I hope someone can help me with this one

I have a Samsung HW-K950 Atmos soundbar and i have been trying for weeks now to resolve the problem that i dont get any atmos when playing any sources from kodi. i tried every setting done updates on my shield tv and so on even used xbmc with the same results.

Then one day i was watching a YouTube vid and it all dropped in to place why i was not getting atmos (well i hope) while playing a move i open up the osd and go to the sound option and! with everything i play i only get one audio streamConfused? English 1 of 1 or undetermined 1 / 1 for the life of me i cant find multiple audio streamsConfused? i cant understand why others get this but no matter what i cant find any. HELP

I have tried various builds and so on but that makes no difference and i understand that audio tracks are attached to movies but surely there must be some on Kodi? i can get 5.1 and found one DTS one but that’s it.

And how the heck do you get media flags to work that include the likes of atmos flags?

thanks for any advice you can give me.