.IPA for AppleTV K4 doesn`t work

I am only speaking a little bit English.
But I hope you can help me…

I want to take KODI on AppleTV 4K (without USB)

So I downloaded Xcode an the Kodi .deb file 
and iOS app Signer

So I made a new file with Xcode and then I open App Signer and search for the file .deb (Kodi)
Then it work and I get a new File
the I go to Xcode – windows and search for the new file
Then The file goes to. Apple TV and I only see a white App and I get the information – the it is no installed
The white App with Name Kodi is on Apple TV, but I can’t open it.  Mistake: App cannot installed

where is the f. mistake?

Thank a lot