Regex, BeautifulSoup, or something else for scraping?

In the past few weeks as I’ve started coding my first video add-on I’ve been overwhelmed with the options there are for scraping data. Currently, I’m using Requests in conjuncture with BeautifulSoup; however, I’ve read it’s better to use Regex in place of BeautifulSoup whenever possible because it’s faster. Is that true? I’ve also read that BeautifulSoup is intended mainly for sloppy/potentially malformed pages, but can be used with any page. Since I’m going to be dealing with scraping in the 10s of sites I’m looking for the option that offers the best speed. I guess my questions are 1) Which method is the quickest? and 2) What method(s) do you use/prefer? If there are other methods I’d love to hear about those too.