Where put album.nfo/folder.jpg on multi-disc albums?

I would like to know what’s the correct location for album.nfo and folder.jpg for multi-disc albums.

Currently my directory struct is as follows:

/music/A/Alcazar/Disco Defenders/album.nfo
/music/A/Alcazar/Disco Defenders/folder.jpg
/music/A/Alcazar/Disco Defenders/[Disc 1]/Baby.mp3
/music/A/Alcazar/Disco Defenders/[Disc 1]/…
/music/A/Alcazar/Disco Defenders/[Disc 2]/Alcastar.mp3
/music/A/Alcazar/Disco Defenders/[Disc 2]/…

All files are tagged with TPOS (discnumber) and TRCK (tracknumber).

1.) Is this correct or do I need to copy album.nfo and folder.jpg to the subdirectories?

2.) Is it better to copy the subfolders [Disc 1] and [Disc 2] into the album root folder?

Many thanks in advance.