Kodi minimized when I turn the TV on

PC: Intel NUC NUC11PAHi5 ( w/ integrated iris xe graphics)
Windows 11
Kodi 21.0
TV: Samsung UN58NU7100
Connected via HDMI.

When I turn my TV off and then back on again, Kodi is minimized. I can’t even click on the taskbar icon to open — I have to right click on the taskbar icon & close, then re-open. This started happening about 6 months ago, with no discernible updates/changes on my end to cause it to start happening.

I see in other threads that they had the same issue when routing HDMI through a receiver/soundbar & resolved it by just connecting directly to their TV — but I’m already connected directly from HTPC -> TV via HDMI.

I’ve also tried all combos of having ARC/CEC disabled/enabled in the bios & on the TV, but none of them made a difference.

Anybody else run into this issue?