solution for a hard of hearing person using a wide array of video formats

Hey guys,

I have a hearing loss and I can’t turn up the volume on my TV without disturbing my neighbors. I am currently evaluating different solutions for a set top box that would be able to play a wide array of formats and also provide some sort of remote headphones capability. Roku has a remote that has a port for standard headphones, which is great but Roku is very limited as far as supported video and audio file formats are concerned. Nvidia Shield TV also has an audio out port in the remote and has Android TV which I suppose allows the user to install the Kodi app (please correct me if I am wrong). So it’s exactly what I need, but a bit too expensive at $299.
So I am thinking of buying a cheaper Android TV device such as Mi Box ($69) and installing Kodi on it, but Mi Box does not have an audio out plug in the remote. So my question is: The Kodi remote app currently available in Google Play, does it stream audio back to the Android phone via either WiFi or Bluetooth? If so, then I can plug my headphones in my phone and hear the sound from the TV box.
Does anyone have any better ideas? For example would a Raspberry Pi be better than the Mi Box? I am fairly good at technology, I’ve been using Linux both at work and at home for more than 10 years, so I am not afraid of complex setups as long as they are easy to use after the setup is done (so that my wife can use the solution too).

Thank you in advance,