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Having problems with the new joystick implementation

I am having some difficulties with the new joystick implementation of Kodi 17. I have been using my 360 controller to control Kodi ever since the XBMC days with no major problems ever, but after Kodi 17 I am having a major problem.

I have my PC connected to an Onkyo receiver and when I turn off the receiver Kodi will not reconnect to the controller after I turn on the receiver.
I have to restart Kodi to make it detect the controller anew. I have never had any problems in any previous Kodi version, I have not updated the drivers for the joypad and all other software is detecting the joypad without problems.

I turn off my reciever at 21:45:27, see the lamps on my 360 controller blink and when I turn the receiver on again kodi is no longer detecting the controller. This behaviour is new to Kodi 17 and never occurred in 16.1 so I assume there is something wrong in your new implementation.

I also noticed that when I control Kodi with the joystick I have no menu sounds. I spent hours trying to figure out why I could not hear the clicks of the GUI even though the movies and music play fine, then suddenly when I connected my USB keyboard to restart as Kodi had once again lost my controller I noticed that I had GUI sounds. So with keyboard controlling the GUI is making sounds, but with joystick controlling I have no sounds.

Debug Log http://pastebin.com/EXVu83qG

UPnP upon initial start up not found until “special” restart

Due to possible coincidences but strange behaviour from Kodi as well, I have no idea if this is an OS issue or a Kodi issue, which is why I'm asking here.

My last update included both a swathe of Mint 18 Cinnamon (debian-based) updates on my Gigabyte Brix i5-6200 as well as Kodi Krypton. I've been using my Synology NAS' DLNA/UPnP server for years now with my smart TV and recently with Kodi Jarvis. All was fine, accessing the DLNA server was never an issue. The Kodi server would be started up/shutdown based on the TV being switched on (sensed by a general purpose server over a ping test) - wake on LAN for the on sequence and kodi-send command application for the graceful power down sequence.

Since the update though, I find that upon powering up the unit, I am unable to access the DLNA server - Kodi reports "No connection to server" (paraphrasing). Rebooting does not resolve the matter either.

What does resolve it for all the time powered up, is to edit the DLNA source details in Kodi, hit "Browse" without touching anything else and it then automatically restarts Kodi with no issues connecting to the DLNA server thereafter.

This is why I'm confused as to whether or not it's a Linux issue (given all the updates that had come through but didn't take any notes other than remembering the kernel was one of those updates) or a Kodi issue (given the little workaround I mentioned seems to cure it for as long as it remains up and running). I have not set up Kodi with any SMB drives and whatnot, to see if that will make any difference. Despite never having had that set up on my old Jarvis installation, I'm thinking of giving that a try tonight.

Has anyone else come across this phenomenon? Is it similar to what was suggested in this thread that I found in my searches: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=154808

Many thanks in advance.

No audio

Suddenly, I no longer have any audio on my KODI.. There is a red speaker in the top right hand corner and when I go into a stream the audio says "audio undetermined". I am not able to change the audio output device in system settings and I have watched all of the u-tube videos and pressed all of the mute / F8 buttons on my remotes/ keyboards. All video is streaming perfectly.

Can someone please tell me how to fixConfused

I am using KODI 16.1 on an android system.


After Update on kodi 17 problem with 1080p exodus

Hi guys i have problem, i update my kodi on pc from 16.1 to 17 after that i cant find all the movies and tv series on 1080p resolution like the previous version of Kodi.
For example i watching now on exodus the braking bad tv series and i watching it in HD resolution when i watch an episode from my phone (in kodi 16.1 Jarvis) i founding the 1080p in my phone from SEZONLUDIZI
i have enable the SEZONLUKDIZI on kodi in my pc but again i can't find why happend that in some movies i can watch in 1080p resolution.
Please someone help with this problem...

Crashes are all over the place

I am beyond frustrated. I've have spent most of the last three days trying everything I can to figure out how to get Kodi to work. I had little to no problems with Kodi 16, but in a touch of daring I decided to upgrade for the improvements I read so much about. Now, Kodi crashes all over the place for multiple reasons: The most common errors are reported as ntdll.dll or StackHash_0a9e, although I've also gotten avutil-55.dll, VCRUNTIME140.dll, KERNELBASE.dll, etc.

Before I continue: I am running up to date Windows 7, i7-3770K@3.5GHz, 16GB RAM, with 2 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 in SLI.

