VLC media player for Windows Troubleshooting • Having Issues Downloading Youtube Videos with VLC

Hello there everybody! This is my first time posting here on the official VLC forums. I used to try and get assistance via the unofficial VLC Subreddit, but lately all the responses I’ve been receiving have been unhelpful, and once I point out that their responses are unhelpful and why, they then turn Ableist.

Anyway, I had to replace my laptop a week or so ago, and I now have an Asus Videobook with Windows 11 Installed. I went to download a couple of videos from Youtube, and so far so good!

Until today. I went to download a couple of videos, one that’s four hours long, and one that’s roughly an hour and a half long, but I was unable to download either video. I went through the steps just fine, grabbed the kodac information for each video, and popped it in my web browser of choice, Google Chrome, and allowed the videos to buffer. And then nothing happened. Every time I would go to right click and select save as, it wouldn’t open up the save as option box. or anything like that.

I tried a shorter video to download, but the same thing happened. Does anyone have an idea?

Please don’t suggest just trying a different downloading program. I’m blind, I use a screen reader, and most options for windows these days outside of VLC are inaccessible.

Statistics: Posted by BlindRobertBrown — 05 Jun 2024 04:25