Music Library Stays Empty (WebDAV)

The Setup

  • Server with Nextcloud in local network
  • Rapberry PI 3B+ with Libre ELEC 11 (Kodi 20 – Nexus)
  • Kodi mounts the Server as WebDAV source

I’ve added a data source via WebDAV in Kodi and it seems to work, I can browse and access all my files. I’ve added folders for movies and TV series and scraped then, works fine.

Now I’m trying to add a folder as a music source like described in the wiki then the album and artist scrapers do their work. After the scrapers are done the Music section still says “Your library is currently empty …”, what am I doing wrong, or is there a known problem with Music via WebDAV? I can navigate inside the file source to my music and play it, works fine, it even shows album art, not sure if from folder.jpg or embedded) but only the filename, not mp3 tags. The logfile shows no errors regarding music.


  • I’ve updated the System to Libre ELEC 12 (Kodi 21 – Omega) -> no change
  • I’ve change the scrapers from generic to universal -> no change