VLC media player for Linux and friends Troubleshooting • Vlc on Clear Linux

For whatever reason Intel;s vlc package does not support avc1 video nor aac audio decoding.

Apparently this is due to a patent issue, although other distros do support such .mp4 decoding.

How can I add avc1/aac decoding to the existing intel bundle vlc installation.?

Right now an additional vlc flatpak is installed which plays avc1/aac, but is quite large approaching 2 GB.

It seems to me there should be a way to add avc1/aac decoding to the intel vlc bundle and delete the flatpak.

Can anyone tell me what to modify/add within the linux file structure in order to render both avc1video and aac audio?

Thank you.

Statistics: Posted by contactoprivado — 21 Apr 2024 21:28