KODI no longer plays DVD ISO files

hello all-

I did some searching, but I’m not finding anybody else with my exact problem. using Omega 21.0.1 on an Nvidia shield Pro 2019 with a Netgear Nas.

I’ve been using this software for quite a few years and I’ve had little problems other than ones that I created myself. I use it as a media Center to play my own Movie rips. Most movies are ripped as MP4, MKV, or ISO files. Everything plays fine except for DVD ISO files. I’m GUESSING that the trouble started when I upgraded to the current version 21.0.1. Haven’t tried to play any DVD ISO in several months, so I can’t be positive about how long it’s actually been going on. Blu-ray ISO files play perfectly with complete menus with all the trimmings. Every other function that I’ve used in KODI seems to be working wonderfully. The log file tells me that there is definitely something wrong. I THINK other people have been making complaints about it on other sites, but I’m not completely sure as far as other people’s versions being used.

Is this one of those situations where I should just wait for the next version to correct the problem?

Thank you for your attention. We can get it sorted out. Log file: https://paste.kodi.tv/yupaxanuzu.kodi