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Boxing: Terence Crawford vs Hank Lundy (02-28)

Live streams Boxing: Terence Crawford vs Hank Lundy 28-02-2016 tv channels playlist m3u acestream, vlc player, simpletv: Boxing: Terence Crawford vs Hank Lundy Live Streams TVs Channel 1 Czech acestream://224647f6b35f20a68f72633d588a8f208a896bcc Channel 2 Poland acestream://bbe286ff2b75a0ff37f595269c40033408779815 Channel 3 Serbia acestream://037943cf5049c5f534385ea9e720dbbf6df11fdd Channel 4 France acestream://6af6dae8a062ce9cf43567f6bdfd53656e7725d2 Download to full playlist:

Chromecast for Sling

I was told by a person at Sling TV that roku had the least problems. I bought a Chromecast and the picture seems to "downgrade" more than when I had my roku 2 that's dead now hooked up. I have plenty of internet speed and everytime I try to change the speed settings in the Sling app it auto resets to "best" My picture will "downgrade" for lack of a better word and then in a few minutes look good again. And I generally don't run more than 1 device at a time through my modem. Any thoughts?...

Chromecast for Sling

Those who use Kodi might want to check out this Reddit thread started by a former Team Kodi member


The main text is an apology by a former Team Kodi member but further down in the discussion there are indications that the entire Kodi project may be in serious trouble. In particular, the person who started the thread says this in a followup post:

Internally, it has gotten so toxic on Team Kodi that I would be surprised if the project lasts another year. Not without something...​

Those who use Kodi might want to check out this Reddit thread started by a former Team Kodi member

I love my new custom Amazon fireTV player…

I bought several players over the years but so far this by far is the best running without buffering issues. Well actually I was given lots of good information by you that I power cycle regularly and no longer have most of the issues I use to. Thank you so much One Tech Genius, You are a smart smart ass genius man!

Very Impressed By How Quickly I Got A Response

It’s great that you guys are always there to help with the big issues as well as answering the little questions. Sometimes one little thing will hold up our whole day and Your expert always comes to the rescue….Thank you…..I would definitely recommend you to anyone!

OneTechGenius is a true KODI expert!

This guy knows his stuff. I thought I knew about KODI enough to not screw it up but if it wasn’t for his brain I woul not be saving as much money and at the same time accessing anything I want anytime for free. Thanks for everything 1techgenius bud!