VLC for Android and Chrome OS • Re: Subtitle delay adjustment related suggestions

5. One extremely useful feature of the subtitle delay overlay is the Voice heard and Text seen buttons.

Could somebody explain how I’m supposed to use those buttons? Why is there nothing about them in the Help pages?

Just to help people googling about syncing subtitles, when you know that 1 second=1000 milliseconds, it’s not hard at all to sync them manually.

My process is this:

1. Figure which direction they’re out of sync.
2. Count the seconds in my head between when the text is on the screen and the line is said(or vice versa).
3. Convert the seconds that its out of sync by in my head to milliseconds and add or subtract that number with the adjustment. I think syncing to the nearest second is sufficient, but if you wanna go to the half second, add or subtract 500ms. For a quarter second, add or subtract 250ms.

There is one big problem though. VLC is counter intuitive. If the subtitles are ahead of the dialog, you have to move the adjustment in the positive direction to sync the subtitles. But logically you should have to move the adjustment into negative numbers. Why is the adjustment from the dialog’s perspective? That makes no sense since it’s the subtitles that are being adjusted. I keep getting confused by that. Maybe that’s the source of confusion for other people too. I figured it out for this post. Hopefully it’s burned into my brain now. I figured it out before, but I didn’t think about it long enough have it burned into my brain.

Another issue I have is not being able to type in the milliseconds instead of using the < > buttons. I could be thinking of the Windows version, but I’m pretty sure earlier versions of the Android version allowed you to type in the adjustment. I just hate it when developers remove something that works fine for apparent reason, or the version for one OS doesn’t have a function that a version for another OS does.

The most important part of this post for me is the Text Seen and Voice Heard buttons. I’d appreciate someone telling me how they work. Thanks

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