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Is there a better PVR EPG?


Having recently replaced my noisy/big/bright Humax box with a quiet/small/not so bright RPI2 with HD tuner and SSD my partner is not happy with the standard of the epg.

I'm pretty new to all of this but having nosed around a fair bit first it would appear that the only way I can change the epg is by using an iptv addon. Unfortunately it would also seem there is no way of adding a tuner to such an addon which would mean she has to put up with it.

Can someone wiser confirm this for me, or if I am wrong, point me in the direction of a alternative solution.


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Skin – Only Show Add-ons on home screen


I’m new to the KODI Forum so forgive me if this post should be in another sub.

I’m looking for a minimalistic skin than ONLY show configured Add-on shortcuts.
Preferably not categorized by Music, Video, etc.

I used a backend NAS earlier with "legal" materials, but currently fill all my need with free and payed streaming services through add-ons.
( Regional TV channel for the Kids, YouTube, SpotiMC and Crunchyroll)

I Googled my fingers sore, but ended up with nothing.

Any help is appreciated!

Packages zip remove script

Hi there Im trying to make a script that will count and remove the old zip files from the packages folder.
Currently Im just trying to get the yesno dialog window up with the file count, but having no joy, could anyone help as to where its going wrong.
Possibly a module I havnt imported?

import os
import xbmc
import xbmcgui
import zipfile
import shutil
import time
import datetime
import sys

dir_to_count = xbmc.translatePath('special://home/addons/packages')

def count_files(dir_to_count):
    x = 0
    for root, dirs, files in os.walk(dir_to_count):
        for f in files:
            x = x+1
    YESNOWINDOW = xbmcgui.Dialog().yesno(
        "Your package folder has been Checked",
        "You have", x, "zip files in that directory",
        "Would you like to free up some space",
        "and remove these files?",
        "No Thanks",
        "Yes Please")
        '''run the remove_zip script'''
            "Running the removal script",
            "Thats it. All done",
            "Click OK to exit",
            "Not running the removal script"            "
            "Nothing on your system has changed",
            "If you are low on space, you can",
            "run this program again at any time")

Priority of PVR Backends (Multiple) in EGP

Hi recently I have switched to running multiple PVR backends. I'm now trying to use ArgusTV for DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 and DVBViewer for IPTV (instead of Simply IPTV back end as allows me to record).

I know I cant dictate channel numbers from the backends but could it made possible to allocate a priority to the different PVR backends. At the moment my system for some reason initializes DVBViewer first (so channel number 1 in my EGP is the first channel from DVBViewer) and the Channels from ArgusTV start sequentially straight after.

As the "normal" FreeView channels (BBC1 etc...) are provided by my ArgusTV backend I'd like this to be the opposite way around

At the moment the only way I can change this is to start Kodi with the DVBViewer back end disabled and then enable it once Kodi is up and running

(I'm Running Windows Krypton nightly 17.1 from 23rd May)

Thanks for any help!!

Krypton 17.2 crash

Hey guys, I've been experiencing Kodi crashes. Here is info on system, log and description of problem.

1. Kodi v17.2 "Krypton"
2. Windows 10 Enterprise, Build 10.0.15063
3. x64 bit PC, Intel Celeron J1900 @1.99 GHZ
4. 4 GB Ram
5. Gfx: Intel HD Graphics (MBO Integrated), driver version
6. Samsung TV + Denon AVR
7. Skin AEON Nox

Debug log: https://pastebin.com/hnMQhuYt

Computer is part of Homegroup and only has AV + Kodi + Windows. The movie/tv shows directories are on NAS and one other computer.

The problem: When I turn off tv and leave computer on over night (I don't turn it off, no need) the Kodi crashes. Sometimes it does crash to desktop but sometimes it forces computer into blue screen and full restart. When it boots up, for some reason it is connected to the Homegroup/Network, computer can access the internet but Kodi cannot access the shares on NAS/Other computer. This does not occur every time and I can fix this with another reboot of Kodi PC. I've tested the computer itself without Kodi started and it doesn't crash on it's own, only when Kodi is turned on. Sometime all of this happens even if TV is on.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Plex addon – can’t exit or go back

I'm probably in the wrong forum, plus you might think I'm being loco to even care about such a small issue in the grand scheme. So sorry about that, but this is so god damned irritating I just had to comment.

