Wake on lan issue

Hi folks,

tl/dr:  error –>  MAC Address Discover Failed

Details:  Just upgraded my Win10 home server / NAS to Win 11.

After successfully migrating all functions as expected, I seem to have developed a Kodi Wake On Lan issue in my KODI v21 installation.

Problem with that is that when in KODI I select Wake On Lan “on”, I get a “MAC Address Discover Failed” message.

a) Yes, it did work before the Win11 upgrade.  Same computer woke fine before.
b) Yes, Kodi recognizes both the SMB server name and the fixed IP address.  Just doesn’t seem to get the MAC.

Please see the attached log file.  Start looking at line 1631:  https://paste.kodi.tv/etifafijex

(is the solution to put in the MAC address into the WakeOnLan.xml file manually?)