The most common errors I've seen in the logs are:
ERROR: CMusicDatabase::GetAlbumsByWhere () failed
Multiple types of JSONRPC errors, like WARNING: JSONRPC: Could not parse type "Setting.Details.SettingList"
and Out of Memory errors.

I ran SFC /scannow, rolledback my graphics driver to no effect so reupdated to the latest one (that is advertising Kodi 17), I used advancedsettings.xml to increase memory and readfactor, I clean installed, rolled back to 16.1 (nightmare), reinstalled clean 17. I have an affinity for Mimic, but decided maybe it was the problem. I switched to Omni and it too worked for a bit, then problems. I decided to try others....

Now, I'm finally coming for help as I'm kinda of stuck in a skin from the repository that crashes when I attempt to change it. It is one of the ones that starts with an E... I can't even tell you. I think I'll need to do another install to escape (maybe). I hope someone can point out the really simple thing I am missing that is right there in the logs but I am too unknowledgeable to recognize.

Most recent : http://pastebin.com/tBaSHtCN
Previous : http://pastebin.com/Ki4Wn6RJ
More Previous : http://pastebin.com/PNTAF8pD

Thank you for your time. Let me know if I can provide any more information.

EDIT: Managed to reload Omni skin and delete all other non-default skins (Estuary/Estouchy)

Wont play 3D Movies made with MakeMKV even in 2D Mode/disabled 3d

I'm using an Ipad Air, also has the same problem on my LG G4. Playback for mkvs made by MakeMKV just crashes the player, I used to be able to play them when they we're on .ISO format from my NAS but after converting them to mkv it wont play on android/ios Kodi 17

and on the log files, this appears

9:14:48.782 T:1077276672 DEBUG: ------ Window Init () ------
09:14:48.866 T:1079570432 DEBUG: RunQuery took 31 ms for 21 items query: select * from movie_view
09:14:48.926 T:1083011072 DEBUG: ffmpeg[408D7000]: [swscaler] No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv420p to bgra.
09:14:48.967 T:1091514368 DEBUG: Previous line repeats 1 times.
09:14:48.967 T:1091514368 DEBUG: Thread JobWorker start, auto delete: true
09:14:48.975 T:1082437632 DEBUG: ffmpeg[4084B000]: [swscaler] No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv420p to bgra.
09:14:48.978 T:1083011072 DEBUG: ffmpeg[408D7000]: [swscaler] No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv420p to bgra.
09:14:48.982 T:1079570432 DEBUG: ffmpeg[4058F000]: [swscaler] No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv420p to bgra.
09:14:48.992 T:1091514368 DEBUG: ffmpeg[410F3000]: [swscaler] No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv420p to bgra.
09:14:48.997 T:1082437632 DEBUG: ffmpeg[4084B000]: [swscaler] No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv420p to bgra.
09:14:49.014 T:1091514368 DEBUG: ffmpeg[410F3000]: [swscaler] No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv420p to bgra.
09:14:49.018 T:1082437632 DEBUG: ffmpeg[4084B000]: [swscaler] No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv420p to bgra.
09:14:49.033 T:1091514368 DEBUG: ffmpeg[410F3000]: [swscaler] No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv420p to bgra.

Edit: I tried to disable hardware acceleration - VTBDecoder on IOS and the now movie plays (but very slow)

Video smoothness issue.

For a while now (Kodi 16 had this too for me) I have had issues with playback stutters. It's not been terrible but annoying nevertheless.

In short:
- 23.976216 fps source. (according to VLC).
- Once every 5-10 seconds I notice a frame drop. It's (of course) much clearer when there is a horizontal pan
- Kodi's reported playback rate is 23.98hz according to xrandr and 23.976080 according to kodi.log
- SSD harddrive, gigabit ethernet, widely overdimensioned cpu (10% cpu load max during playback)

Here is my full debug kodi.log showing startup, and then playing back a video file for a minute or two.

The only thing I noticed in the kodi log is that it identified the available video mode as '23.976080' which is 0.000136 fps off the source framerate, but surely this means that there 'should be' some stutter once every 1/000136=7352 seconds, not every 5.

My control sample is a PS3, and it plays back stutter-free, so I have to conclude the 'kodi side of things' (perhaps kodi, perhaps ubuntu, perhaps player hardware) is at fault somehow?

FWIW some specs:
- Kodi 17 on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS
- Mac Mini (Intel Core i5, 2.3Ghz, Sandybridge, Intel HD3000 video) - dmesg output

Please let me know if I can provide more info or how to proceed to debug this?