VLC media player for Windows Troubleshooting • VLC Crashes everytime after update [4k hdr 10bit MP4-MKV Vids]

Good evening dear people,

I am having problems since yesterday after I updated VLC to its newest Version, 3.0.20.
I had version 3.0.18 I think before I updated to VLC 3.0.20 and it was all working fine,
the reason I updated was that I thought that I could use special HDR Settings/HDR Tone Mapping,
but I didnt know before that those settings were already present and that I could change them… So I proceeded to update anyways.
And then the problems started appearing, everytime I opened an MKV File it crashed. every… single… time… and even MP4 does the same effect.
So what did I do? I uninstalled VLC a couple times and even cleared cache files and deleted the VideoLan folder after uninstall then rebooted and reinstalled 3.0.20,
nothing, so I did the same procedure of before and then installed 3.0.18 and again NOTHING. I was losing my mind, I uninstalled the GPU Drivers etc.
Until I googled the problem, I found a post on reddit where a guy asked a similar question to mine, and people in comments told him to set the Hardware Renderer thingy to OpenGl for Windows, so i did too.

And then everything worked! Until like an hour ago, I was watching peacefully a movie and then out of nowhere VLC decided to whoopsie daisy me and gave me a Gray background,
out of nowhere, and then the whole movie was like that until couple minutes later it became normal again… I do not know what is going on, I didn’t even finish my movie because I was frustated about this problem
I retried today but still no success…

The strangest thing is that I even used the Video Player of K-Lite Codec Pack and the movie went fine on its own, until I came back at that timezone like on VLC and the Video did Show, but stuttery, honestly looked like some Content Aware Meme Video Filter over it, lol… and then became normal again after that couple minute, the Video is not corrupted to say the least, so it’s even stranger.

What do I need to do? It was all perfect before, I didnt update anything else, I even had k-lite codec mega pack and uninstalled and tried with no success even… I do not want to reinstall Windows just because of this silly problem…

In case somebody wants to know my PC Specs here they are:

CPU Ryzen 5 2500u with Integrated Graphics [ Vega 8 1024mb vram]
OS: Windows 11 PRO
Ram: 16GB DDR4 2400Mhz Kingston

Laptop: HP 255 G7

Statistics: Posted by JeffTyson — 26 Apr 2024 00:17