Allow editing of Media Centers without passing the test

At the moment, when you want to edit an existing media center, you only have the buttons “Cancel” and “Test” to either cancel your change or to apply it when passing the test. This behaviour prevents you from simply changing a name when the media center is offline, since it will fail the test.
This can become a bit cumbersome when you are dealing with multiple centers not necessarily all available in the same location.

Having a test is good, but it would be good to make a distinction between critical and non-critical settings. An option would be to either 1) add an additional “Ok” button, 2) apply the changes when pressing the device’s back button, or 3) change the “test” button in an “ok” button and have it stay an “ok” button when only non-connection critical changes have been made or automagically change it into a “test” button when a connection critical change was made.

What do you think?