The official Plex addon has the honor of being the first addon ever that won't let me use my return/back (or even esc) button to exit the addon. Luckily the "home" button on my remote got me back to the home screen but most remotes, or even full blown keyboards, don't have this button.

I urge Kodi team to remove this addon from the official repo until Plex get their act together. Which they won't, cause then Plex Media Server wouldn't still suck after almost 10 years, and they wouldn't release the new pos Plex media player which is a f.... disgrace to mankind, but hey..that's for another discussion Laugh

Comparison CPU Usage (2)

I would like to open a new thread for my latest measurements as I changed the methodology quite a bit. Results are a bit more scientific now… hopefully… The measurement took quite some time to execute and calculate results. So hopefully the numbers are of interest to anybody...

Device: Sony BRAVIA 2015
SoC: MediaTek MT5890 (2x ARM Cortex A17 @ 1GHz, ARM Mali T624 MP2, 1.5GB RAM) (no speed-stepping)
OS: Android TV 6.0.1 (Linux kernel 3.10.79)

TransportStream sample with H.264 [email protected] 720p50 video (5-6mbps) and AC3 audio (via Passthrough if possible) played from an USB pen drive.

CPU usgage has been measured via top command with a resolution of 1s:
top -m 10 -n 100 -d 1
From 100 measurements, the average and maximum has been calculated for user- and kernelspace activity, plus the most demanding processes separately as well.

The device has been rebooted before moving to the new player. The measurement was started after all startup processes have finished work.


Kodi 18.0-ALPHA1 (2017-05-20) - MediaCodec Surface

User:                        14% (peak: 20%)
System:                      14% (peak: 19%)
org.xbmc.kodi                11% (peak: 15%)
/system/bin/surfaceflinger    4% (peak:  5%)

Recent builds reduced CPU usage by about 5% (2-3% on Kodi itself, 2-3% on surfaceflinger).

Problem with MediaCodec Surface is that it produces quite severe stuttering on some videos, see this thread, even though resolution and framerate are quite low (720p25). It looks like audio drifts apart and a video glitch every few seconds takes care of it, resyncing to audio.

Kodi 18.0-ALPHA1 (2017-05-20) - MediaCodec

User:                        22% (peak: 33%)
System:                      31% (peak: 56%)
org.xbmc.kodi                22% (peak: 32%)
/system/bin/mediaserver      11% (peak: 22%)
/system/bin/surfaceflinger    4% (peak:  8%)

The 720p50 sample already suffers from stuttering in non-Surface mode on the weak MediaTek SoC. CPU usage is at 50% on average but can easily go above 80%. Going beyond 720p25 is a no-no. The problematic 720p25 video runs smoothly in non-Surface mode though. So the timing seems to be better in non-Surface mode. Higher resolution/framerate content is not feasible anymore though.

What is the mediaserver process and why does it consume so much more CPU time in non-Surface mode?

Kodi 18.0-ALPHA1 (2017-05-20) - MediaCodec w/ main menu overlay
User:                        37% (peak: 44%)
System:                      30% (peak: 38%)
org.xbmc.kodi                36% (peak: 44%)
/system/bin/mediaserver      11% (peak: 14%)
/system/bin/surfaceflinger    4% (peak:  5%)

non-Surface mode plus menu overlays is killer! Surface mode is a must on Sony and Philips TVs! Unfortunately, there is the issue with those problematic videos that don’t play smoothly.

VLC - MediaCodec Surface

User:                        12% (peak: 27%)
System:                      19% (peak: 36%)
org.videolan.vlc             10% (peak: 17%)
/system/bin/surfaceflinger    3% (peak:  4%)

The problematic video shows the same symptoms as when played inside Kodi with MediaCodec Surface being engaged.
The decoder can be switched to IOMX (libstagefright?) and between Surface and non-Surface modes. Neither does any mode allow screencaps to be taken nor do they fix the problematic videos. So I assume that playback always defaults to MediaCodec Surface.

Video (libstagefright?) - stock player app

User:                         1% (peak:  9%)
System:                       4% (peak: 15%)

All processes involved with playback stay well under 1% (e.g. surfaceflinger). The Video app might not be using MediaCodec, but most probably libstagefright instead. But it at least seems to be using Surface as it is not possible to take screencaps of the playing video. Also CPU usage suggests that.

The problematic videos play smoothly inside the Video app despite the supposed Surface usage.

Also Google's Live Channels app plays 720p50 live content without any significant impact on CPU usage on the Sony.

