Issues controlling audio from kodi on Fedora 40

I’m having several issues with Kodi running on Linux. I’m setting up a media center PC using Fedora 40 as the base (I cannot use LibreELEC for my use case).

Initially, the audio was very quiet in Kodi, although it worked fine on the XFCE desktop. I noticed that I had only two audio output devices to choose from in Kodi, neither of which made any difference. However, on the XFCE desktop, I see a variety of audio profiles ranging from HDMI surround 2.0 to HDMI surround 9.0. Additionally, there is an “Audio Pro” profile I can select on the XFCE desktop. After selecting this profile, I see more options in Kodi for different surround channels from the “Audio Pro” profile. However, selecting any of these profiles in Kodi does not actually change anything. I can see on my Arcam what audio signal it is receiving. For example, if I close Kodi, open Firefox, and play a song on YouTube, I can see the audio channels change and work fine. But when I’m in Kodi, the audio stays at whatever was last used on the XFCE desktop, no matter what audio output is selected under the audio settings in Kodi.

It seems like the Linux desktop still fully controls the audio output, and anything in Kodi is completely ignored.

Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions for this issue?

Thank you.