myth2kodi — generate Kodi friendly file-names from MythTV recordings.


The myth2kodi script automates the mapping of MythTV recordings to a Kodi library.

myth2kodi is a derivative of mythicalLibrarian.

Basic functionality:

  • Runs as a MythTV user job.
  • Can also be run at command prompt.
  • Generates file names that Kodi can easily process into your library.
  • MythTV recording files are either moved or linked based on user settings.
  • Creates comskip and NFO files where appropriate.
  • Sends Notifications and library update requests to Kodi.
  • Sends desktop notifications (Gnome).
  • Generates an RSS feed that can be accessed by Kodi.

Ultra brief usage:
At the command-line:

myth2kodi "Input File" "show name" "episode name"

As a MythTV user job:

/full/path/to/myth2kodi "%DIR%/%FILE%"

More information can be found in the doc/ directory of the myth2kodi repository, or, once it’s installed, by running:

myth2kodi --help

Code repository is here:

Tar-ball download of the latest release is here:…ses/latest

If you are already familiar with mythicalLibrarian, then, you may find this minimalist summary of the differences useful:…