VLC media player Feature Requests • Speed change – range limits

Hi, I’m a dance teacher and I’m using VLC app on tablets and smartphones in my dance studio to play music during my classes.

It’s perfect for us as the app reads music from the server towards the network so i don’t need to have music stored in 5/6 Pcs in all the classrooms.

I only miss the chance to change the music tempo (change just the speed, not the pitch).
There is a speed changer, but the range (from 0.25 to 8.00) is not useful.
It would be very helpful to have the same function (speed changer) with a cross-fader moving from a range of 0.9 to 1.1

Does this already exist? Is it possible to add this feature?
Thanks in advance.

Statistics: Posted by alessiocacciatori — 20 Apr 2024 22:03