MX Player - HW mode (MediaCodec Surface)

User:                         5% (peak: 12%)
System:                       5% (peak: 18%)
/system/bin/mediaserver       6% (peak:  8%)
/system/bin/surfaceflinger    2% (peak:  3%)

Interesting part about MX Player is that most CPU is consumed by the mediaserver process. MX Player process hardly consumes any CPU.

Screencaps are not possible (=Surface). Problematic videos also stutter when played via MX Player.

MX Player - HW+ mode (libstagefright?)

User:                         7% (peak: 17%)
System:                      20% (peak: 34%)
/system/bin/mediaserver       7% (peak:  9%)
/system/bin/surfaceflinger    7% (peak:  7%)
com.mxtech.videoplayer.ad     4% (peak:  7%)

Screencaps are possible, so this is most probably a non-Surface mode. This one uses way less resources compared to Kodi though. Problematic videos play smoothly after engaging HW+ mode.

Kodi 17.2 update issue

It appears that there is an issue with the Kodi 17.2 update. In My Addons the setting "VideoPlayer input stream" should have two settings to enable. 1. RTMP Input and 2. InputStream Adaptive, Both of these are present in Kodi 17.1, however the InputStream Adaptive setting is completely missing in Kodi 17.2. Can anyone help?

Migrating an addon from Kodi 16 – 17 (Confluence -> Estuary)

I originally posted in addon development but it was suggested that it may be more relevant here.

I have a script addon that functions perfectly under Kodi 15 and 16. It uses WindowXMLDialog to create and populate a dialog. However on Kodi 17 I see this


What you see there, is basically the content of my dialog, not displayed in a dialog.

Now, I'm not a great expert in Kodi programming (and I have to say I've found much of the doc. confusing, contradictory and outdated). But I have been using the following fragment at the top of my XML ( in resources/Default/720p/dialog.xml ) as follows

PHP Code:
<window id="1100" type="dialog">
defaultcontrol always="true">300</defaultcontrol>
param name="DialogBackgroundWidth" value="650"/>
param name="DialogBackgroundHeight" value="600"/>
param name="DialogHeaderWidth" value="570"/>
param name="DialogHeaderLabel" value="$ADDON[script.service.unblockr 32020]"/>
param name="DialogHeaderId" value="1" />-->
param name="CloseButtonLeft" value="560"/>
param name="CloseButtonNav" value="9000"/>
control type="textbox" id="200">
label>$ADDON[script.service.unblockr 32013]</label>


I suspect (but havent proven) that the includes are failing on Estuary. I confess the include set was cribbed without genuinely understanding why - although I subsequently understand that they're defined in Confluence's 'includes.xml'. As a non-skinner and artistic muppet, is there any way I can leverage the 'current' skin styling so as to

  1. Work with multiple skins and fit in with the skin style/settings
  2. Avoid having to carry / implement all the visual attributes and deal with skin changes smoothly.

[Bug] Update info about 17.2

Kodi 17.1 installed on macOS 10.12.5. Kodi 17.2 has been release on 2017-05-21 and includes a security relevant fix. But when starting Kodi 17.1 I do not see any info about an update which is available.

Expected: User should be informed about updates and easy update path should be available.

Startup crash after upgrading to 17.2

Just updated from 17.1 to 17.2 on a Linux Mint (17 Qiana) system. Kodi doesn't start, and I get this error:

/etc/mdm/Xsession: Beginning session setup...
localuser:xbmc being added to access control list
Script for none started at run_im.
Script for auto started at run_im.
Script for default started at run_im.
Script for none started at run_im.
Script for auto started at run_im.
Script for default started at run_im.
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::regex_error'
  what():  regex_error
Aborted (core dumped)
Crash report available at /home/xbmc/kodi_crashlog-20170524_093012.log
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::regex_error'
  what():  regex_error
Aborted (core dumped)
Crash report available at /home/xbmc/kodi_crashlog-20170524_093013.log
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::regex_error'
  what():  regex_error
Aborted (core dumped)
Crash report available at /home/xbmc/kodi_crashlog-20170524_093014.log
/usr/bin/kodi --standalone  has exited in an unclean state 3 times in the last 3 seconds.
Something is probably wrong

I created the advancedsettings.xml file, enabling loglevel 2, as per http://kodi.wiki/view/Log_file/Advanced#..._debugging - but after trying to start kodi again the log file date is from before the installation of 17.2, and all the entries in the log file (~/.kodi/temp/kodi.log) are all from the previous installation. (Guess I had logging on, didn't know that.) Nothing is added there from the start-up anyway.
A new crash log is created each time however.

edit: Says "Log File is located: /home/xbmc/.kodi/temp//kodi.log" in the crash log - is that double slash supposed to be there?

