Can't find my see my zips inside my repo

I’m currently trying to build a repo that will install a custom kodi build (add-ons, dependencies, menu and widget layout etc). I’m very new to git and Kodi and repos, although I’m at probably an intermediate level of competency in Python and basic competency with things like json, xml, html etc.

I’m currently having an issue where after following drinfernoo’s git tutorial ( and creating a repo with the provided template, I cannot for the life of me get my repo zip to show up when using the source URL ( All that shows up is a jurialmonkey which I determined is only getting displayed because of the readme.

For context I’m using git’s ‘git submodule add’ command in the repo folder for the add-on source folder location as per drinfernoo’s readme. I’m running the from the root folder to generate the zips, then copying the repo zip to that folder also.

I’ve adjusted the index.html also and the xmls as per the steps provided.

I feel like I may be missing something simple, so I apologise in advance for anything that sticks out as obvious!

Thank you Kodi team for all your hard work and providing assistance to the community, along with the Kodi community as a whole for being so helpful Smile