Various Artists “problem”

I’ve come across a problem I can’t explain and need yous help !

I run a german version of Kodi v16 on Ubuntu 16.04 (my test environment, before I move to RPi 3) and started to rip and tag my wifes CD collection. The used tools are ExactAudioCopy for ripping and musicbrainz picard or mp3tag depending on picard results. If the album is known on musicbrainz I take those tags, if not I try to tag manually with mp3tag. I have a compilation album (with 2 CDs) tagged with picard which shows up under “Various Artists” in Musik (=music) – Interpreten (=artists) and one tagged manually with mp3tag showen under Musik – Interpreten – Verschiedene Interpreten (= various artists).

How can I avoid this and have all of them in one categorie?

TIA and kr from Vienna, Austria,