new install of kodi shows red disabled sound icon

Hello all 

I have been using Hodi for a very long time with very limited issues.

I constantly updated/upgraded Kodi constantly.

Kodi is running on a windows 10 HTPC on which a delta 1010ly sound card installed. This configuration has been running doe at least for 10 years. Every kodi installation recognised this card and i was able top listen to all my media perfectly.

My HTPC is using the a stereo rca connection via line 1 which is a stereo mode

Fast forward to yesterday

I downloaded installed the latest Kodi 64 bit flavour for windows

Nothing is configure on Kodi yet

I configure local data
i ensure that my sound card is recognised (it is in all its components)  

Yet I have a red disabled sound icon on the to right corner of the screen

I reboot the HTPC ….no joy
i remove all the sound devices drivers from my PC several times and re-boot the pc… joy
In tried to change the sound option in kodi to use the default … no joy
I uninstalled and re-installed kodi and repeat above steps again … no joy

All my other media applications work and sound perfectly  

what am i missing ?