Missing subtitles

I've bought a wetek play 2, and installed kodi. And was trying to use it to watch some videos, instead of my tv dlna (since kodi as better quality and format support).
After I've added the network folder, where i keep the videos with the srt files as same name as the video file, the video has no subtitles.
I tried to open the subtiels mannually, but still i couldn't. My tv (a 4-5 year old samsung plays the srt with no problem and automatically).
What am i missing?
Thank you

Pictures in Slideshow are Cutoff/Stretched

I am really confused how to fix. I have the Aeon Nox skin and have a multi image slideshow set when moving to the picture menu item on the main screen. It seems like it is zooming in and cutting off the picture. I tried removing the pan and zoom effect in the picture settings with no change. Can anyone help me to get it fixed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

hash id generator

I was wondering, if kodi creates a hash id for an artist in conjunction with slideshow artist
would it be possible to have a generator to decipher the hash id as i have quite a lot of artists
without images and would like to put some in the folder if kodi can create the hash id surely you can
decode it

cheers rew88

Deleted Settings

Hello all!
Firstly if there is some sort of format to using a forum, and I do not adhere to that, please forgive me as this is the first time that I have used a forum and am a newb when it comes to Kodi as well. Now that that is out of the way....

I recently got into Kodi and I absolutely love it. However I'm pulling my hair out over this.
So my dumb self decided that I wanted to play with skins..... and then delete menus and sub menus. I deleted the Settings and Add-on options.
"Okay, no big deal. I'll just go and uninstall and reinstall and all should be well Nod!"
Open Kodi.... bam same skin....

I've tried completely deleting the registry, the files themselves and some how it STILL shows the same skin w/o the option for settings. Angry
So .... now you know my story. Can someone please help?Huh

Full screen causes Kodi to vanish

Log: https://paste.ubuntu.com/24640455

When I toggle the backslash button to make Kodi fullscreen, Kodi disappears. If a video is playing, the audio remains. Kodi also crashes from time to time in an unpredictable manner.

This behavior started from my first install of Kodi three years ago. I figured it was a bug which would be repaired. Well, now I'm on 17.2 and the problem has just gotten worse and more frequent.

Today, after using the Kodi Backup addon, I uninstalled Kodi with Revo Pro, then did a clean install, restoring with Backup. Towards the end of the restore, Kodi crashed. I restarted it and ran restore again.

The problem remains (among others for other threads).

Any ideas? Thanks!

Smartphone Remote via Bluetooth

I am creating a travelling Pi Zero W to take with me on vacations with the source being a USB drive. Since CEC will not be guaranteed, I am looking for other remote options without having to bring additional hardware along. Now I have been able to get Kore working with a hotspot enabled on my phone, but I am wondering if anyone has been able to get a bluetooth remote app working with Kodi. Pairing my phone usually results in a failed connection and I have tried a few random bluetooth remote apps that see the Pi, but have not been able to connect to it.

Current version is OSMC April 2017 and phone is a Moto G 5th generation (Android 7).

kodi will not start and run any more

Hi I am new to kodi and I watched some you tube videos and down loaded kodi 17 krypton and had it working then I did something stupid you watched another video and tried to put a pre-build no and it crashed it. I try to delete kodi from my computer many times and now it will say it downloaded but when I click kodi to launch it nothing happens can anyone help me.i am using it on a windows pc any advice would be helpful thanks mike.

New premium iptv ( 7 server links ) all channels world + vod 24-05-2017
















ERROR: Failed to determine egl config for visual info

Kodi 18 from nightly crashes, Kodi 17.2 from unstable works fine.


18:30:59.210 T:140194536774016 NOTICE: Checking resolution 16
18:30:59.420 T:140194536774016 ERROR: Failed to determine egl config for visual info
18:30:59.420 T:140194536774016 WARNING: Visual 0x28 of the window is not suitable, looking for another one...
18:30:59.420 T:140194536774016 NOTICE: Using visual 0x21
18:30:59.458 T:140194536774016 ERROR: VAAPI::CheckSuccess error: unknown libva error