Cultural Imperialism

Hello Everyone,

I wasn’t sure if this should be posted in Feature Requests or here in Related Discussions, but I’ve opted for the latter because it felt like the kind of thing people might like to use as an excuse for a bit of a barney.

Would Team Kodi’s language department consider offering a UK / Snob / Pedants’ version of English?

Where Movies becomes Films, and Seasons becomes Series.

Also, might it be possible to offer the choice of exchanging Songs for Tracks? A song is piece of music with vocals. Most of my music is without.

I know this is more than a little pedantic, and next to the world of crap that’s going on in Syria and the emerging crisis in Somalia it can’t be said to matter in the slightest, but it still kind of grates. And it might not take that much time to tweak.

Thanks for your time.

Thomas – Life President of the Fuddyduddlian League