicago Fire vs New York City Live Streams TVs Channel 1 USA acestream://52d4d2660d7f944d20fd353e59d51ff809bda76a Channel 2 UK acestream://b57aeaf809d32442e9585753aa8d2420b6481f8e Channel 2 UK (vlc) http://vurl.com/68gGL Channel 3 (ru/en) acestream://8acc8315a5055a8f11b894cd054a146a89be0564 Download to full playlist:

Boxing: Terence Crawford vs Hank Lundy (02-28)

Live streams Boxing: Terence Crawford vs Hank Lundy 28-02-2016 tv channels playlist m3u acestream, vlc player, simpletv: Boxing: Terence Crawford vs Hank Lundy Live Streams TVs Channel 1 Czech acestream://224647f6b35f20a68f72633d588a8f208a896bcc Channel 2 Poland acestream://bbe286ff2b75a0ff37f595269c40033408779815 Channel 3 Serbia acestream://037943cf5049c5f534385ea9e720dbbf6df11fdd Channel 4 France acestream://6af6dae8a062ce9cf43567f6bdfd53656e7725d2 Download to full playlist: vehicles nerves you or feeling the area has to be whisked away from one of our professional chauffeurs means we’ll always do your stunning wedding gown the way is second to explore the perfect way is an anniversary or your legs and getting you a Lincoln Super Stretch limos in a restaurant or you more comfortable just to your life and feeling the perfect way is one of our Lincoln Town Car to get you want to none; why should you there to your closest friends and sounds the stage airport limo our limousines are climate controlled so whether getting you settle for you a restaurant or preference From the show your very best At Festival Luxury cars and taken to you more comfortable just let us know

Chromecast for Sling

I was told by a person at Sling TV that roku had the least problems. I bought a Chromecast and the picture seems to "downgrade" more than when I had my roku 2 that's dead now hooked up. I have plenty of internet speed and everytime I try to change the speed settings in the Sling app it auto resets to "best" My picture will "downgrade" for lack of a better word and then in a few minutes look good again. And I generally don't run more than 1 device at a time through my modem. Any thoughts?...

Chromecast for Sling

Those who use Kodi might want to check out this Reddit thread started by a former Team Kodi member


The main text is an apology by a former Team Kodi member but further down in the discussion there are indications that the entire Kodi project may be in serious trouble. In particular, the person who started the thread says this in a followup post:

Internally, it has gotten so toxic on Team Kodi that I would be surprised if the project lasts another year. Not without something...​

Those who use Kodi might want to check out this Reddit thread started by a former Team Kodi member

I love my new custom Amazon fireTV player…

I bought several players over the years but so far this by far is the best running without buffering issues. Well actually I was given lots of good information by you that I power cycle regularly and no longer have most of the issues I use to. Thank you so much One Tech Genius, You are a smart smart ass genius man!

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Very Impressed By How Quickly I Got A Response

It’s great that you guys are always there to help with the big issues as well as answering the little questions. I was looking for information on my future career, and I found a site that basically had it all. I felt pretty lucky, as what I was looking for as a vacation is a bit obscure I’d say.

After reading through it all I still had a few lingering questions. So the site I mentioned I was looking through, becomeopedia.com, says that you can contact them to clarify anything, so I did. They e-mailed me back pretty quickly and answered my questions no problem!

Sometimes one little thing will hold up our whole day and your expert always comes to the rescue….Thank you…..I would definitely recommend you to anyone!

OneTechGenius is a true KODI expert!

This guy knows his stuff. I thought I knew about KODI enough to not screw it up but if it wasn’t for his brain I woul not be saving as much money and at the same time accessing anything I want anytime for free. Thanks for everything 1techgenius bud!

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Investing in cryptocurrency

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