VLC for Android and Chrome OS • Humax Aura and android VLC audio sync problem.

Hi guys. I have an Aura set top box and I am trying to play some video files on it that I downloaded on my PC.
As there is no way to copy files to the Aura to play, I have to play from USB drive. As the Aura uses a version on Android TV and you can install apps on it, the only way I can see to play videos I’ve downloaded to PC on the Aura is via VLC or other app.
I use VLC for all my video files on PC and if audio is out of sync I just use “J & K” keys to alter delay etc.
So where are the controls on the Android VLC, taking in mind it is only the Aura remote control I can use to change settings.
I thought I found it in a settings menu, it said audio delay so I altered it but it seemed to slow or speed up video.
Sorry this is so long.

Statistics: Posted by Bimofrahere — 26 Apr 2024 10:08