Better ARM GLES support

I’m trying to use Kodi on a stock Fedora 25 install on a cubox-i following the steps here:…n_packages
Unfortunately, the version of Kodi for armv7hl in RPMFusion for F25 is a beta version of 17.0 that is essentially unusable because it is using software rendering. When I asked RPMFusion about updating their version of Kodi, I was told there is an issue with GLES support for ARM.
My request:
Relevant mailing list discussion:…OH66KSWZQ/

Is there any plan to address this issue, or has it been addressed already and the RPMFusion maintainers simply need to add it to the build list again?
I know this is asking a lot. While I am interested in helping to resolve this, I have no experience with this type of development and I don’t even know where to start. If someone knows, or at least feels, it should be possible, and has the time to help me get started, I could try adding this functionality.

Side note: I know there are custom distros out there that have support for specific boards, and I have tried some of them. I’ve had issues with them or the design choices they made, and if I could simply use the native Kodi package on a system that I can maintain how I’d like, that would be my ideal situation.