Processed images not displaying

I’ve got a python script to give me a now “nice playing” screen for my Logitech Media Server.

It does some processing to download the artwork and blur it to make a background screen above which it displays metadata (including a smaller, unblurred version of the of the coverart).

To prevent unnecessary repetitive web calls and processing, the script saves the blurred background and icon files in the userdata folder. When the image is needed, the script checks if there’s a local copy first and, if not, downloads and processes the images before returning the path to the local image. This path is set via a WindowProperty with the xml file reading this property.

The script seems to work well but with one strange quirk: while the blurred background image will always display, the unblurred album art won’t display when it’s downloaded for the first time. If I exit the script and restart it, the unblurred album art will appear.

I know the file exists the first time I run the script because I can see it in a file manager and I know the path is correct because I’ve put debugging in the logs.

If I change the python file so the skin uses the web address of the image rather than the local image it works.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why the skin may not want to display a local image until the xml file is reloaded.