Request assistance – Migrated MySQL from Win10 to Win 11, and now DB won't open.

Hi folks,

This is related to Kodi DB’s in a MySQL (MariaDB) implementation.

What changed:  I decided to upgrade my windows10 box (server) that I use as a NAS from Win10 to Win11.  Since my implementation was non-compliant (I used Rufus to get around the install limitations).  I had no choice but to do a complete fresh install of Win11.

The good news:  I kept a cloned SSD on Win10.  So, as I migrate, I can move back and forth between OS’s  (with a change of cable & reboot).

What’s the problem:  Kodi connects, but something is stopping my DB’s on MariaDB from opening. 

The details:
I have a variety of DB’s (ex:  mainmusic83, mainvid131, wintermusic83, wintervid131, etc) because I use profiles.   On Win10, running HeidiSQL, I exported the DB’s using HeidiSQL’s “Export database as SQL” function.  This creates an export of the data and makes an SQL script to allow for import.

After loading WIn11, MariaDB and HeidiSQL, I imported each of those SQL DB Scripts.   (And I did all the other expected tasks as stated in the WIKI, as well as ensuring drives were again shared, IP Address was correct, etc.).  So all my data appears to have migrated to my new MariaDB implementation. 

Going to one of my Kodi endpoints, I attempted to connect.  The ver21 splash screen came up, my profile choices came up, and when I selected the main profile none of the expected data was there.  

I could discuss more of the attempted troubleshooting, but instead I will post a copy of the log.

Please feel free and provide me a suggestion on resolution, ask additional questions, or sneer derisively.

in the meantime, I have swapped drives and the NAS is back on Win10 (with functional DB’s)

If the answer is blow away all the DB’s and rescan after doing an export and then reimport, I’m ok with that…  but I would rather try to better understand the failure of the DB migration to resolve.  Thanks!

(ps:  NOT at all an expert on SQL, not a programmer, nor would I ever pretend to be.  It is quite possible that something was overlooked.)