VLC media player for Windows Troubleshooting • Unable to cast Audio Using MS Display Adapter

Attempting to Cast video (image + audio) to remote projector wirelessly via a MS Display Adapter hooked to an Epson projector. When doing so on this laptop (Lenovo Yoga) using either VLC or MS Media Player, the image displays just fine, but there is no audio. When the Casting is disconnected, both audio and video are displayed locally just fine.

Should note that when VLC first starts, it crashes. Here is some of the data regarding the crash:


When attempting the same processing at home (older TV, wireless Casting connection to a MS Display Adapter attached to TV via HDMI) both image and audio are always processed correctly.

Significantly, this problem does not occur for other users (on different devices, but who are connecting wirelessly via MS Display Adapter).

Does the crash data shown above provide some information that will help us identify what, in particular, on this unit, is incompatible with that particular display adapter?

Statistics: Posted by Jenkins Ear — 21 Apr 2024 02:08