VLC media player for Windows Troubleshooting • Consistenly wrong language when ripping DVD

I’m currently trying to rip a DVD and it keeps recording the wrong language. I’m trying to get the original English, but presumably because “Deutsch” comes before “English” in the alphabet, it’s defaulting to the German dub.

I’ve tried Media > Convert/Save and then selecting Audio track 2, as you’d expect. This worked for a while and always works if I just play the DVD, but has now stopped working when I try and rip it. I tried Show more options > Play another media sychronously, copying in “ :audio-track=2 :disc-caching=300” then selecting a silent audio track like 5 or 6 for it to overwrite. This worked a few times, then only if I wasn’t overwriting a file or entering everying without restarting the same process using the “play” button, or using the identical settings from before. Sometimes it would work if I recorded a few minutes then hit “stop” but not if I did a whole episode. Also tried setting the audio track and audio track ID to 2 in Advanced Preferences > Input/Codecs. After I did that I almost never heard English again. Audio > Audio Track > English is either greyed out or keeps resetting (to Italian for some reason).

Currently trying Media > Convert/Save > Show more options > Play another media sychronously,with “ :audio-language=eng :disc-caching=300” which gave me English, but only recorded audio. But honestly, it feels like I’m constantly trying to trick VLC player into following a simple instruction, and it’s constantly getting wise to it. I’m in an arms race and losing.

Also, I can only save one episode at a time. Is there any way to set it doing all episodes of a whole DVD?

Statistics: Posted by ralexm — 21 Apr 2024 17:16