Weird Errors on Specific Movie

Hello, I noticed a specific movie file was causing several issues when being played back. To rule out file corruption, I got an alternative version of the file (that included DV and was posted 3 years later) and reproduced the same issues.

Here are the various symptoms I noticed.

  • audio cutting out briefly, I think this is audio skipping
  • sound becoming robotic. I need to stop and restart playback for audio to sound normal again
  • occasionally playback exiting back to Kodi menu

OS: LibreELEC 12 Beta 2
CPU/GPU: Intel Celeron J4005
Passthrough to AVR: Denon X3700H

File info: 4K HDR Remux of WALL-E (2008) using TrueHD Atmos Track
I notice issues around 1 hour and 17 minutes



I haven’t noticed this on any other 4K Remux MKV yet, so I assume this problem is specific to this movie but may affect others too. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue, either to the MKV or in Kodi/Linux?

Also, I found this locked thread which I think is related, but it seems people are dealing with the issue on Android.
I set “maxpassthroughoffsyncduration” to 90; I still notice brief audio dropouts but have not had the other more serious symptoms since.

Thank you!