Updated Timer Icons for Live TV for better visibility.

For anybody interested, I updated the default PVR timer icons that are included with the Estuary skin a while ago to use with my own skin mod as I was finding it very hard to differentiate between active and disabled timers on the EPG screen, since active timers are white in colour and disabled timers are grey in colour.  Equally, I found it very difficult to make out the red ‘X’ on timers with errors and the ‘!’ symbol on timers with any conflicts.

The updated icons I’m now using are the pretty much the same as the default, but use a colour co-ordinated traffic light system, ie:-
1) Green – Enabled timers
2) Red – Disabled timers or timers with errors. 
3) Yellow – Timers with conflict issues.

I find this system works very well for me, as I can now immediately identify what each timer icon represents just by the colour alone.
They are available to download from here:-
Below is a screen capture of how these updated icons look, when using my own skin mod.


@pkscout maybe of interest to you?
@_BJ1 Just from memory, I don’t think you are using the default icons, so maybe not relevant for your own use case.
Thought I would just throw them out there anyway… Smile